Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Kind Friend

**Stampin Stuff** Here is another card using that favorite sentiment of the set. I haven't used anything else yet. This is a long card layered with some Loves Me pattern papers. I used some dollar bin ribbon in a cool carribean color with flowers on it. Not sure if you can see or not but I made a chipboard slide with a coaster and Cuttlebug die. I added the riveting image on top of it.

**Random Blogging** I really wish I had something funny to tell you but it's been a pretty boring week. Other than the sub-zero tempatures things are low key in my home. Ok...I lied Maddie threw up on the way home from school, Cody's Spanish teacher called to tell me he is a class clown and she is going to send him to the Dean every time he is disruptive, we had crappy tater tots for dinner and I totally put my foot in my mouth today...not once but twice!!! Oh and the lady with the 15 inch waist on Oprah just FREAKED me out!

See ya on the blog!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Card

**Stampin Stuff** I made this card for my cousin Amber's birthday. The scallop circle is from SU and the letter "a" is from the Cuttlebug alphabet Red Tag Sale.
It's all the same supplies as yesterday's post. As a matter of fact, all the cards I made at my play date on Saturday were made with the same papers. Just trying to use up the stock that I have laying around here. I really do like this color combo.
**Random Blogging** Not much going on around here. It's the same old and school stuff. Actually, less and less school stuff each day...that's a good thing.
I am so not looking forward to another few days below majorly below 25 below zero and I don't want to get of bed below zero. I hate it when it is so cold that it hurts to be outside and having no heat in the car doesn't really help either. Yes, my piece of sh*t van randomly has heat and apparently when it is below zero feels the need to completely stop working. Last week the girls all had to bring blankets in the car and by the time I got to work my toes were numb. Nice. Now I need to start looking for a new car. Any suggestions?
I found out someone else that I know is going to CHA. Her name is Ivy and Jen used to work with her at Archiver's. Ivy is fun, obsessed with the color pink and VERY talented. Hi Ivy!!! Hopefully we'll find each other amongst the crowds at CHA. Oh...and she has a blog too. Ivy Pink...go figure.
**Complaint Corner** Just one more thing to vent about here and then I'll be done complaining. What is up with the new Bella's? Don't get me wrong...I am a total fan of the Bella's but there are like two or three Bellas that look like the exorcist. It totally creeps me out when I see them and their neck is all twisted and facing backwards. Just my two cents but I really don't like the ExorcistaBella at all. But I am still a Bella fan and will surely purchase more in the future.

Monday, January 28, 2008

For My Friends

I had a play date with Jen on Saturday. We so need to do that more least once a month would be nice. Although I was with her for many many hours I made a total of 6 cards and gave one away. LOL....I tend to do more chit chatting than stampin. Just another sign that I need to spend time with Jen more often.

**Stampin Stuff** The card base is taken with teal with a layer of blue bayou. The pattern paper is from Sandy Lion and it has glitter highlights on it. The green scallop was Bazzil textured paper and I used my slit punch to make the scallop. The only thing stamped is the sentiment. Just another scrappy card....better than a crappy card. Unless this qualifies as a crappy card....yikes...I hope not.

**Random Blogging** I have been snooping around SCS lately and I found a new favorite stamper and she has a blog too. Please go visit Sherrie over at Card Creme and be prepared to fall in love with her work. She is awesome!!!

**Complaint Corner** What is up with the newest blogger trend that is cropping up...."video tutorials". OMG I can not tell you how many stupid videos I have seen! Just because someone asks you a questions does not mean you need to make a video answer. I thought picture tutorials on How To Tie a Bow were dumb but How To Use A Paper Punch....come on people! If you have to watch a video on how to use a paper punch then maybe....just maybe....a paper crafting hobby is not your gig. And if you need a video on how to tie a bow then maybe...just need to get rid of those velcro shoes and learn to tie your shoes!!!

**Gratitude** I am thankful for the video that taught me how to open a SU pad. If it weren't for that video I would still be using the old flip top pads. LOL....just kidding. Sorry if someone really posted a video tutorial on how to do that. Hey... I should do that as my first video tutorial so I can be one of the cool bloggers. Um not gonna happen...I am so uncool.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

Happy Birthday Johnny! Tonight we had a birthday dinner for my brother who will be 35 tomorrow. So funny that he knows my boss and went to high school with her. Small world.

**PMS Check** This week I wasn't so diligent about sticking to my schedule as I have been the last few weeks. I really was paying attention to they way I felt on the days I was out of routine. I didn't prepare for the week and it just threw everything off and I really was listening to my body. I have already prepared for this week and I actually look forward to getting back on track.

      • Physically- I lost one pound this week and I am actually grateful for the one pound. I wasn't eating a good breakfast and Saturday i went to a crop with Jen and totally ate like a pig all night....way past 7:30. I felt so bloated and yucky later in the body convinced me that the 7:30 rule must be enforced all the time!
      • Mentally-I have not had any heart palpatations in two weeks. That means that my stress levels are steadily dropping. I have been knocking things off my procrastination list which is also a good thing because I mentally torture myself constantly thinking of the things I have to do. Just slowly letting go...feels good.
      • Spiritually- So thankful for the opportunities I have been given. It amazes me when I think of all the things that I have accomplished this year and the opportunities that I have been given. But it is all about the energy I am putting out....just have to keep focusing on what I want to accomplish and moving closer to it by my actions. Gratitude is definately the key.

      **Gratitude** I am so thankful for my wonderful kids. I am blessed to have four children with unique personality traits. It is my hopes that they grow up wanting to be friends and remain close. I would be so sad if my girls didn't maintain their sisterly bond. Hopefully, one day Cody will embrace his sisters but right now he views them as a pain in the butt.

      Saturday, January 26, 2008

      Big Exciting News!!!!

      **WARNING** This is going to be long but worth the read.....I have BIG news.

      **Good News** I have some good news to share with you! It has been so hard to keep it quiet but I think it's safe to share with you that I got another job. It's a long story but a friend asked me to make some cards for her friend for Christmas.

      It so happens that the lady that received the cards...her husband owns a commercial stamp company not far from my house. The commercial stamp company has a division which sells self inked stamps and some clear stamps. The husband saw my cards and told his wife (the card recipient) to send me a self inking monogram stamp kit.

      From there we started an email conversation that lead to me talking to her husband about my stamping history. The conversation progressed to me testing out some products for him, coming in to meet him, giving him my feedback, touring the warehouse and then he offered me a job!!! Of course, there are pros and cons to this because I do LOVE my current job and I really don't want to commute an hour to this other job.

      Anyway, he offered to hire me as a consultant and my first assignment would be going to CHA in Annaheim, CA!!! Sign me up! So in exchange for my consulting services I have received air fare, hotel accomodations and a pass to CHA. How incredibly awesome is that?!? The bummer is that I couldn't take off of work at my current job for the whole CHA so I will only be there all day, Saturday, Sunday (the day CHA opens) and half of Monday.

      **New Shoes** So why the pic of the shoes? Because everyone said geta COMFY pair of shoes because it is huge and lots of walking. These are the shoes I picked I need a cute, comfy outfit to go with them. I have no idea what to wear because it is below zero here and all I have is winter clothes! Last night I went to the Gap and found the cutest capri pants so I might end up getting those. I wish Jen could go with me but she can't. So she is mapping out my route for me. She has been going through the vendor list and helping me make the most of my limited time at CHA.

      Oh and I found out that Sarah Moore from Craft Critique and two other reporters are on my flight. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to hook up at the airport if possible. Soooooo excited that I will not only be at CHA but I might get to see meet some fellow bloggers and SCS'ers too. If you are going PLEASE let me know.

      So there ya have it. My big exciting news!!! I am telling's the Law of Attraction at work here. Being thankful for all that you have in your life before you can let more in is the they. Visualize, plan your actions and be it daily.

      **Gratitdute** Monday, January 21st was Cody's 16 year Anniversary for his Liver Transplant. What a huge milestone in his life. I am thankful that 16 years ago a mother was able to see through her grief after losing her child and saved the life of mine. Thank you is not enough to say to her but living life in a way that honors her choice is all I can do. Please take the time to complete your donor card and make your family members aware of your choice to be an organ donor.

      See ya on the blog.

      Monday, January 21, 2008

      A Little Birdie Told Me.....

      I normally don't like animal stamps but this little $1 birdie stamp from Rhonna Farrer is so darn cute. Now if it were riding a bike with a Moose or having coffee with an Elephant than it wouldn't be so darn cute and I wouldn't have a cute card to show you.

      **Stampin Stuff** The card base is blue sky 4.25 square which is my new favorite size. There is a layer of SEI paper from the scrap bin. The birdie was stamped on the white circle first and then on the reverse of the stripe paper...which is green with white polka dots. I cute out the green birdie and pieced it over the one I stamped on the white. I sponged the edge and layered it on the scallop circle. The sheer black polka dot ribbon is from May Arts and the three black brads were inspired by Ana's card. The tag was made with a coaster and a cuttlebug die. The thank you sentiment is from a SU set.

      I had the day off today....did nothing on my to do list. So I need to get off here and get something done! I need to make a procrastination list and get some things off my mind and off my list.
      See ya on the blog!

      Sunday, January 20, 2008

      Sunday PMS Check

      I forgot to post this last night before I went to bed. So pretend you are reading this on a Sunday evening and it will all make sense. LOL

      Hey it's Sunday and I don't have to work tomorrow! Yeah! Although I love my job who doesn't love an extra long weekend? It just means I have more time to stamp and do!

      **Stampin Stuff** Not only did I make a card but I fully stamped it too. No die cutting involved on this card and it was inspired by the SCS Inspiration Challenge. I love looking at other people's interpretion of the item shown. Sometimes though I wonder if they are looking at the same thing I am seeing cause they are no where near the piece of inspiration provided.

      Anyway, my card base is kraft that I stamped the canvas background with carmel ink. The image is from Best Blooms. (I just mounted it and used it for the first time ever!) The stems are stamped in Wild Wasabi and the flowers are real red. I used a Sakura black glaze pen on the flower center. I used the tag punch and stamped the sentiment friends in white craft ink. I used black sheer polka dot ribbon and the sentiment is stamped in Versafine black ink.

      Here are two samples from the gallery that were totally the inspiration for my card.

      **PMS Check** Today is day for review and balance in my life. Happy to have another great week to report to you all.

      • Physically- Lost another two pounds this week....down for a total of 6. Yeah for me! I am following a combination of plans but mostly the Best Life Diet by Bob Greene. There are simple steps to take slowly and that is what I am doing. The first thing I incorporated was no eating after 7:30 pm and that truely the key for me...a night time snacker. I also started eating on a schedule. A real breakfast (not just coffee and a granola bar). a real lunch (not more coffee and another granola bar), a real snack when I get home (not just everything I missed out during breakfast and lunch), a real dinner (not fast food), and a real evening snack (not a little of everything in the cabinet). The first three days were hard but once I get adjusted to the schedule it works well for me and I feel so good.
      • Mentally- I am letting go....just letting go. It's hard to let go of something that has been a big part of my life. It's hard to let go of something that means a lot to me. It's hard to let go when I know how much my family has sacraficed in allowing me to do my job. It's hard to let go and worry that the foundation I have laid may go to waste. I am letting go...just letting go.
      • Spiritually- I haven't listened to any of my podcasts this week. But I have still focused on being grateful. Just taking a minute each day to close my eyes and think of nothing else other than my many blessings.

      **Gratitude** I am thankful for fresh baked gooey chocolate chip cookies. {LOL...after I just talked about the Best Life Diet and losing a total of 6 pounds!) Let me re-phrase that...I am thankful for a fresh baked gooey chocolate chip cookie at 7:28 pm. I am more thankful that Sarah likes to bake them late in the evening.

      See ya on the blog!

      Hey Cupcake

      Taylor at Taylored Expressions is having a cupcake contest to celebrate eP's one year birthday. So I thought I would participate for the fun of it and if I win some sweet treats all the better.

      **Stampin Stuff** Really not a lot of stampin other than the sentiment...another scrappy card. The base is sky blue with a layer of stripe paper that I have had forever...using up scraps today. I added a strip of mauve mist paper that was stamped with the Print Patttern background stamp. Marvy punch for the large scalloped black circle. Sky blue circle holds the cupcake image that was made with a Sizzix die. I used aluminum foil for the cupcake wrapper and added some stickles to the icing for some added bling. The tag was stamped with a sweet sentiment from SU.

      Wednesday, January 16, 2008

      Thoughts, Favorites and Questions

      This picture has nothing to do with stamping or my post. I just hate posts with nothing to look at. Here I am with my two youngest at a school party before Christmas.

      **Thoughts** I haven't posted any cards on SCS in a long time. I got sick of the competitive atmposphere that was overwhelmingly obvious. BLAH!!! Everyone jockeying for a design team or to be the newest Rock Star Stamper. So many people kissing up to the Rock Stars and egos growing by the minute. BLAH!!! My least favorite stamper is still out there with her head as big as ever and her groupies growing just as fast as her big ego. BLAH!!!

      While I took a little break from the stampin world something happened. A bunch of new stampin companies cropped up....along with a slew of new Bellas. So who the heck is Hannah....or Just Hannah as she is called by her friends. My Favorite Things is still putting out the headless girls. Verve Visual is new on the stampin scene and Paper Trey is amazing!!! Nicole Heady is a pure genius and makes me want to sell every stamp I own so I can purchase every single Paper Trey set....I could seriously convert to all clear stamp all the time.

      **Favorites** So if you are reading me through Google Reader you will have to actually click on my blog to see my Google Reader Favorites that I mark daily. They are listed in the box to the left under my pic. Of course, you will see a little pattern because there are three bloggin girls that are so stinkin rockin that I mark almost everything to do. If you have a chance go visit these three blogs....I promise you won't be disappointed....these girls are 100% Rock Star Stampers without the Rock Star them!!!!

      **Question** What the heck does PSF mean?

      Ok...I am off to take my butt out into the sub-zero night to pick up Sarah at the movies. I had not intended on leaving my house for 72 hours but I gotta do it. Today was "cleaning day" so tomorrow can be "stampin day". YEAH!!!

      See ya on the blog.

      Tuesday, January 15, 2008

      Hug and Kisses To Oprah

      Did you see me on Oprah today? LOL....I was visable 3 times for a total of about 5 seconds. LOL Mary called me at work to tell me she saw me.

      When the girl won the shoes and came onto the stage I was over shoulder with my bright pink sweater. Then there were a few other moments when the camera panned across the room. If you weren't seriously looking for me I was easily missed.

      I have to say it was really fun to watch the show today from the viewers angle because at the show you get caught up in the production of it all and don't really pay attention to what she is saying. The ice cream was awesome...I still have my gift card. I used my Container Store card for house stuff...I still have $75 on my card. I gave the Carmex away in Christmas stockings. I kept some post it notes for me and shared with Sarah. I haven't used my Williams Sonoma pieces....yet.

      **Stampin Stuff** Here is my final Valentine's Day card of the batch. By now you should know the ingredients for this scrappy card...if not refer to the last 4 posts.

      **Gratitude** I am grateful for my friends that accept me with flaws and love me regardless. With my friendships, I am blessed to have guidance when called upon, comfort when needed, laughter til I cry and the love in my heart to return those things to my friends.

      **Random Blogging** Had my review at the bank today. I felt like I was reading my kids report card. Denise gets along well with others. Denise is organized and motivated. Denise communicates well with management. Denise completes her work and assigned tasks in a timely manner. Denise is a pleasure to work with. I am happy to report that I received all A's on my report card. LOL

      Life is good. See you on the blog!

      Monday, January 14, 2008

      Double the Love

      Are you sick of these scrappy cards yet? Sorry but I have one more to show you tomorrow. Then I am going to move onto some real stamping. I have something really cool to show you...and it's monogramed.

      **Stampin Stuff** Same as before...4.25 white square card base with Loves Me paper layered. The hears are made with the Cuttlebug concentric hearts die. The tag is made from a coaster and tag die. The ribbon is sheer white organdy and the tag is attached with a safety pin. I added three silver brads in the upper left corner. Easy it.

      **Random Blogging** So proud of myself for making it to the post office today. I mailed off two packages, 3 bills, 2 birthday cards and 1 RAK. Tonight I have to work on the rest of my procrastination list

      **Gratitude** I am thankful for being lead to my dream home. I love my house and everything about it....and I make sure I tell Bill on a regular basis that I love this house. I want to live here forever and have my grandchildren visit me in this house.

      Sunday, January 13, 2008

      Sunday PMS Check

      Hello again...two times in one day! This has been such a great week and I am so happy that it is Sunday. I get to start another exciting week. Yeah!

      **Stampin Stuff** I'll list this before my PMS check for those that are only here for the cards and could care less about my personal life....really I can't see why since it is sooooo exciting. LOL

      This card is from my Valentine's Day batch and once again I have made a 4.25 square card and some Loves Me paper. This time I added some X's (Red Tag alphabet) and O's (concentric heart die) in a tic tac toe sort of pattern. I added some sheer white organdy ribbon along the edge and a tag made from a coaster with the Cuttlebug tag die. That's it...another scrappy card that was easy peasy.
      I am sending this card off to someone on the Splitcoast RAK list. It's been a long time since I have RAK'd anyone.

      **PMS Check**
      • Physical Well Being- I lost 4 pounds this week!!! I have to say that not eating after 7:30 pm is the key for me...really. It was also a huge struggle the first three days but I think my body has adjusted and I don't feel like gnawing off my arm anymore. Also, I found something else to do in the evening and that would be taking care of things I have been procrastinating about which makes me feel better too.

      • Mental Well Being- I began delegating more of my volunteer workload and it feels sooooo good. My stress level has dropped considerably. I can't even remember the last time I have been so at ease. No heart palpatations, no endless worrying, no stress.

      • Spiritual Well Being- All I can say is's the "secret". Think about it, say it outloud and write it down....daily.

      **Procrastination FYI** For those of you endlessly waiting for me to send you something in the mail....tomorrow is my mail day. You just might get a surprise in the mail this week.

      Hugs and Kisses

      **Stampin Stuff** The card is from my Valentine stash that I pumped out yesterday....using up my Loves Me paper from last year...I think that is what it was called. All of my cards were 4.25 squared which seems to be my new favorite size and once again it's a scrappy those easy scrappy cards.

      This one I lined the edge with X's and O's from my Cuttlebug Red Tag alphabet and the paper is Bazill Bling....which is textured paper with a little shine to it....oh so pretty. I added a line of ric rac between the letter and paper. Then I tied a sheer brown polka dot ribbon and added a tag that I made with a chipboard coaster. The sentiment is Hugs and Kisses from my new SU set.

      Saturday, January 12, 2008

      Love Notes for Sarah

      This is my daughter Sarah's favorite card from today's stampin binge. I made 8 cards today!!! No I can't show them to you all at once...what will I show you during the week? BTW, since I have my Big Shot, Sizzix and Cuttlebug accessories I am finding that I am becoming more of a "scrappy card" maker...I belive Julie Ebersole from Paper Trufflez coined that phrase. Basically, less stamping and more die cut images and layering of decorative papers. Maybe it's just a phase I am going through right now but I like the looks of the "scrappy cards" I have been seeing on a lot of blogs lately.

      Anyway, I will be giving it to her for Valentine's Day. The charm is a real silver charm she can use on her charm bracelet.

      **Stampin Stuff** The base is white 4.25 x 4.25 card stock. I layered some pattern paper and rounded the corners. The ribbon across the top is from the $1 bin at Mike's. I stamped the word Love with sephia Versafine Ink. I love that ink as much as I love the black!

      I used my Sizzix file folder die and my Cuttlebug Olivia alphabet to write the word "notes". Inside I put an X (from Red Tag Alphabet) and O (heart from the concentric hearts). I sponged the edge of the file folder with chocolate chip ink.

      **Random Blogging** I know this is going to sound hokey but I have been listening to some podcasts about The Secret and trying to implement the lesson from each podcast into my daily life. Again, each podcast comes back to gratitude...being grateful for all you have in your life right now before you ask to bring more into your life.

      I really have been taking the time to be thankful. As I sat and pondered what I have been blessed with I have gotten just about everything I have desired. Maybe not at the very moment I wanted it but in the end I was lead right to what I desired. Of course, I believe that it is more than the Law of Attraction and my energy in the universe....I believe that God has a big part in the plan as well but the Law of Attraction makes sense to me in this equation as well.

      With that being said, I received an awesome surprise gift in the mail this week. Followed up with an email exhange that has lead to the begining of another surprise and desire that I have wanted for a long least a year! I can't tell you right now but I PROMISE you will hear it first...ok after I call and squeal in utter delight to Jen. {I already told her the path I am being lead down and she is all on board.}

      Anyway, the podcast I was listening to last night was talking about changing your perception of looking at things...finding the positive in everything and being open to let those good things into your life....big and small good things....recognizing them when they happen and openly embracing them and being thankful. This is not to say I wasn't thankful for the things in my life before.....but sometimes I was just in the moment, living life and not taking the time to slow down and be truely grateful.

      After this week and seeing the Law of Attraction in action....I am definately going to be more aware of my desires, actions and gratitude.

      Friday, January 11, 2008

      Tuesday's Oprah

      Set the DVR for Tuesday, January 15th to watch Oprah...that's my show....Faces Behind the Names. The commercial is about Gayle traveling across country for a grilled cheese sandwich and they show the chef making our sandwiches. He's the only person that didn't give us anything so I can't remember his name.

      Monday, January 7, 2008

      Feel the Love

      **Stampin Stuff** Here is my first Valentine's Day card of 2008. I love the colors of this paper. The base is tempting turquois and I layerd the pattern paper on pink. The word love was die cut with the Big Shot and a Sizzix die on tempting turquois paper. The ric-rac was something in my stash and the sheer polka dot ribbon is from May Arts.

      **Weight Loss** Today I entered all my food into the Fit Day Journal and according to their calculations I need to lose 1.35 pounds per week to be at minus 40 pounds by August 1st....yes I know that is 8 months away and I added 10 more pounds for a little added measure. Today 1634 calories were taken in and no exercise...UGH. When am I going to squeeze that into my day? Baby steps here. Remember yesterday I said that successful people work hard to be successful at whatever they do?

      This is what is going to be HARD for me...not eating after 7:30 pm. That is a huge rule for Oprah in Bob Greene's book and it is so hard for me because I am a big night time snacker. I don't eat a lot during the day and then tend to graze all night long. So I have been eating breakfast every day and packing a lunch for work because I am trying to plan ahead and not have to go out to will help my body diet and debt diet too.

      To quote Oprah "not a Cheeri nor an O will pass my lips after 7:30". I have to keep telling myself that the gnawing feeling I have in the pit of my stomach is my body eating away at the fat reserves on my jiggly butt. And let's throw a little Dr. Phil into the mix while I am at order to break this night time snacking behavior I have to replace it with something else. What am I going to do in the evening instead of laundry, watch TV and snacking?? Oh maybe stamping or blogging to my imaginary friends that can talk me out of the snack cabinet!

      **Gratitude** Today I was thinking in the car about what I am grateful for and as much as I complain about how much I hate my Chevy Venture I am grateful that I have a car to drive. The door locks don't work, the passanger window doesn't work, the fuel gage is broken, the heat works when it feels like it, and I am thankful that I am not riding the train to work!

      Win a Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

      Check this out...I am all about food and free stuff. This will look great in the HGTV house that I am going to win as well.

      A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!

      The winner will receive a brand new Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Electric Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow!!

      Enter to win at MyWoodenSpoonDOTcom

      Sunday, January 6, 2008

      Sunday PMS Check's been a while since I have done a PMS check. So here goes...the first check of 2008!

      • Pysically-Um...yeah...nothing has changed on that aspect of my life. I really really really want to lost 30 pounds. Have you ever noticed that successful people are successful because they work so hard at being matter what it is they are trying to accomplish? So when I am whining to myself about my jiggly butt, flabby arms and my 30 pounds....I ask myself why am I not losing any weight? Well the real question I working hard at being successful at losing those 30 pounds and the answer is a big FAT no to match my big FAT butt!!! I resolve to work hard this week and my first stop is going to be a visit at this FREE diet journal that calculates it all. Feel free to join me on this adventure.

      • Mentally- I have to cut back on over extending myself...I hate to say no because I am really a people pleaser. However, I need to put me first because I really am stressing myself out to the point of heart palpatations. I will be delegating more to others and letting go....yes letting go is a good thing.

      • Spiritually-I have been listening to lots of podcasts regarding The Secret. Each person on the podcast has something specific that they focus on as their prime reason on why the Law of Attraction works for them. This point struck me and has stuck with me.....Anyone can be grateful after the fact....but being grateful for all that you have and enjoy right now before attracting more into your life is key to the success is gaining more of what you want in your life. Hmmmmm....that makes so much sense to me. So I have been making it a point to just take a few moments each day (in the shower where I get my only "alone" time) and just saying thank you and taking in all that I am blessed with in my life.

      So there ya have it. Anyone care to join me in the quest of losing 30 pounds? Warning....we gotta work HARD at it but in the end it will be worth it.

      **Gratitude** I am grateful that I was given the chance to go to the Oprah show with my friend Vicki. I am thankful for all the gifts we were given that day too. BTW, the pic above is me with Vicki before we left her house for the show.

      Snowflakes and Men

      **Stampin Stuff (there is none on this card)** So let me get to the good part of this post....the snowflakes! I love this card and it was totally inspired by a post on Gina K's blog. She mentioned that Target had glittered snowflake ornaments on clearance and they made great embellishments.

      Tonight I was taking down the tree and in the bottom of my ornament box I found a pack of snowflakes from last year. Score!!! So tonight Sarah (my daughter) and I decided to get crafty. I was attempting to make Valentine's Day cards (I made one and Sarah made 6) and then I thought the paper looked better with the snowflakes. Here is the end result of my "getting crafty" session. I was so inspired by the card I made a matching scrapbook page too.

      **Random Blogging About Men (mine in particular)** So today it was warm outside and the snow was melting away. I stayed in my PJ's all day and emptied my Google Reader...there were over 1000 posts....I mostly just scanned through the pics and added things to my favs.

      Then all of the sudden I hear the snowmobile and the kids yelling so I just figure Bill is giving rides again....and I continue with my Google Reading. Later, after Bill parks himself on the couch I get up for some coffee and happen to catch a glimpse of the back yard. HOLY CRAP....scant traces of snow and a mud track from the snowmobile is what I see!!! I looked over at him and said "did you happen to see what you did to the backyard?" and he responds "it will be ok".

      Then I stroll over to the front window and HOLY CRAP the front is worse than the back!!! So I say "Um now I know why Cody does stupid stuff all the time....he inherited the stupid gene from you" and he replies "what? it will be ok".

      This comes from the man that has a COW if someone (that someone usually being the mailman) clips the edge of yard while driving down the street. This coming from the man that obsessed over bald spots in the yard all summer, planted grass seed and tended to it daily. The man basically gave us a lawn job in the front yard, side yard and back yard and thinks....IT WILL BE OK!!! All I could do was walk away before I had a huge temper tantrum in the living room.

      Later in the day, he washed some Martini glasses for me before I put them in the cabinet. I was starting dinner and leaned across the sink to get some water in my pot and he says "hey don't be dripping water on the will leave spots on them" and I reply "hmmmm, it will be ok....just like the grass will be ok from the lawn job you gave us".

      **If you really knew me, you would know** I love my husband dearly even though he is carrying the stupid gene and passed it along to our son. I am so blessed.

      Saturday, January 5, 2008

      Job Update

      I love this Christmas card that Allison from Stampin When I Can sent me. The colors remind of when it snows at night it is so peaceful looking. She used the Cuttlebug snowflake folder on the blue background layer and the chalk pefectly matches the paper color. The snow drifts have sparkles on them too. So pretty.

      Inside Allison included a thank you note for visiting her blog. Let me just say that she has a lot of visitors and I am amazed and blessed that she included me on her card list. It's been so long since I have RAK'd her and I am happy she remembered me! Thanks Allison.

      **Job Update** So many of you have asked for a job update and I keep forgeting to do it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. The hours are perfect and flexible enough for me to drop off my kids at school and pick them up. I get the responsibility of steering the decisions made by the entire Marketing Committee.

      For example, once the committee agrees upon a Marketing initiative then it is up to me to implement the plan and bring back a progress report each week. Right now I am working on our new WEB site and working with a company that does the creating of it and I get to say what I like and don't like and have them tweek it along the way. I am also going to start the same process for our Comcast TV commercial in March.

      On a daily basis, I submit ad requests to the advertiser and give my two cents on what I want changed. These are ads that will run in three newspapers including the Chicago Tribune. (My rep for the Tribune is Fabio....every time he comes to visit me all the girls in the office get giddy...including our 80 year old receptionist. Get the typical Fabio image out of your Fabio looks more like Tom Cruise.)

      Then I am responsible for tracking new and closed accounts. I mail out letters almost daily and attempt to "track" why people left or how they heard about us which will help determine if the money being spent on Marketing is being used in the right areas; newspapers, TV, community support, etc.

      I am also responsible for all donation requests from the local community. If the donation is approved by the committee then I am responsible for making it happen. I just finished up a Charity Drive where the bank donates $100 to a Chicagoland Charity chosen by new customers in the months of Nov and Dec. That was a nice project to's always nice to give away money...esp when it's someone else's money. LOL

      I work in the executive office area of the bank and I have two bosses. The main person I answer to on a daily basis is the Executive Vice President who happens to be an alumni of the school my kids attend. My other boss is the Chairman of the Board who happens to be a woman that is three years younger than me. I just found out that she graduated with my brother and knows him say the least. Small world...really.

      So what have I learned about working in the real world? Basically, it
      cost me $5 if I want to wear a dress or skirt. Every single time I wear a
      dress or skirt I ruin my panty hose. Therefore, I usually wear pants or a suit on a daily basis. LOL

      Honestly, I LOVE my job and was floored to receive a Christmas bonus after only being on the job for three months. The Chairman of the Board pushed it through (part time employees don't get bonuses) and when I called her to thank her she thanked me and then said "just so you know, retirement age at the bank is 83 so don't plan on going anywhere". Let me tell you...they are going to have to push me out the door kicking and screaming.

      So there is the job update for those enquiring minds. See ya on the blog!

      Thursday, January 3, 2008

      Easy Monogram Cards

      Thanks for the emails and comments about your New Years Resolution. I really am going to check up on go ahead and drop me a comment about your resolution.

      **Stampin Stuff** I made these easy monogram cards for a customer requested Christmas gift. She wanted cards for her girls for Christmas and this was one of the designs I used. She emailed me today and asked I would make her 32 of the monogram cards for her personal use. Pretty cool.

      Anyway, I varied the design and made up several basic cards using white cardstock as the base and stamped the background swirl in Versafine Black that stuff. Pretty basic card...less is more in this case.

      **Random Blogging** Today was a prime example of how procrastination costs me time and money. I had a broken tooth in May 2006 which required an expensive crown lengthening and root canal. Shortly after the root canal the tooth broke more before I got a permanent crown. I have basically been going around for almost two years with a broken tooth that could have been repaired and saved...until today!

      It broke right down the middle and I had to have it pulled. Now I will have to invest in a SUPER expensive implant. Nice. Needless to say, I have pain, swelling and bruising already. Not to mention lots of money out of my pocket all because I didn't follow up and take care of this problem a long time ago. I procrastinated for no reason other than I hate and fear going to the dentist.

      However, while I was there I made a cleaning and exam appointment for me and all four kids. No more procrastinating!!!

      **If you really knew me, you would know** I had braces for 4 years and had to visit the orthodontist once a month which equates to someone poking and proding in my mouth and causing me discomfort and pain 48 times (not including the times I broke brackets or wires inbetween visits). Hence the reason I loath going to the dentist.

      Tuesday, January 1, 2008

      A New Year - A New Resolution

      Hope you all had a safe and festive New Year's Eve. I had my annual party with friends and was so thankful that the 7 inches of snow didn't deter anyone from coming out. Beth got sick, Jen had to work and Mary went out of town so that put a damper on my evening. But in the end it all worked out and after a few Cosmos all went well.

      I spent the day today just hanging out with the family. Bill took the girls for a snowmobile ride. I stamped....I know I can hardly believe it myself. I read the new SU catty and made a wish list. Watched High School Musical 2 for the millionth time...why? Watched Hairspray and laugh every time I think of John Travolta as the mother....cracks me up....hon. LOL

      Tried to determine what my New Year's Resolution is going to be this year. Last year you may recall it was my Sunday PMS check....PMS standing for Physical, Mental and Spritual well being. I maintained that for about 6 months and then life changed and I let it slip.

      So this year I am going to re-focus on the PMS and focus more on the "Mental" aspect of my life. So the question I have been pondering all day today is what causes me so much stress in my life? The root of that evil would have to be......PROCRASTINATION!!!! Yes, that ugly 14 letter word should really be simplified to STRESS.....Mental stress for me. I am constantly thinking of things that I have to do...things that I have put off til the last minute....things that are easily taken care of but for some reason I have just kept putting it off until I am under the wire.

      Procrastination causes me to lose money, time, and sleep. Why wouldn't that be stressful for anyone? My goal for 2008 is to get a grip on procrastination which should in turn make the Physical and Spiritual areas of my life so much more managable. I see a trickle down effect happening least that is my hope.
      Please leave me a comment and tell me about your New Year's Resolution! I'll be sure to keep you accountable if you do the same for me.

      **Stampin Stuff** I made this card today and realized that I miss stamping and being creative....not that this is a spectacular card but got my creative juices flowing again.
      I tested out my $10 sewing machine that I picked up at Target for card making purposes. It worked pretty can see it on the bashful blue paper edge. I also faux sewed around the edge of the red card base. I used the Office Accoutrement stamp set....for the second time since I purchased it. Used my new SU scallop punch finally!

      **If you really knew me, you would know** that I start reading books and rarely finish them. Remember the book Happiness Now I was so excited about last yeah....found it in my nighstand drawer.

      I got this idea from the Oprah show today. It was a show about teenagers at a high school and one of the lessons had them in a circle and they had to start the sentance with....If you really knew me you would know...and then finish the sentance. So I am going to use it for my blog....if you care to know me any more than you already do. to take care of some procrastination....sorting through the growing pile of magazines on the floor next to my bed. {It is a HUGE pile...about 6 months worth of magazines....three or four different subscriptions! Yikes} See ya on the blog!