Saturday, January 5, 2008

Job Update

I love this Christmas card that Allison from Stampin When I Can sent me. The colors remind of when it snows at night it is so peaceful looking. She used the Cuttlebug snowflake folder on the blue background layer and the chalk pefectly matches the paper color. The snow drifts have sparkles on them too. So pretty.

Inside Allison included a thank you note for visiting her blog. Let me just say that she has a lot of visitors and I am amazed and blessed that she included me on her card list. It's been so long since I have RAK'd her and I am happy she remembered me! Thanks Allison.

**Job Update** So many of you have asked for a job update and I keep forgeting to do it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. The hours are perfect and flexible enough for me to drop off my kids at school and pick them up. I get the responsibility of steering the decisions made by the entire Marketing Committee.

For example, once the committee agrees upon a Marketing initiative then it is up to me to implement the plan and bring back a progress report each week. Right now I am working on our new WEB site and working with a company that does the creating of it and I get to say what I like and don't like and have them tweek it along the way. I am also going to start the same process for our Comcast TV commercial in March.

On a daily basis, I submit ad requests to the advertiser and give my two cents on what I want changed. These are ads that will run in three newspapers including the Chicago Tribune. (My rep for the Tribune is Fabio....every time he comes to visit me all the girls in the office get giddy...including our 80 year old receptionist. Get the typical Fabio image out of your Fabio looks more like Tom Cruise.)

Then I am responsible for tracking new and closed accounts. I mail out letters almost daily and attempt to "track" why people left or how they heard about us which will help determine if the money being spent on Marketing is being used in the right areas; newspapers, TV, community support, etc.

I am also responsible for all donation requests from the local community. If the donation is approved by the committee then I am responsible for making it happen. I just finished up a Charity Drive where the bank donates $100 to a Chicagoland Charity chosen by new customers in the months of Nov and Dec. That was a nice project to's always nice to give away money...esp when it's someone else's money. LOL

I work in the executive office area of the bank and I have two bosses. The main person I answer to on a daily basis is the Executive Vice President who happens to be an alumni of the school my kids attend. My other boss is the Chairman of the Board who happens to be a woman that is three years younger than me. I just found out that she graduated with my brother and knows him say the least. Small world...really.

So what have I learned about working in the real world? Basically, it
cost me $5 if I want to wear a dress or skirt. Every single time I wear a
dress or skirt I ruin my panty hose. Therefore, I usually wear pants or a suit on a daily basis. LOL

Honestly, I LOVE my job and was floored to receive a Christmas bonus after only being on the job for three months. The Chairman of the Board pushed it through (part time employees don't get bonuses) and when I called her to thank her she thanked me and then said "just so you know, retirement age at the bank is 83 so don't plan on going anywhere". Let me tell you...they are going to have to push me out the door kicking and screaming.

So there is the job update for those enquiring minds. See ya on the blog!


Karen said...

Sounds like a great place to work. It's nice to know you are appreciated! Love the card

Allison said...

Thanks for letting me know it got there! I sent lots this year and I had your address so there you go! I love this image...I stole it off one of the Cal-gals so now I have to go buy it!