Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary and I know and will never dispute that I have the most wonderful husband in the world that unbelievably spoils me rotten. Really.

So we went to the city this weekend with Amy and Darrell and in the parking garage the levels were named after the months. Bill noticed that on the wall it said floor eleven was named November....which is our anniversary.....November 11th. So of course we had Amy take this picture of us.So today Amy came over with this picture in an awesome red glass frame as an anniversary gift. I love it and love that thoughtful girl that I am soooooo going to miss.

My wonderful husband gave me a Coach purse, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the new G1 phone which is the T-Mobile version of the iPhone which is AWESOME! I am such a techno-geek and now I am totally hooked up 24/7.

Ok so I have mentioned Amy on my blog a million times. Who is the infamous Amy? For those of you that have been reading my blog since my Yahoo 360 days know that she is my Navy friend that I met in Florida. She and I had an instant bond from the day we met (we were neighbors in housing). She is Bailey's God Mother and on paper the God Mother of all four of my children (long story).

Anyway, I have not seen Amy in 6 years because when we left for Chicago she went to Cuba and now she is in Guam.....can she get any farther away?!!? OMG. But she will be back in the states permanently in about a year. I wonder if I can convince this island girl to move to the Windy City? Wishful thinking.

So here is a picture of Amy all bundled up and ready for a trip to the city.

Oh and I forgot the most important thing....Amy was here for her son's graduation from Navy bootcamp. It was my first graduation ceremony and it was awesome! But I'll upload those pics later.

We are off for our anniversary dinner and final dinner with Amy and Darrell (ok...I forgot to mention Darrell is her husband and I am excited to see Darrell too....love ya D). We are off to Ron of Japan for dinner....YUM!

See ya on the blog!