Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

Happy Birthday Johnny! Tonight we had a birthday dinner for my brother who will be 35 tomorrow. So funny that he knows my boss and went to high school with her. Small world.

**PMS Check** This week I wasn't so diligent about sticking to my schedule as I have been the last few weeks. I really was paying attention to they way I felt on the days I was out of routine. I didn't prepare for the week and it just threw everything off and I really was listening to my body. I have already prepared for this week and I actually look forward to getting back on track.

      • Physically- I lost one pound this week and I am actually grateful for the one pound. I wasn't eating a good breakfast and Saturday i went to a crop with Jen and totally ate like a pig all night....way past 7:30. I felt so bloated and yucky later in the body convinced me that the 7:30 rule must be enforced all the time!
      • Mentally-I have not had any heart palpatations in two weeks. That means that my stress levels are steadily dropping. I have been knocking things off my procrastination list which is also a good thing because I mentally torture myself constantly thinking of the things I have to do. Just slowly letting go...feels good.
      • Spiritually- So thankful for the opportunities I have been given. It amazes me when I think of all the things that I have accomplished this year and the opportunities that I have been given. But it is all about the energy I am putting out....just have to keep focusing on what I want to accomplish and moving closer to it by my actions. Gratitude is definately the key.

      **Gratitude** I am so thankful for my wonderful kids. I am blessed to have four children with unique personality traits. It is my hopes that they grow up wanting to be friends and remain close. I would be so sad if my girls didn't maintain their sisterly bond. Hopefully, one day Cody will embrace his sisters but right now he views them as a pain in the butt.


      jacki j. said...

      I've missed your PMS checks. I've been having palpations too. They mentioned stress, but insisted that I get off all caffeine and severly reduce my sugar intake. Doctors can sure suck the fun out of life ;)

      Jolene George said...

      Happy birthday to your brother!
      Congratulations on your new job! You must do a very long post when you get back from CHA with loads of pictures. How fun!!!

      Laur said...

      Please tell Johnny that I said happy birthday. It's a great picture of both of you together. I see your Dad in him as well as the Mullins side of the family. He looks great, as do you. You have so much to be proud of, you are truly blessed. I remember when you and John were not so close, so there is hope for Cody. Love ya, Laurie