Thursday, January 3, 2008

Easy Monogram Cards

Thanks for the emails and comments about your New Years Resolution. I really am going to check up on go ahead and drop me a comment about your resolution.

**Stampin Stuff** I made these easy monogram cards for a customer requested Christmas gift. She wanted cards for her girls for Christmas and this was one of the designs I used. She emailed me today and asked I would make her 32 of the monogram cards for her personal use. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I varied the design and made up several basic cards using white cardstock as the base and stamped the background swirl in Versafine Black that stuff. Pretty basic card...less is more in this case.

**Random Blogging** Today was a prime example of how procrastination costs me time and money. I had a broken tooth in May 2006 which required an expensive crown lengthening and root canal. Shortly after the root canal the tooth broke more before I got a permanent crown. I have basically been going around for almost two years with a broken tooth that could have been repaired and saved...until today!

It broke right down the middle and I had to have it pulled. Now I will have to invest in a SUPER expensive implant. Nice. Needless to say, I have pain, swelling and bruising already. Not to mention lots of money out of my pocket all because I didn't follow up and take care of this problem a long time ago. I procrastinated for no reason other than I hate and fear going to the dentist.

However, while I was there I made a cleaning and exam appointment for me and all four kids. No more procrastinating!!!

**If you really knew me, you would know** I had braces for 4 years and had to visit the orthodontist once a month which equates to someone poking and proding in my mouth and causing me discomfort and pain 48 times (not including the times I broke brackets or wires inbetween visits). Hence the reason I loath going to the dentist.

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