Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday PMS Check's been a while since I have done a PMS check. So here goes...the first check of 2008!

  • Pysically-Um...yeah...nothing has changed on that aspect of my life. I really really really want to lost 30 pounds. Have you ever noticed that successful people are successful because they work so hard at being matter what it is they are trying to accomplish? So when I am whining to myself about my jiggly butt, flabby arms and my 30 pounds....I ask myself why am I not losing any weight? Well the real question I working hard at being successful at losing those 30 pounds and the answer is a big FAT no to match my big FAT butt!!! I resolve to work hard this week and my first stop is going to be a visit at this FREE diet journal that calculates it all. Feel free to join me on this adventure.

  • Mentally- I have to cut back on over extending myself...I hate to say no because I am really a people pleaser. However, I need to put me first because I really am stressing myself out to the point of heart palpatations. I will be delegating more to others and letting go....yes letting go is a good thing.

  • Spiritually-I have been listening to lots of podcasts regarding The Secret. Each person on the podcast has something specific that they focus on as their prime reason on why the Law of Attraction works for them. This point struck me and has stuck with me.....Anyone can be grateful after the fact....but being grateful for all that you have and enjoy right now before attracting more into your life is key to the success is gaining more of what you want in your life. Hmmmmm....that makes so much sense to me. So I have been making it a point to just take a few moments each day (in the shower where I get my only "alone" time) and just saying thank you and taking in all that I am blessed with in my life.

So there ya have it. Anyone care to join me in the quest of losing 30 pounds? Warning....we gotta work HARD at it but in the end it will be worth it.

**Gratitude** I am grateful that I was given the chance to go to the Oprah show with my friend Vicki. I am thankful for all the gifts we were given that day too. BTW, the pic above is me with Vicki before we left her house for the show.

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Amy said...

Ok I am up for the 30 pounds..... got to do it before the Breast cancer walk in October, it will make the 60 mile walk so much easier having 30-50 pounds not to carry it with me ;-) I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE....... you goof. Love you, me