Monday, April 6, 2009

This blog post is being dedicated to Denise, Mary W, Sherry, Beth and Jacki. Thanks girls for the nice emails and Facebook comments looking for me. Facebook is my new stomping ground as it's easier to micro blog in a few short sentances than to formulate a project and toughts here. I'm not saying that I don't miss my blog and blogging's a time thing....and I just haven't figured out how to add blogging back into my juggling act and judging by the crappy photo I have forgotten how to use my camera too.

First the stamping and then I'll get to my crazy life. My stamp room has become the junk epicenter of the household...quite embarassing and I am actually going to show you the before I clean it up video to prove it and it's not pretty. I can honestly say that I have not been stamping....nor can I find anything so that I can stamp.

By the looks of this lame tag it shouldn't be any surprise that I have not been stamping. (That will drop another 10 readers that are looking at this blog for stamping inspiration.) I tried to make the above tag to attach to a get well gift a while back and I couldn't even find which drawer I keep my brads in....nice. I didn't have any mono so I was using that huge industrial tape runner thingy. And sadly....I never mailed the get well gift to the recipient either. (by the way, she's feeling better now.)

I am officially on vacation the rest of the week and my goal this afternoon is to get my stamp room in order so that I may be more crafty, creative and productive. (Sounds like I am taking a Stamping Oath and I need to raise my right hand.) That should have been my Lenten promise instead of giving up Starbucks cause that one isn't going so well.

Ok...brace yourself. Here is my first stamping video ever and just so you know...there is no stamping lesson in this video. I am NOT going to show you anything new, trendy or creative. This is just a bold step into my room full of crap that I never use anymore....the title of my video is....The Unorganized Scrapbooker.