Monday, September 15, 2008

What was I thinking?

Wow....I am totally overwhelmed and humbled by the tons of emails and comments of support I have received. Thank you is not enough to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time in your busy day to shower me with your kindness.

Really....I am good. Sometimes things don't work out and there is a reason and I am a firm believer there is a reason for everything....good and bad.

So for today....I am sending myself this card. LOL

I know.....doesn't everyone need to hear this sentiment some time in their life? I should have sent myself this card months ago.

Love the SU papers, love this sentiment and love the fact that I still have some blog readers. Surprised after that long detour that anyone is still reading. Thanks for sticking around.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life is good...really.

I am currently rearranging my life, my blog and my stamp room! Lots of trash being taken out of all areas. Life is good and it feels wonderful to be back here on my own blog.

Physically I have lost weight due to stress. Had a migraine head ache for two days this last week. Suddenly it all went away and I feel sooooo great!

Mentally I was completely burned out and so frustrated trying to understand the actions of certain people in my life. But suddenly when other people within the circle started talking and opening up it all made sense.

Spiritually I momentarily lost sight of me and felt like I lost myself. "People treat you the way you allow them to treat you" is a quote that gave me the courage to draw the line and not allow myself to be used as a stepping stone for someone else's ego.

I closed the door to walk away and surprisingly three other opportunities are already knocking on my is good...really. I should have followed my gut instincts months ago when the red flags were waving right in front of my face. Lesson learned.

I know most of you have no clue what I am babbling about but for those of you that do....thanks for the support. It just feels so good to be back here on my own blog and getting back to my own life without all the drama.

See ya on the blog....THIS blog!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Clinton Dissed on the Kiss

I know...two posts in one day...can you stand it? Really I am posting this video of Bill Clinton missing the kiss. Every time I watch Hillary turning her back to him and Bill kissing her hair it cracks me up. I can't stop laughing watching this video. What is even more funny is she kisses Obama instead.'s me....are you there?

Isn't this what they call an Oxymoron? The Organized Scrapbooker sitting on a pile of papers in my office. Well that is where I am and what I have been doing....buried under stamping stuff, work stuff and life.

About two weeks before Cody came home from Texas his dog, Lou Lou, died. It was so hard to call him and tell him because Lou Lou has been his dog since he was two years old. For 15 years she was part of our family and it's odd not having her greet us at the door. She was a great dog and the kids all miss her.

After that my Aunt arrived for a two week visit from New Jersey. The girls finished up summer camp. Sarah started high school as a Freshman and Cody is a Junior. Maddie and Bailey finally went back to school and we now have the beginning of daily routine in our lives. Now if only Bailey could remember where she put her lunch box, back pack and shoes in the morning all would be wonderful. {She is my disorganized child.}

Both of my jobs are overwhelmingly busy at the moment. Check out the JustRite Stampin Champion contest and you'll see what I am talking about.
And this post is turning into a big whine fest. So here is a card I made for Amy....cause she just got turned onto Martinis {can you believe that } and I am sooooooo excited because my dear sweet friend is coming to visit me all the way from Guam.

Ok....not really....she is coming here to see her son graduate from bootcamp and I just happen to live 10 minutes from Naval Station Great Lakes. Come November I am going to need several martinis with my friend who I have not seen since I left Florida 6 years ago!!!

See ya on the blog!