Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CHA Link

Just wanted to give a shout out to my sweet friend Ivy who sent me this pic today and the link to her CHA pics that she uploaded in her blog gallery.

OMG....Ivy has some of the best CHA product pics I have seen and you really need to take a peek. She has a great eye and loves many many things...as we all do. Thanks Ivy!

I have been busy painting and doing a "while you were out"on Cody's room. He is going to be so shocked and so in love with his bedroom when he comes home from Texas. Every boy dreams of a football room and I think I made that dream come true! I'll show you pics once we are all done.

See ya on the blog!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More CHA stuff

Thanks for the comments about posting pics of products and not people. Well, I did post pics of people the other day but there were so many other people that I met but didn't have a chance to get a pic taken with them. Like my sweet friend Gina K stopped by, Emily "The" Stamping Bella sat and listened to my infomercial with her sweet side kick Nicki, I saw Jen Balcer, Kurtis and Daven walk by the booth {I've never met them but recognized them and would have enjoyed a chit chat}. I had a quick convo with Tim Holtz but no pic. Ok...over all I feel weird asking for pics with people....like I am a stalker...LOL...but it is exciting to be in company with such incredibly talented people.

Ok...more booth and product pics.

I am really sorry but I think this was taken at the Maya Road booth. I was just walking by and this little bucket of flowers caught my eye so I snapped a pic.
OMG...more Glitz. I LOVE these strands of rhinestone Gems! I actually won a pack at Mark Montano's give away at his booth. I stood next to Taylor...it's always good to stand next to the tall girl. LOL...I think she got a glue stick from Scotch.
We R Memory Keepers had a great line of Christmas paper that I think will go so well with the JustRite Christmas Ensemble. Snapped a pic to remember them in a few months when it is time to get started on Christmas cards.

Karen Foster has a great set of baking papers that are going to go with the JustRite Baking Ensemble. Really keep your eyes open for this paper line....I can't wait to get it for Christmas gifts and holiday baking. More Karen Foster Christmas Baking papers. I am so dead serious when I say that this is going to perfectly match the JustRite Baking Ensemble. It's totally on my "must have" list.

Ok...off to do some Facebook. Yes, I have joined the Facebook crowd and I am still trying to learn about it. Sadly, my kids are the ones that are geeking out my site with the flair and stuff. If you want to be my Facebook Friend you have to tell me who you are in the message cause I won't accept anyone that I don't know. Safety first. LOL Like I am not totally exposing myself here on the blog. I am a dorkabella...I know.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My CHA Favs

Since I spent the majority of my time working at CHA I was only able to sneak away for a a few minutes at and I just snapped pics of the companies that I wanted to remember. I didn't really have time to get in for a close look but these companies definately caught my attention.

American Crafts had walls and walls of thickers. OMG...I was so in heaven just standing there and looking at all the thickers. Thickers are my new addiction and I want them all.
BossKut is a new company that has dies just like Quickutz. I really liked their images and they had sentiments...normal sentiments that I would get a lot of use out of. BTW, I only walked past the Quickutz booth during set up and saw the new fonts....very cool. Jen went back and said there are 8x8 sheets of dies too.
I think Jenni Bowlin is the talk of the town and her booth was to die for. I didn't take any close ups as I was in total awe and forgot I even had my camera with me. She had the cutest booth set up and I loved her bingo cards and the vintage feel of her booth and all her products. I don't own anything from Jenni Bowlin....yet...but it won't be long before she is on my shelves.
Glitz Design was by far my absolute favorite booth. OMG....I literally stood there with my mouth wide open. They had these strands of rhinestone gems in every color that could be used as page borders or cut for smaller projects. They had shiney vinyl looking rub ons and the most awesome display set up. I totally wanted everything in their booth. Gosh what I wouldn't do to be on the Sizzix Design Team. As you know, I have always been a Sizzix girl at heart and this is just the Halloween stuff they have coming out. They have a whole Hello Kitty line too. I am not into that but it was cute. There were so many dies introduced and the Christmas stuff was awesome too.
Look at this cute Halloween display at Sizzix. I love their booth and did visit a few times just cause I can't resist.

Ok...that's all for now. There are other things that I loved too but I am sure you have seen it on other blogs as well. This is just what popped out at me.

See ya on the blog!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello From CHA

Hello from CHA. Oh my what a long day but so much fun. The JustRite Booth is very busy....a good kind of busy...and lots of fun. Just thought I would share some pictures with you. So cool that the show is opened by the Shannon Rovers bag piping their way down each aisle of the floor. It made me cry because we had a member of the Shannon Rovers play bagpipes at my Dad's funeral.

Here is Michelle Wooderson from the blog Mish Mash. Michelle was our first Guest Designer at the JustRite Booth. Isn't she just the cutest girl ever? She was so sweet and had a great recipe card project at her table.I really enjoyed having Michelle at our booth...she really is a sweet girl.

Here is the wonderful Wendy Smedley. As soon as I saw her walking by the booth I had to thank her for her wonderful book "The Organized Scrapbooker". Then she was nice enough to come listen to my JustRite infomercial and she took lots of notes too. I would love to see what Wendy could do with a monogram stamper!

This is Mark Montano from the TV show While You Were Out and 10 Years Younger. He is our neighbor at CHA and he is pusing his new book "The Big Ass Book of Crafts". For real...that is the true title. LOL He is so nice to pose with me for a picture....and he has a great sense of humor...funny guy.
Ok...there's my rockstar pics of the day. I will have more tomorrow as it will be super duper busy tomorrow. Oh and I am on the look out with Donna Downey...I need a picture with her and me wearing my DD camera bag. {Yeah, I am a dorkabella.}
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Rest of the JustRite Story

Hello there...it's time for my once a week blog post. I wish I had time to blog more for myself but right now life is crazy busy and I will be so happy when things slow down in about another week.

Yesterday, we had Sarah's graduation party or get together with some friends. It should have been Bailey's birthday party as it was mostly little kids. But we get to do it all over again in a few weeks for Bailey's birthday.

Cody is in Texas having a great time and I miss him bunches. I have been sending him letters and cards with little prizes inside...like a Burger King gift card. I really hope he takes these five weeks to reflect and grow and mature and know how much he has made me sick with worry the last 3 months. OMG, teenage growing pains hurt so bad...esp for me! He is a great kid and I just want to get past this stage of life quickly.

Anyway, onto the stamping stuff...which is why you are really here! So this is a quick view of some of the things I have been working on at JustRite. We have been introducing lots and lots of new products ....something like 32 pieces all together and each new product needs a sample made for the packaging and for the CHA display.

This grouping is what made it onto the Chique Stamper (oval stamper) product packaging. So every time you see the Chique Stamper Kit you will see my Maddie's cute little smile on the box! How cool is that?

Speaking of cool.....have you been watching the JustRite blog sneak peeks? Do you not just love the new fonts and that Harmony Rectangle Stamper?! I can not wait to get that Harmony stamper and make my own sentiments and phrases with all the new fonts. That is the beauty of the JustRite products....everything is interchangeable and works together. One stamper can be used a million ways....my kind of stamper.

I am so excited about our guest designer schedule too. Michelle Wooderson is going to be a guest designer on Friday and Taylor Van Bruggen will be a guest designer on Saturday. Not to mention Sharon Johnson and some of the Flourishs girls will also be guest designers throughout the weekend. We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the three day event and I know on Monday I will be ready to collapse.

See you on the blog...in a week!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Although my nice long weekend has come to an end I am still smiling. I got a lot accomplished and I was actually able to give my brain a rest. It has seriously been on overload for weeks now and it was nice to just get off the computer and not stamp a single thing all weekend long.

My family appreciated me sitting on the deck, reading magazines and just being present. Then it hit me....I am working so much that I am not present I am just here. Not good. Things are about to change bright and early tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I have been scrapbooking a lot lately and that has just totally got my juices flowing. I literally dreamed a sketch last night and woke up thinking about it and wrote it down...color combo and all. Guess what....I do dream in color....SU colors.

Here is a super quick 8x8 layout of Maddie that I made last week and I will eventually turn it into a larger layout and add some journaling too....after CHA...shhhhh....it's a sneak peek {the oval smile sentiment}. I love this face and her sweet and innocent smile. Little do you know that this girl is one little "firecracker" and is constantly on the go. Yes, this is the one that just had two fractured wrists....if that tells you anything. So to catch her laying on the trampoline with this sweet face was definately worth snapping a pic.

Ok the clock just struck twelve and I am up one hour and thirty minutes past the time that I promised myself I would go to bed and I still have my last load of laundry to fold. Yes, laundry is still my real life.

See ya on the blog!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July! Here is my 4th of July fact that I like to share because it's not something I learned in school....I learned it when I was homeschooling my kids. Thomas Jefferson died on the 4th of July 50 years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independance. John Adams who was his political rival and good friend Also dies on the same day. It is rumored that is last words were....Thomas Jefferson lives on...not knowing that Jefferson had died that morning. So there you have the history lesson of the day and what a GREAT day it is to be an American.

My goodness things are so busy around here and everything that I have been working on is all CHA stuff that I can't show you yet. However, starting on Monday I get to give sneek peaks so you won't have to wait too much longer. For now I am going to post my American Girl Scrapbook page that I made last year. You might have saw it already and if not well....here it is again.

Also, my dear sweet friend Amy lives in Guam and I have known her since I lived in Florida 8 years ago....time flies. We immediately clicked and used to stamp the nights away til 2:00 am. It's not often that you make a Navy friend that you keep in touch with and Amy is my one that I will always be in touch with....she's Bailey's God Mother.

Anyway, the last time I saw her son TJ he was around 12 years old and now as you will see in this video TJ is all grown up! {Amy stop reading this now cause you are just going to start crying....again.}

I love this video because Darrell, Amy's husband, is an active duty Gunner's Mate Cheif {which is what my husband retired as three years ago} and Darrell is doing the official swearing in of TJ as he joins the Navy! OMG....I cry like a baby every time I see this because it is such an honor for a Father to do this for his only son.

Amy made me laugh so hard the other night because Darrell told TJ that bootcamp will be a breeze because he has been living in Darrell's bootcamp for the last 18 years. TJ told Amy his greatest please in life so far is that Darrell had to salute TJ at the end of the ceremony. Tooooo funny! Anyway, TJ will be coming here to Chicago this fall for bootcamp and I am so excited because that means Amy will be here for graduation! Yeah....I miss her so much!

So when you watch this video be thankful for your freedom because it is people like TJ and Darrell that work and live to ensure that you have the right to be an American. Hope you have a wonderful day and safe celebrations too!

See ya on the blog!