Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts, Favorites and Questions

This picture has nothing to do with stamping or my post. I just hate posts with nothing to look at. Here I am with my two youngest at a school party before Christmas.

**Thoughts** I haven't posted any cards on SCS in a long time. I got sick of the competitive atmposphere that was overwhelmingly obvious. BLAH!!! Everyone jockeying for a design team or to be the newest Rock Star Stamper. So many people kissing up to the Rock Stars and egos growing by the minute. BLAH!!! My least favorite stamper is still out there with her head as big as ever and her groupies growing just as fast as her big ego. BLAH!!!

While I took a little break from the stampin world something happened. A bunch of new stampin companies cropped up....along with a slew of new Bellas. So who the heck is Hannah....or Just Hannah as she is called by her friends. My Favorite Things is still putting out the headless girls. Verve Visual is new on the stampin scene and Paper Trey is amazing!!! Nicole Heady is a pure genius and makes me want to sell every stamp I own so I can purchase every single Paper Trey set....I could seriously convert to all clear stamp all the time.

**Favorites** So if you are reading me through Google Reader you will have to actually click on my blog to see my Google Reader Favorites that I mark daily. They are listed in the box to the left under my pic. Of course, you will see a little pattern because there are three bloggin girls that are so stinkin rockin that I mark almost everything to do. If you have a chance go visit these three blogs....I promise you won't be disappointed....these girls are 100% Rock Star Stampers without the Rock Star them!!!!

**Question** What the heck does PSF mean?

Ok...I am off to take my butt out into the sub-zero night to pick up Sarah at the movies. I had not intended on leaving my house for 72 hours but I gotta do it. Today was "cleaning day" so tomorrow can be "stampin day". YEAH!!!

See ya on the blog.


Jan Scholl said...

PSF-PostScript Printer
or Photostudio File (part of PHotoshope Elements)

rename them to .jpg they open just fine as jpg files

jayne said...

Good for you!!
I like the SCS site to look at but it seems everybody is doing the same things just different colors. I have enjoyed reading your entries and will continue to do so. I just like to make cards for the fun of it!

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

I think that PSF is a "term" that Lauren Meader has coined from her kid, Alexa, who called her stamping buddies from the online world her "Pretend Stamping Friends" since she couldn't see them ;^)*

I definitely am watching a lot of Design Team trials and tribulations -- and realizing that it isn't what I am wanting right now. I figure, if stamping and SCS is the place to get an ego, well, then let others go for it! I will just enjoy what I do and let it all roll off my back.

It sounds like you have a TON going for you, and I just wish you all the joy of THAT! Cheers!

Pat said...

Hi Denise!
I just wanted to say...welcome back to the world of blogging. I love your total honesty and the way you say it like you see it. I am not a blogger just a stamper and I for one don't have the budget to buy every new stamp that comes along nor do I care for some of the new stamps. Have a great 2008!


Lisa T said...

I liked seeing the picture of you with your girls. :-) (I have two, myself.)

I also love Kristina & Cambria's blogs. (I hadn't visited Ana's before. It was great, toO! Love those Cat's Pajamas stamps.)