Monday, January 7, 2008

Feel the Love

**Stampin Stuff** Here is my first Valentine's Day card of 2008. I love the colors of this paper. The base is tempting turquois and I layerd the pattern paper on pink. The word love was die cut with the Big Shot and a Sizzix die on tempting turquois paper. The ric-rac was something in my stash and the sheer polka dot ribbon is from May Arts.

**Weight Loss** Today I entered all my food into the Fit Day Journal and according to their calculations I need to lose 1.35 pounds per week to be at minus 40 pounds by August 1st....yes I know that is 8 months away and I added 10 more pounds for a little added measure. Today 1634 calories were taken in and no exercise...UGH. When am I going to squeeze that into my day? Baby steps here. Remember yesterday I said that successful people work hard to be successful at whatever they do?

This is what is going to be HARD for me...not eating after 7:30 pm. That is a huge rule for Oprah in Bob Greene's book and it is so hard for me because I am a big night time snacker. I don't eat a lot during the day and then tend to graze all night long. So I have been eating breakfast every day and packing a lunch for work because I am trying to plan ahead and not have to go out to will help my body diet and debt diet too.

To quote Oprah "not a Cheeri nor an O will pass my lips after 7:30". I have to keep telling myself that the gnawing feeling I have in the pit of my stomach is my body eating away at the fat reserves on my jiggly butt. And let's throw a little Dr. Phil into the mix while I am at order to break this night time snacking behavior I have to replace it with something else. What am I going to do in the evening instead of laundry, watch TV and snacking?? Oh maybe stamping or blogging to my imaginary friends that can talk me out of the snack cabinet!

**Gratitude** Today I was thinking in the car about what I am grateful for and as much as I complain about how much I hate my Chevy Venture I am grateful that I have a car to drive. The door locks don't work, the passanger window doesn't work, the fuel gage is broken, the heat works when it feels like it, and I am thankful that I am not riding the train to work!


Patsy said...

Great to see you back. Hope you had a great New Year and Christmas. Good luck on the weight. I am trying also with little success. Love the card.

TanyaD said...

keep up the good work. i am having a problem with night time snacking as well. I found that the special K 90 calorie bars pull apart like rice krispie treats so you can make one last really long, and they taste pretty good to. i have also had to fit in exercise in other ways. walking instead of driving, standing crunches while I load the dishwasher...every little bit counts. and I have lost 5 pounds in a week.Yay for me!