Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Speedy Recovery

**Stampin Stuff** How appropriate that my Cruisabella and sentiment arrived yesterday. So I made a quick Get Well card using my new stamps. The blue frame is made from DCWV textrued chipboard and my Sizzix that die. I am not liking it for card making as it takes up the whole card. It will be better for scrapbooking and journaling. The image was colored with an aquapainter and Sakura stardust pens...adds lots of sparkle. I added gingham ribbon on the side for some texture....there really isn't any room for some brads on this card.....darn!

**Tools** Nicole asked what it was that I loved so much about my Fiskars Rotary Cutter that I talked about yesterday. It cuts so smooth and the blade lasts for a really long time. I have had mine for 4 months and I haven't replaced the blade yet....and it gets used daily! The paper stays in place and it doesn't matter if it is cardstock or pattern paper it doesn't tear the paper when it cuts. It also has some rubber foot pads so the trimmer so it doesn't move on the table as you drag the cutting blade.

Also, my biggest complaint about my other trimmer was the cutting track was not snug on the blade and sometimes (more often than not) the blade moved and I wouldn't get a clean straight cut. This track system is totally different and the blade does not move at all....perfect cut every time. There is an even bigger 12x12 Rotary cutter that sells for $60. This one will cut 12x12 paper but you have to pull out the arm that is stored underneath the base....just like the old cutter. I love this cutter and I am so glad that I found it.

**Random Blogging** Well tomorrow is the big surgery. Yesterday, I went to my pre-op and he drew a lovely pattern of lines all over my tummy. Kinda wierd to see what is literally going to be missing when I wake up. But trust me...nothing I haven't imagined a million times myself.

I am scheduled for an 11:00 surgery so think good thoughts and prayers for me at that time. I am happy and comfortable with my surgeon and's the pain that is freaking me out. No standing upright for two weeks, no putting my legs straight in bed for two weeks, sleeping upright for two weeks, no tension on my incision for two weeks.....miserably uncomfortable for two weeks. Throwing up is what scares me....I don't do pain meds very well and the last thing I want to do after abdominal surgery is throw up.

Ok...I know that the tummy tuck is the elective portion of my surgery and I am not complaining....just venting my pre-surgery jitters is all. Really I am more thrilled to have this hernia finally taken care of once and for all.

My friend Beth has a blog (not stampin related at all) and I will have her post updates if anyone is interested. Thanks for all your prayers and well really means a lot to me!

See ya on the a few weeks!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Favorite Tools

The other day I said I would post my "go-to" tools that are always on my desk and here they are....these are the things that I reach for the most. Some are standard, some are unique, and some may be odd but they work for me.

  • As of lately, I keep my SU paper piercing kit on my desk. I do like it for faux stitching however I wish it was bigger. I did see a 6x6 template online {can't remember what company} so I might have to step up to a new set.

  • My hole punch is used lots because I put brads on almost every card I make. Of course, my favorite brads are the SU Vintage brads...esp the Antique Brass and Black.

  • I don't know how I ever lived so long with my old 12x12 Fiskars cutter but the Fiskars Rotary cutter has completely changed my life!! I could not live without this paper cutter and I got it 50% off at Jo's...gotta love that deal. {Well worth the $20 I spent. Put it on your Christmas wishlist with your hubby.}

  • My EK Success adhesive eraser is used almost daily. I use it for items that I run through my Xyron. Sometimes there is a little sticky residue and this eraser takes it right off and doesn't leave any marks. I definately couldn't live without that handy dandy tool.

  • My Pampered Chef stone scrapper is definately a card making tool for me. What the heck do I use that for you ask?? I use it as you would a bone folder....I run it accross the folded edge of my cards and it makes a nice crisp fold and I have a million of them in my kitchen drawer so I will never be without it.

  • Finally, I use mono-adhesive for most of my card making. I do use lots of pop dots too and when I need something with extra re-enforcement I will use sticky dots or red sticky tape. But for the most part mono works just fine for me.

  • So there ya have "go to" tools. Feel free to comment and share your tools of choice.

    Happy Mail

    Look what came in the mail today! These are all the Amuse stamps (all 24 of them) that I ordered from Sarah Vrolyk's big sale. I finally got almost all the Amuse stamps that were on my wishlist. I missed a few but I'll pick them up later now that I found a local store that carries them or is willing to order what I want. Sweet!

    Here is my card for today. I love this Wild Asparagus double sided paper. The blue strip is the back side of the paisley. I added faux stitching and the brown polka dot scallop is SU Au Chocolate paper. The ribbon is some Barely Banana ribbon that I got from Taylor...which by the way, if she ever offers ribbon again jump at it. The colors are perfect, the quality is perfect, and the price is incredible! You would never guess that the ribbon isn't SU ribbon.

    Today I was going to go to Jen's house and play but my life needs some things in order before my massive loads of I am staying home today to get my ducks in a row. I am spending every insomniac waking moment tonight getting all my not so fun things done so I can enjoy my Thursday play date with Jen.

    And finally you have to check out this awesome email I got today! Click here to read it....and then come back to tell me what you think of it. I am going to save it forever! Yeah...I know....I am a Dorkabella with a capital "D".

    See ya on the blog!

    Am I Addicted?

    85%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

    Free Online Dating from Mingle2

    Beth sent this quiz to me and said she can't wait to see my answer. Sadly, I could really answer yes to almost every question. I even said after the concert last night.....I can't wait to go home and blog about this! LOL


    Wow I am still processing the whole night and I am soooooo happy and grateful to listen to him sing in the same building I was in. It was HEAVENLY.

    Frist of all, I did not take my camera because it said on the WEB site no camera and they search bags. Bill suggested not taking it so I would get it confiscated. Sure enough, we walked in the hall and flashes were going off left and right. People were getting yelled at by the Camera Natzi but I could have and should have brought my camera. Lesson learned

    Even though we sat in the first balcony we were dead center with a perfect view of everything. As soon as he came out it was just a silhoette of him and sooooo nice. He can really get his groove on too. The first song he sang was I'm Your Man and it was hot!! Great choice for an opener. Of course he sang all of his great songs including Home and Everything. I personally think he should have sang everything twice each....but that 's just me.

    Lots of comedy during the show...he is a very funny guy. But he ended the show with Song For You and dedicated it to the audience because he said that he was grateful and blessed to have such fans....esp us up in the balcony that buy the tickets, get a sitter and drive hours just to see him perform from the nose bleed section and that he will always be thankful and give the best show possible as we deserve to get our money's worth. It was very sincere and touching...people were crying {including me}. Then at the end of the song he put down the mic and sang the last few lines was so moving and beautiful.....a BIG Wow of an ending like that.

    Oh and one super funny part of the night was a lady sitting front row holding a sign that said she has been married 37 years. So he came off the stage and sat on her lap and kissed. Her husand was no dummy....he snapped an awesome pic. Lucky girl.

    Anyway, he said that would make a nice lead into his next song....and we were all thinking it would be the song Everything cause it's all about love. He said "this song is dedicated to all the wives that have cheated on their husbands or at least thought about it." LOL....yes he sang Me and Mrs. Jones and it sounds even better in person.

    So I am going to scrapbook my memory without any pics! Actually, I can use the program and turn it into my own personal MB scrapbook...there's a thought!

    I got a busy day tomorrow....going out to Jen's ans stopping at Ikea on the way home...that could be dangerous! See ya on the blog!

    Monday, July 23, 2007

    How Sweet It Is....... be loved by you! That's how the song goes and he better sing it tonight as it is high on my favorite list. What the heck is this crazy girl talking about? The soulful, hot, crooning Michael Buble of course. BTW, mark your calendars for July 30th because he is going to be appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly.

    So I haven't done any stamping today because I woke up with a killer headache from my new sleeping pills. Won't be taking those anymore....I'd rather not sleep than feel like crap when I wake up.

    Tonight is the concert and I fully intend on smuggling in my camera....can you take pics at a concert? I hope so cause I am totally going to scrapbook this moment in my life....for sure!

    Thanks for all the kind comments about the retirement video. It really is a special video and yes my husband was completely surprised during the ceremony when the MC said "At this time we will dim the lights so we can take a look at Chief Bryant's Naval career through the eyes of his wife Denise." I surprised him by having them play it on a HUGE movie screen {as big as a real movie theater} and yes he was speechless. Acutally, all he said was "I fondly remember all those moments in my career but what I remember most is missing my family and it feels good to be home forever." OK...enough....I am gonna have us all crying again! LOL

    I'll be back tomorrow with a full concert report. My daughter Sarah just said I wish we were in the front row....yeah me too....but let's just be thankful we will be in the building hearing him sing live! {Big Sighs}. Oh and there is a stream of MB video clips at the bottom of my blog....just scroll down and click away. You too can be an obsessed freak like me! LOL

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Sunday PMS Check

    For those of you new to reading my blog....since the New Year I have implemented a Sunday PMS check which stands for Physical Well Being, Mental Well Being and Spiritual Well Being. It's jut my way of keep check on my New Year's Resolution to improve myself in those areas. So whenver you see the title Sunday PMS check it's usually not stampin related and feel free to skip over it. You won't hurt my feelings.

    **PMS Check**

    • Physical Well Being - Wednesday is my pre-op appt and Friday is the big day. I am both scared and excited. Scared of the pain and long recovery but excited to get things fixed and tightened up. {I am having an abdominal hernia repaired and as a bonus getting a tummy tuck.} I have been trying to keep up with my walking but not as diligent as I was earlier in the summer. I can only blame it on not making the time in my busy schedule.
    • Mental Well Being - Well after my meltdown at the doctor's office on Friday and finally getting some good sleep I am feeling so much better. Insomnia sucks and it wreaks havoc on your whole body, mind and spirit. I am finally feel back in balance now.
    • Spritual Well Being - Considering that I am having surgery on Friday it is only natural that I seem to be praying more, asking God for strength and guidance of the surgeon's hand. I am still praying the Rosary on a regular basis and I will be visiting with our Priest this week for a blessing and Annointing of the Sick.

    On a final note......tomorrow is the Michael Buble concert!!!! OMG I am sooooo excited and can't wait to spend the evening crooning away to my favorite songs with my favorite guy {my husband you silly girls!} Yes, Bill is going with me to the concert and can you believe this will be our first concert our 18 year marriage?

    So to celebrate the concert countdown I am posting this video that I had made for my husband Navy retirement. The pics are of him going through the ranks from Bootcamp up til retirement and ending with our family on the front porch of our new {and final} home. Of course, the music for the video is my all time favorite Michael Buble song "Home". I will forever love this song and tears will come to my eyes every time as I can see this video playing in my head whenever I hear the song. Enjoy and don't forget to turn up the volume!

    Sketch This Challenge

    Here is my final card for the Sketch This Card! Challenge. I almost forgot to do it and that would stink cause it is a three week challenge and this is the final week.

    **Stampin Stuff** The card base is chocolate chip with a layer of blush blossom. Then I added another layer of chocolate chip which the main vanilla layer is matted to. I used my Cuttlebug swirl folder to emboss a piece of copper that I found while organizing my schtuff. I stamped the flowers from Happy Harmony twice and faux stitched around the edge. I added three copper brads and mounted the matted sentiment with mini pop dots {to hide the fact that I smudged the original sentiment that I stamped directly on the main card layer}. Pheeeew....lots of layers on this card but adds a nice clean touch to the card.

    I also like the copper.....I have all the copper embellishments but never use them....brads, eyelets, cord, tags, embossing powder and pattern paper....why aren't I using these items?!? Maybe I need to start my own Copper Challenge....hmmmm there's a thought....then it will motivate me to use up my schtuff!!!

    Finally.....A Card!

    Bet my new friends are wondering if this girl is ever going to stamp a card? Well considering that my old Yahoo 360 blog All Things Stamped has over 400 posts there is evidence on the internet that I do more than just talk.....I can stamp and scrapbook too. I finally made a card so I would have something interesting to look at while you read my babblings.

    **Stampin Stuff** This card is totally CASED out of the new SU catty on page 103. I had it opened on my desk and this just happen to catch my eye. I didn't have their supplies on hand so I just winged it and made it with what I did have on hand.

    The card base is bashful blue and I stamped it with the linen background. I cut the circle with my Creative Memories circle cutter and lined it with Bazzil bling textured paper. The red flower is red picture mat board that I cut with my Sizzix daisy die. I did faux stitching around the circle with a white gel pen {if it looks is...just the way it would look if I really sewed it}. The stripe paper at the top is from my scrap pile and the green is more Bazzil bling. The tag was made with my McGill tag punch and trimmed down a bit. The sentiment is from that handy dandy Noteworthy set that I will never part with!

    **Random Blogging** Let me tell you that I am totally diggin this new blog! In the last few days I have received so many comments and emails from bloggers that I never knew existed and the talent out there is overwhelming! I feel like I just stepped foot in Oz and everything is in color's the only analogy I could think of at the moment but I wanted to say thank you for the tips and suggestions people have been sending me.

    **Blog Tour**I added the counter to my sidebar, Beth asked for a Quick Find list {it's at the bottom}, Jan Sholl suggested an email subscription box {it's under the Fine Print}, I found a button that you can click to add me right into your Google Reader {under the subscription box}, and one of my favorite features is the box where I share my Google Reader favorite posts of other bloggers....sooooo cool....and do you a see a pattern in that Google Reader box? Yeah, just about anything Cambria Turnbow does is my favorite....that girl totally ROCKS!!!!

    Anyway, take a little stroll down my side bar and check it out. Oh and I have been updating my links and if you don't see your name there a) I haven't gotten to it yet b) I haven't found you yet. Just send me a link and yes you may link to me....just tell me so I can return the favor!

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Getting Organized...Ribbon Storage.

    I have been on an organizing kick the last few days so I am fully taking advantage of the insomnia to get things done in my office. {BTW, I slept sooooo good last night but woke up with a huge headache and now I am afraid to take my new meds again tonight!}

    First of all, Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, and Papercrafts Magazine are all in the same office building and work together often. So I found these awesome videos clips with tips and tricks about everything papercrafting and all three companies have videos posted {you have to click on the tab to choose which company and then you can scroll down and choose your video clip to watch}.

    I esp love the organizing ideas and the clips of where the girls talk about their must have tools.....things that are always out on their desk. {I'll tell you my go to tools in another post but for now I am going to show you what I did with my ribbon scraps or ribbons that don't come on a spool.}

    I got this idea from the video clip Ribbon Organization Part 1 from Lisa Bearnson {creator of Creating Keepsakes are going to have to click on the Creating Keepsakes link and scroll down to find it because the link goes right to the begining of the videos and starts with Stacy Julian and Simple Scrapbook videos}. In the video she used the Cropper Hopper embellishement holders that go for $4.99 each.....yeah well I am not the creator of a magazine so I shop at the Target $1 spot and improvise!

    I bought these handy little divided organizers and filled them with my ribbon scraps or ribbons that didn't come on a spool. I separated them by colors red, pink, orange/yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white/cream and brown. I no longer have the ribbon jar full of knotted and twisted ribbons and they are all in a drawer right next to my stampin space. Sooooooo nice! Now I am going to attempt to try the Stacy Julian way of organizing my brads, eyelets and buttons by color.

    **Random Blogging** Today I am cleaning and organzing some feels so good to reach for what I am wanting and not have to dig for it! I am going to attempt to make some sort sense of this HUGE pile of pattern papers that is sitting on a chair in my office. Right now my sorting consists of pattern paper in one pile and solid paper scraps in another pile. Yea, it sort of works until it falls on the floor...LOL.

    I have been loving all the sneak peeks from CHA on everyone's blog! I am soooooo jealous that I live 30 minutes from the convention center where CHA is being held and I am not there drowning in ribbons and everything papercrafting! Anyway, I have been putting lots of the sneak peeks in my Google Reader share folder. Scroll down and on the left you will see the Google Reader favorites away there and see what is being shown to us. So far I am most excited about the new Cuttlebug stuff.....such as the organizer/binder to hold all my dies! Right now mine are in stamp cases and sort of organized. But I would love to have something that takes up less room on the shelf.

    **Links** I updated my links in the sidebar. I still have lots more in my Google Reader that I need to add so I might not have gotten to you yet....just send me a link if you want to be added. Thanks and feel free to add me to your blogroll and spread the word that I changed my address.
    Ok...gotta run and accomplish something other than making a To Do List....I actually have to do the stuff. See ya on the blog!

    Friday, July 20, 2007

    Send me a link!

    I still have a ton of links to add to my sidebar {remember I am still playing with things around's still under construction}. So if you have me listed on your blog drop me a comment with a link to your blog as I would like to return the favor. Thanks!!!

    Wish for.....sleep!

    OK so this card was not made to make me feel better about my insomnia but I really wish I could sleep! I have it really bad right now...and thanks to the doc....I will sleep like a baby tonight and I can't wait!

    **Stampin Stuff** I am taking full on advantage of the fact that Mary gave Bailey a handmade card today and shamelessly posting it on my new blog. She was so excited to show Beth and I that she opened the card before present time so we could see it. LOL....sooooo funny!

    Anyway, it was so worth opening early because this is the cutest little girl birthday card ever! did an awesome job. It is a square card and I can't even give you the details because I don't know them. Other than she stamped the image in versafine black ink {I know this because Mary introduced me to versafine.}, put stickles on the dress, added three silver eyelets and gingham ribbons. I can't remember who made the background papers. The image is mounted with pop dots. Soooooo darn cute!

    **New Blog** Thanks to everyone for the comments and encouragement to move on over to Blogger. I do like it here and I need to give Nicole Seitler a super big {HUG} for emailing me the HTML lingo on how to remove that pesky header border. Thank you was driving me nuts. Ok...starting today {July 20th} I will be posting to this blog address. So add me to your favs or Google Reader and tell everyone that I moved!!! I will post a message on the Yahoo blog redirecting them to my new home.

    **Uppercase Living** Remember yesterday I told you about Uppercase Living? It's a home show company that is in it's infancy stages. They produce affordable {affordable being the key word here} rub on quotes to use on the walls of your home {mainly} but can be used on just about anything. You can see tons of ideas in their gallery. This stuff is sooooo stinkin cute!

    Anyway, I forwarded the info to my friend Amy in Guam because she just hand painted quotes in every room of her house. I was not surprised to get the email that she signed up to be a demo within hours of being contacted by a Utah of all places.

    I can't wait to do a catty show for Amy and I hope that you will consider doing a show for her as well. Let me know and I will add you to her mailing list and get you in her customer data base. Also, if you are looking for a new home based business this is a great opportunity to join at the grass roots level...this company is brand new....less than two years old I believe.

    Click here to go to the Uppercase Living site and register as a customer so you can have access to their online catty. On the bottom right hand corner click on customer login and enter demo #975028 and enter token - thomason.

    **Random Blogging** Went to the doc today for insomnia and I only had two hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Needless to say, I was a bit irritable when they said that the doc was running behind schedule. After waiting an hour and a half I told the front desk girl that I had to leave because I was having a b-day party in two hours with 15 kids. So she calls the doc's office and he said he didn't know I was waiting!!!!

    OMG...I was sooooo pissed off and mad that I yelled YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! And then I proceeded to cry......right there on the spot....mind you this is at the Mental Health Clinic because that is where the Navy treats insomnia patients. So everyone in the place thinks I am off my rocker and having a fit. Great.

    The doc comes running out and profusely apologizes to me and is handing me Kleenex and again apologizing over and over. He assured me that I would get some good sleep tonight and that he understood my emotional state at the moment and why I was crying.

    So after talking and going over my habits and history I left with not one but TWO different kinds of sleeping pills. I am soooooooo excited about getting some real sleep tonight it is not even funny. Sorry Amy, no 4 am emailing tonight...I am going to be seriously sleeping and "resetting my internal clock" as the doc says.

    OK girlies.....see ya HERE on the blog!

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Third Post Today....Just Some FYI {Enabling Alert}

    I really should be doing other things like cleaning my house, mending my slip covers, organizing my office, finishing up the thank you goodies for Bailey's party, re-emptying the dining room table, mopping the floors and etc, etc, etc.....

    But instead I am wasting time on the computer.....ok in my book it's not really wasting time because I am finding all kinds of useful stuff to share with all of you! {I am enabling all of you...that's a good thing...right?}

    1. First up...yesterday on Stacy Julian's blog she posted a link to a SUPER cool new home show company called Uppercase Living! OMG....I want it all. They make wall quotes that you can transfer to your walls or to just about anything. I am in LOVE I tell you. Of course, I shared this info with Amy because she just hand painted quotes on her walls....can you believe the girl is already checking into becoming a demo? Oh yeah! Check it out.
    2. Use this address for my new blog if you are adding me to your Google works right away. This Yahoo blog is still not feeding to the Google Reader....which really stinks.
    3. One of my scrapbooking heros, Donna Downey, is having an awesome Give Away for the next 11 days. She is giving away a new Arccivo to the person that is post number 14 on her blog to celebrate the release of the Arccivo....that is going to take some serious blog stalking but if you are up for it....the prize is soooo worth it. I already got my Arccivo in the mail last week....I ordered it a long time ago when they were doing pre-orders and it is AWESOME. I love it. Go the Arccivo web site and watch the video demo that Donna has posted. You will want one too...or maybe you can win one from Donna.
    4. The new Caardvarks Challenge is up! They are having a ribbon challenge that sounds super cool. Go check it out and get going on your cards. You have til August 3rd to enter as many cards as you can for the contest.

    Alrighty, that's enough enabling for now. I am sure I can come up with so much more to share but....I really do have to accomplish something today and make it look like I was productive before Bill gets home soon. Oh and I have to go hide all the cool stuff I bought at the thrift store today...YIKES! He won't care that I bought it....but it's just more projects for him to do...tee hee! See ya on the blog!

    Rockin Blogger Girls


    My friend Anna from the blog Stampanna has nominated me as a Rockin Girl Blogger! Whooooo! Thanks Anna....I think you are pretty "rockin" too! {Anna owns a stamp store in Clifton, NJ called Stampingly Yours and she is my HERO! If you live in the area stop in and visit Anna and tell her I sent you!}

    So now I get to nominate 5 girls that I think are Rockin Girl Bloggers. would think this would be easy peasy with the amount of blogs in my Google Reader but it's not that easy because I love soooooo many blogs out there and think they all rock! we go.

    1. Nicole at The Ink Blog
    2. Trish at Tah Dah!

    OK...there ya have it...I added an extra for good measure! So you girls get to add the badge to you blog and nominate 5 of your Rockin Girl Bloggers to the list. My list could go on for days and days but I am nominating these girls because the deserve some bloggin love. So click away and go visit my friends!

    Happy Birthday Bailey!

    Today is my baby's birthday and she is a whopping 6 years old! Oh my goodness....time sure does fly...right Amy? She was my neighbor and temp birthing coach {thank God Bill made it home} while I was pregnant with Bailey. If Amy would have been in the delivery room she would have passed out! LOL Anyway, Amy and Darrell were Bailey first hospital visitors and they are her God Parents as well.

    Here is one of my favorite pics of Bailey from this summer. She has the most beautful brown eyes and the cutest crooked smile a mom could ever love! Happy Birthday baby girl. Tomorrow is her "party" with some friends in the backyard....pray for good weather as I ordered a bounce house for the kids!

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Take a Tour

    Let's take a tour...shall we? I created the header for the blog but see that my measurements are wrong so it appears a little short or I need to learn HTML codes to get it centered.

    What do you think of the colors? I was wanting something different but could use any color combo or stick with the same as the Yahoo blog. The Yahoo blog had a splash of chatting with a goldfish theme can you guess what this splash of chatting is refering too here on this blog?

    I tried to keep the basic layout the same as what I have been using because I know that people {including myself} get annoyed when things get all moved around. All the elements on the left sidebar I have added myself...the counter, the pic, the fine print, the mulitple blogrolls {totally like being able to break up the blogroll into catagories} and the video cool on the video can change it to whatever video you want from YouTube....of course I have a whole Michael Buble video clip section.
    Finally, I can insert my card pic anywhere into my layout or at the top like I used to...there are choices! I like choices. Keep in mind that this blog is still under construction and my blogrolls are no where near complete...I have lots to add. click back to my Yahoo blog and vote or leave me a comment here on where you think my blog home should be. Thanks and see ya on....the blog?

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Under Construction

    I am in the process of moving from Yahoo 360 to Blogger. Feel free to check out my other home, All Things Stamped, during the blog construction going on here. Thanks so much!