Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Kind Friend

**Stampin Stuff** Here is another card using that favorite sentiment of the set. I haven't used anything else yet. This is a long card layered with some Loves Me pattern papers. I used some dollar bin ribbon in a cool carribean color with flowers on it. Not sure if you can see or not but I made a chipboard slide with a coaster and Cuttlebug die. I added the riveting image on top of it.

**Random Blogging** I really wish I had something funny to tell you but it's been a pretty boring week. Other than the sub-zero tempatures things are low key in my home. Ok...I lied Maddie threw up on the way home from school, Cody's Spanish teacher called to tell me he is a class clown and she is going to send him to the Dean every time he is disruptive, we had crappy tater tots for dinner and I totally put my foot in my mouth today...not once but twice!!! Oh and the lady with the 15 inch waist on Oprah just FREAKED me out!

See ya on the blog!


Melissa said...

This is awesome!


Anonymous said...

15 inch waist? ew.