Monday, January 28, 2008

For My Friends

I had a play date with Jen on Saturday. We so need to do that more least once a month would be nice. Although I was with her for many many hours I made a total of 6 cards and gave one away. LOL....I tend to do more chit chatting than stampin. Just another sign that I need to spend time with Jen more often.

**Stampin Stuff** The card base is taken with teal with a layer of blue bayou. The pattern paper is from Sandy Lion and it has glitter highlights on it. The green scallop was Bazzil textured paper and I used my slit punch to make the scallop. The only thing stamped is the sentiment. Just another scrappy card....better than a crappy card. Unless this qualifies as a crappy card....yikes...I hope not.

**Random Blogging** I have been snooping around SCS lately and I found a new favorite stamper and she has a blog too. Please go visit Sherrie over at Card Creme and be prepared to fall in love with her work. She is awesome!!!

**Complaint Corner** What is up with the newest blogger trend that is cropping up...."video tutorials". OMG I can not tell you how many stupid videos I have seen! Just because someone asks you a questions does not mean you need to make a video answer. I thought picture tutorials on How To Tie a Bow were dumb but How To Use A Paper Punch....come on people! If you have to watch a video on how to use a paper punch then maybe....just maybe....a paper crafting hobby is not your gig. And if you need a video on how to tie a bow then maybe...just need to get rid of those velcro shoes and learn to tie your shoes!!!

**Gratitude** I am thankful for the video that taught me how to open a SU pad. If it weren't for that video I would still be using the old flip top pads. LOL....just kidding. Sorry if someone really posted a video tutorial on how to do that. Hey... I should do that as my first video tutorial so I can be one of the cool bloggers. Um not gonna happen...I am so uncool.


Julie said...

you crack me up! I have to say that I love Kristen's videos (kwernerdesigns). Maybe it is the cool music. But I have not watched her question and answer ones because I didn't ask her a question and figured she was not talking to me...LOL!

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