Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Card

**Stampin Stuff** I made this card for my cousin Amber's birthday. The scallop circle is from SU and the letter "a" is from the Cuttlebug alphabet Red Tag Sale.
It's all the same supplies as yesterday's post. As a matter of fact, all the cards I made at my play date on Saturday were made with the same papers. Just trying to use up the stock that I have laying around here. I really do like this color combo.
**Random Blogging** Not much going on around here. It's the same old thing...work and school stuff. Actually, less and less school stuff each day...that's a good thing.
I am so not looking forward to another few days below zero....like majorly below zero....like 25 below zero and I don't want to get of bed below zero. I hate it when it is so cold that it hurts to be outside and having no heat in the car doesn't really help either. Yes, my piece of sh*t van randomly has heat and apparently when it is below zero feels the need to completely stop working. Last week the girls all had to bring blankets in the car and by the time I got to work my toes were numb. Nice. Now I need to start looking for a new car. Any suggestions?
I found out someone else that I know is going to CHA. Her name is Ivy and Jen used to work with her at Archiver's. Ivy is fun, obsessed with the color pink and VERY talented. Hi Ivy!!! Hopefully we'll find each other amongst the crowds at CHA. Oh...and she has a blog too. Ivy Pink...go figure.
**Complaint Corner** Just one more thing to vent about here and then I'll be done complaining. What is up with the new Bella's? Don't get me wrong...I am a total fan of the Bella's but there are like two or three Bellas that look like the exorcist. It totally creeps me out when I see them and their neck is all twisted and facing backwards. Just my two cents but I really don't like the ExorcistaBella at all. But I am still a Bella fan and will surely purchase more in the future.