Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Exciting News!!!!

**WARNING** This is going to be long but worth the read.....I have BIG news.

**Good News** I have some good news to share with you! It has been so hard to keep it quiet but I think it's safe to share with you that I got another job. It's a long story but a friend asked me to make some cards for her friend for Christmas.

It so happens that the lady that received the cards...her husband owns a commercial stamp company not far from my house. The commercial stamp company has a division which sells self inked stamps and some clear stamps. The husband saw my cards and told his wife (the card recipient) to send me a self inking monogram stamp kit.

From there we started an email conversation that lead to me talking to her husband about my stamping history. The conversation progressed to me testing out some products for him, coming in to meet him, giving him my feedback, touring the warehouse and then he offered me a job!!! Of course, there are pros and cons to this because I do LOVE my current job and I really don't want to commute an hour to this other job.

Anyway, he offered to hire me as a consultant and my first assignment would be going to CHA in Annaheim, CA!!! Sign me up! So in exchange for my consulting services I have received air fare, hotel accomodations and a pass to CHA. How incredibly awesome is that?!? The bummer is that I couldn't take off of work at my current job for the whole CHA so I will only be there all day, Saturday, Sunday (the day CHA opens) and half of Monday.

**New Shoes** So why the pic of the shoes? Because everyone said geta COMFY pair of shoes because it is huge and lots of walking. These are the shoes I picked I need a cute, comfy outfit to go with them. I have no idea what to wear because it is below zero here and all I have is winter clothes! Last night I went to the Gap and found the cutest capri pants so I might end up getting those. I wish Jen could go with me but she can't. So she is mapping out my route for me. She has been going through the vendor list and helping me make the most of my limited time at CHA.

Oh and I found out that Sarah Moore from Craft Critique and two other reporters are on my flight. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to hook up at the airport if possible. Soooooo excited that I will not only be at CHA but I might get to see meet some fellow bloggers and SCS'ers too. If you are going PLEASE let me know.

So there ya have it. My big exciting news!!! I am telling's the Law of Attraction at work here. Being thankful for all that you have in your life before you can let more in is the they. Visualize, plan your actions and be it daily.

**Gratitdute** Monday, January 21st was Cody's 16 year Anniversary for his Liver Transplant. What a huge milestone in his life. I am thankful that 16 years ago a mother was able to see through her grief after losing her child and saved the life of mine. Thank you is not enough to say to her but living life in a way that honors her choice is all I can do. Please take the time to complete your donor card and make your family members aware of your choice to be an organ donor.

See ya on the blog.


kirstensmom said...

Awesome Denise!! Congrats...I can't wait to hear the details of CHA!!!

ivyPINK said...

Denise OMG i didn't know YOU have a BLOG. how are you? congrats on the NEW JOB. Jen told me you'll be at CHA hopefully Ill get to see you there. I'm leaving for California the 8th but I'm visiting a friend and I'm flying back Tuesday evening. You'll have tons of FUN! is this your first CHA? prepare to bring a rolling cart LOL. Ok girly talk to you soon.

Michele Zwart said...

How very exciting for you! I bet you will get lots of great ideas to share. Have fun and bring an empty suitcase with you so you have room to bring a bunch back!