Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Oprah yet!

So I left you haning on day three of my Oprah adventure. Needless to say.....the show has still not aired and it's been over a month since the taping!!!! I was trying to drag out what we got for free because I wanted you to see it on TV but who knows when that will happen. So to refresh your memory, the name of our show is The Faces Behind the Names. We were introduced to famous makers of products or companies that we all use and know.

Everything that Oprah showed she gave us....well almost everything. There was some guy there pushing a cookbook and we didn't get the cookbook therefore I can't remember his name because I don't know who he is. However, he did feed us his grilled cheese sandwich made on the panini maker she gave away at the My Favorite Things show....and no we didn't get the panini maker either...but the grilled cheese sandwich was yummy!

Ok...onto the free stuff. Below is everything that we recieved at the show and yes we got it right there after the show. As we left we received two bags of goodies to take home.

  1. $35 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery. We saw a demonstration on how they make up a sundae and we all got to eat ice cream while Oprah made her own ice cream concoction and talked to the owners.

  2. $150 gift card to the Container Store. They turned the whole stage into a mini Container Store and the two guys that created the Container Store gave us gift ideas and the history behind the store.

  3. 4 year supply of Carmex Lip Balm. We met the sons of the man that invented Carmex along with a history of the company. By the way, a 4 year supply of lip balm is a variety of 14 different types of lip pots, chapstick form and squeeze jelly kind. Of course, they came in a variety of flavors. Who knew...I always thought that Carmex came in one flavor....Medicince flavor!!

  4. 3 items from Williams and Sonoma. We met the 90 year old man (Chuck Williams) who created the store Williams and Sonoma. His name is Williams and the first store was in Sonoma California. He gave us his three favorite items from the store which were a souffle pan, cow creamer and lemon juicer.

  5. We met the man from 3M (the Post It Note people) that is responsible for researching new product ideas. He showed us a pen and highlighter with built in mini post it note flags. Oprah showed us how she uses it to highlight things in her book club books as she is reading them. We got 4 packages of the pens and highlighters.

So there you have it! That was my big Oprah adventure back on November 19th and still hasn't shown yet!!! Hellllooooo Oprah...what happened to my show. I really thought it would be shown before Christmas because they kept saying that the items would make great gifts or stocking stuffers. Who knows if we will ever see our show but it was still fun and and experience of a lifetime.