Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snowflakes and Men

**Stampin Stuff (there is none on this card)** So let me get to the good part of this post....the snowflakes! I love this card and it was totally inspired by a post on Gina K's blog. She mentioned that Target had glittered snowflake ornaments on clearance and they made great embellishments.

Tonight I was taking down the tree and in the bottom of my ornament box I found a pack of snowflakes from last year. Score!!! So tonight Sarah (my daughter) and I decided to get crafty. I was attempting to make Valentine's Day cards (I made one and Sarah made 6) and then I thought the paper looked better with the snowflakes. Here is the end result of my "getting crafty" session. I was so inspired by the card I made a matching scrapbook page too.

**Random Blogging About Men (mine in particular)** So today it was warm outside and the snow was melting away. I stayed in my PJ's all day and emptied my Google Reader...there were over 1000 posts....I mostly just scanned through the pics and added things to my favs.

Then all of the sudden I hear the snowmobile and the kids yelling so I just figure Bill is giving rides again....and I continue with my Google Reading. Later, after Bill parks himself on the couch I get up for some coffee and happen to catch a glimpse of the back yard. HOLY CRAP....scant traces of snow and a mud track from the snowmobile is what I see!!! I looked over at him and said "did you happen to see what you did to the backyard?" and he responds "it will be ok".

Then I stroll over to the front window and HOLY CRAP the front is worse than the back!!! So I say "Um now I know why Cody does stupid stuff all the time....he inherited the stupid gene from you" and he replies "what? it will be ok".

This comes from the man that has a COW if someone (that someone usually being the mailman) clips the edge of yard while driving down the street. This coming from the man that obsessed over bald spots in the yard all summer, planted grass seed and tended to it daily. The man basically gave us a lawn job in the front yard, side yard and back yard and thinks....IT WILL BE OK!!! All I could do was walk away before I had a huge temper tantrum in the living room.

Later in the day, he washed some Martini glasses for me before I put them in the cabinet. I was starting dinner and leaned across the sink to get some water in my pot and he says "hey don't be dripping water on the will leave spots on them" and I reply "hmmmm, it will be ok....just like the grass will be ok from the lawn job you gave us".

**If you really knew me, you would know** I love my husband dearly even though he is carrying the stupid gene and passed it along to our son. I am so blessed.

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Jana Weaver said...

Beautiful card Denise! And yes, the stupid gene is an unfortunate thing that happens to men. Mine was the same way about his lawn, yet he didn't hesitate to try and back our old pickup over the curb and up to the house so he wouldn't have to use a wheelbarrow to transport park the extra 50 feet!!! He also said "it'll be ok" about the big scar on the front lawn. Oh well! Gotta love 'em, right?