Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work and lame...I know!

I have not even had a chance to blog this week. Between the new job (which is totally awesome) and volleyball (which is totally awesome some days) I barely have time to think! I am sooooo tired at night and my feet are killing me from wearing real flip flops at the bank...go figure.

I promise that I will post some stampin stuff this weekend and a full report about my first week at work. I really really really like my new job.

Anyway, Laura and Gena both tagged me this week so here is some silly randomness for you to read. I tag Jacki, Trish, Nicole and Beth to share in this sill game of tag. Copy the stuff below and change the answers to suit your silly names.

1. YOUR ROCKSTAR NAME (first pet, current car): King Venture
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie): Pralines and Cream Oreo
3. YOUR FLY "GUY/GIRL" NAME (first initial first name, first 3 letters last name): Dbry
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): Red Kitten
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born): Ann Evanston
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first 3 letters last name, first 2 letters first name): Bryda
7. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink, & add "the"): The Purple Water
8. YOUR NASCAR NAME (first names of your Grandfathers): Maurice Herbert
9. YOUR STRIPPER NAME (favorite perfume, favorite candy): Tommy Girl Twix
10. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (Mother's & Father's middle names): Sue Kevin

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michael Buble Sighting

I have the BEST blog buddies EVER! Sandie took the time to send me an email today to let me know that Michael Buble is on Jay Leno tonight. Thanks for thinking of me Sandie.....I have the DVR set!!! So in honor of this wonderful on the clip above and enjoy! {BIG SIGHS}

For those of you new to my blog....I am on the verge of obssession with Michael Buble...ok who am I kidding....I could have been on the stalker list this summer. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and there is much more to see and listen too.

Sweet Treats For You

Here is another sample I made for Anna's store. This was actually the first thing I made after my stampin hiatus and I wasn't too happy with it but it's growing on me. It is a 2-5-7 box that is pretty simple and can be adapted into an open format at the top rather than a fold over flap.

You get to fill it with treats....I did not fill it because I didn't want anything to melt when I mail it to Anna.

** Random Blogging** I am getting ready for my job on Monday. Just tying up loose ends in my personal life and school life. Today I get to go out and purchase some work clothes. Whoooo! That's a good thing because all my shirts are sleeveless and all my pants are capris...neither are allowed at work. Oh darn.

My doctor appt went well yesterday...I think. He wants me to come back and have a little nip and tuck done and some light liposuction on a few areas to get things as they should be now that the swelling is going down and everything is settling into place. Yeah well....I doubt my insurance will consider liposuction a necessity so I doubt I will be going back for that procedure. But ya never know....they might approve it as necessary to complete my surgical procedure correctly. At least that is what I hope will happen....we'll see.

**Oprah** Last night I had a chance to sit and catch up on this week's Oprah's the start of a new season. Here are my thoughts so far....not that it matters to anyone.

  1. David Letterman was LAME!!! I wanted a real interview exposing him as a real person and he was trying to be too funny. Ok...I liked hearing about his son in the naughty chair but that was about it.
  2. I LOVE Lisa Marie Presley and watchig her sing with Elvis made me cry. I LOVE Elvis too. And OMG can you believe she is old enough to have an 18 year old daughter? Lisa Mare still looks 18.
  3. The children of 9-11 made me they should. One thing that they said was... people forget about what happened and only think about it once a year. They think about it every day. Just wanted them to know that I think about it every day when I say the Prayer of St. Francis during morning prayer. Each day our Principal we will say the prayer of St. Francis as we have for the last 6 years in honor of those killed on Sept 11th. Although my children might not understand why they are saying the is brought to their attention every day and some day....they will know and they will pray harder for peace in the world.
  4. The Preacher's wife that killed her many times did she say during that interview "I failed Matthew". were an abused wife mentally, physically and sexually for years....I think Matthew failed you!!!! Not that I am advocating her killing him but I just felt like she was still trying to cover up their troubles and blame herself....still.

Enough random ramblings for today. I am off to switch the laundry and run to the mall. See ya on the blog!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just wanted to share that today was our first volleyball game and my girls won all three games!! Yeah for the Falcons. I am so happy for them because they haven't had many wins in the past and I have always said they needed win at the start of the season to get the ball rolling. I was so happy and so proud of them. It was a blessing to see their faces glow and the pride their parents had while watching in the stands. Keep our team in your thoughts because they deserve to win more. They practice smart and they practice hard.

This is an awesome card send to my by my wonderful best friend Jen. She sends me cards all the time and even more when I was recovering from surgery. I think I got a card a day for one whole week. And she sent me a congrats on my new job card with the sweetest message to me. Want to know why I love my best friend of 28 years? Cause she is the kindest sweetest and most fun person I know with a heart of gold. Thanks for being my best friend Jen...they do say opposites attract and it's my job to stand up in this relationship and tell it like it is. This is how it is.....I love Jen like she is my true sister. We have grown up together and because we became mothers at the same time and just continued to be best friends through everything in our life. I just plain old love her and only wish I was as kind and thoughful as she is. Thanks ya!

My friend Nicole asked me to be a guest blogger for her because her camera died. So I did a write up for her regarding the Big Shot and the Big Kick. And I included lots of samples and tips. So click over to Nicole at the Inkblog and check out her Digi site called Sugarplumb Paperie. She has started a digi scrapbooking blog and it has nothig but FFRRREEEEE downloads. So cool. Go take a look and read my article....if you are interested.

**Random Blogging** Off to my follow up appt with the plastic surgeon. I think he is going to fix my little hip pucker...I hope. Other than that I am feeling really well and I have been working out during volleyball this week and I am not hurting. But since I am working a job starting on Monday my workout scheudle will be in the evenings....after dinner is about the only time I have available. But then I am soooooooooo tired and have no energy to walk. It's tough.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hello Pumpkin

Here is another quick card for Anna's store. This is totally inspired by Julie Ebersole the Queen of Amuse. I love this little Pumpkin girl that I picked up from Sarah Vrolyk's sale. Let's see how many more names I can drop in this paragraph. Oh...the sentiment was a $1 and given to me by my sweet friend Mary.

This is a 4x4 pumpkin spice card base that was stamped using pumpkin spice ink and a dot background stamp. The pattern paper is from...I don't know? The pumpkin girl was stamped on a copper tag {PERFECT for all these Halloween colors} and colored with a marker. The senitment was stamped with Versafine Black Ink.

Speaking of black ink....I purchased the Pallete Noir ink from Paper Trey and I don't like it at all. The lid always falls off and it does not stamp anywhere as crisp as the Versafine. But I will keep's probably issues with the that would be me! Ya know...the one that can't get the cap off the big fat glue stick!

Be back later after a birthday party! See ya on the blog!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

No Tricks...Just Treats

Anna sent me my package of goodies to makes samples for the store. I started on my Halloween projects today. I got a variety of stuff from Bo Bunny, American Crafts and Plaid just to name a few. I forgot to take pics before I cut into all my papers.

This is a Halloween invitation that pulls out of an envelope that I made with the skeleton papers. The buckle is made froma coaster covered in pattern paper and then I used a Cuttlebug die to cut it. The Trick or Treat sentiment is from SU. The bottom of the envelope is stapled with orange staples to keep it closed.

I printed the inside sentiment and used my SU corner punch for the purple corners. The ribbon pull out tassle is stapled with an orange staple.

The UHU Review

A while ago I stumbled across a link to UHU Glue Products. If you have a blog they will mail you a free sample of their glue products to test out and post a review on your blog. Since this was probably the 20th time I had seen someone else give pretty good reviews I decided to try my hand at it as well.

My package arrived and I was pumped to try something new and much to my disappointment I was sent a big fat glue stick! What the heck? Everyone else got cool glue pens and tape runners and I got a glue stick. My bubble was burst before I even tried it because I hate glue matter what brand.

But I agreed to test it out and give a review and here it is....I still hate glue sticks....including UHU. Sorry.
  1. They are messy. I know UHU says it's not messy but I like a tight glued edge to keep the papers from pulling up. So I felt like I had to run it half on and half off the edge of the paper. This made my scratch paper get sticky too.
  2. It leaves the finished product crisp and crunchy. Some may like that feeling but I personally don't like a hard card.
  3. I found it confusing as to which end was the cap. I know that sounds stupid on my part but I kept trying to pull off the big white part which happens to be the bottom that you twist to make the glue go up. I don't know why but I did this almost every time I picked it up. Possibly because that is how every other glue stick works as well as my chapstick...big cap on top little twisty on the bottom. Go figure that my brain would apply that theory to a big fat glue stick!

So there was the bad and here is the good.

  1. It sticks.
  2. Nothing has fallen off my card.
  3. It goes on purple and dries clear.
  4. I gave it to my kids and they use it daily!

If you would like a free sample of glue...and I hope you get something GREAT to try

Friday, September 7, 2007

Lots O Bloggin that the crazy week from HELL is over with I have Lots O Bloggin to catch up on.

First thing on my list is the pic to the left. This is the haircut that I was wanting. See how it is longer on the sides and bobbed and stacked in the back. NOTHING like the multi short layers that I received in this pic. The good news is I don't have to wait too long for it to grow and be ready for this cut in the near future. Yeah!
Went to the bank yesterday to take my employee test. Yikes! One hour and fifteen minutes of Math, Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Number Comparisons and "What Would You Do" scenarios regarding stealing! Talk about stress? I felt like I was doing Sarah's homework and having moral dilemas over my answers. Let's hope I am not a moron and passed the test.

On a funny note....last night at Parent Night one of the new parents said she recognized me when she walked in because she has read my blog and knew all about my haircut! Toooooo funny! {Hi Ms V if you are reading this!}

I will post more in a little some cards in the mail and my Design Team package arrived full of Halloween goodies! My brain is overflowing with ideas. I am totally diggin the challenge of getting creative with a limited amount of supplies. I might be singing a different tune later but Anna sent me some awesome stuff! Lucky me.

See ya on the blog!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Thank You Pocket Card with Clippies

I was finally able to get some stamping down this weekend. Not as much as I hoped but it was just fun playing and creating in my half way cleaned off.

This card is a pocket card and Iadded the flower book clip that was made out of jumbo paper clips. I used the new SU papers for all my cards this weekend.

Sorry, I can't show you everything I created but this card will get the party started. BTW...I love all the colors in the new paper. So pretty.

Sorry to be so short tonight but I will chat with you tomorrow BEFORE I take my sleeping pill. See ya on the blog!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Working Woman

My dilema has come to an end. Starting Sept 17th I will be working at the bank. My interview went very well yesterday and I left after two hours with an impromtu interview with two other people and I was told they would call me next week. As I pulled in my driveway my cell phone was ringing and they offered me the job because they "loved" me.

Yeah for me! I am very excited to be a working woman again...well I have always been working as a professional volunteer but it's going to be nice to get paid for what I regularly do as volunteer.

Oh and I called Archiver's yesterday morning and told the manager that I wanted to be open and honest with her about my interview because if it were offered to me I would be taking the bank job due to logistics and pay. She was appreciative and understanding and I felt so much better for not starting something I couldn't finish or leaving her in a bind.

So with that being said....I am getting off this computer and spending my long weekend STAMPING! Yes, this blog will now go back to being a stampin blog as so many of you have expressed you would like to see something....anything that I have created other than a mess in my personal life!!! LOL....hopefully the past visitors will come back to see what that I do still have my Mojo.

Thanks to all my regular visitors for sticking it out through my recovery, first week of school and the job hunt! See ya on the "stampin" blog!