Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I know it's late in the day and my extended weekend has come to an end. But Memorial Day is more than just a day off of work. It's a day to reflect on those that have lost their lives serving this wonderful county...America!

Bill's cousin Matthew Holly lost his life in Iraq a few years ago. He was an only child and just 21 years old. I didn't know him well....the last time we saw him was almost 16 years ago. It makes me sad to think that his mom and dad will never get to hold him or tell him I love you or see his smiling face. It makes me sad that they will never see him get married and they will never be grandparents. It makes me hug my kids a little tighter and it makes me more thankful for people that gave everything (and those that still do so every day) so I can live the blessed life that I live. Thank you.

In honor of my husband who is a 23 year Navy veteran, I wanted to post my all time favorite Bill's retirement video accompanied by my all time favorite Michael Buble song...Home. For those of you that have seen it already feel free to skip it. As for me, I could watch it every day of my life and cry every single time....just cause I lived it....and I remember how hard it was at the time, I remember what my family has sacraficed much more what my husband has sacraficed yet what an honor it was too.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

7 Things About Me

Sorry I have no projects to share with you right now. I am super busy working on some "Top Secret" stuff. I'll be back later with something scrapbooking related....I have scrapbook fever since I went to Archiver's this morning. But for now...enjoy these 7 ramdom and wierd things about me.

7 Things Game
The Rules for 7 Things

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Heather tagged me along time ago and I totally forgot! Sorry.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 7 facts:

  1. I am really bad at Math...and I work at a bank. Thank God I don't work any where near the money! LOL

  2. I go to Starbucks a minimum of twice a week and I always get the same drink....Grande, Non-Fat, No Whip Mocha.

  3. I am not an animal lover but we have two dogs, two cats and 12 fish. The kids are responsible for their care...not me.

  4. I had my first martini ever New Years Eve 2004. Until then I never really drank alcoholic beverages (other than high school when I wasn't legal...yikes) and now I am a Cosmo Girl when the occassion presents itself.

  5. Almost everything in my home (except craft supplies and food) is purchased from a garage sale, thrift store or flea market. I am a total bargin hunter and love the thrill of finding a good deal.

  6. I do not like fruit! YUCK!!! Esp bananas....OMG...that just gags me thinking about it. I would never EVER walk into the kitchen and think hmmmmm....I am really craving an apple. No fruit for me but I'll eat any veggie you put on my plate. YUM.

  7. If I eat anything fruit flavored it has to be red. Jolly Ranchers, Licorice, Jelly Beans, get the point.

There ya have it. Yeah, I am a Dorkabella...I know. Have a great weekend and I will tag anyone that cares to play along.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Guitar Hero

Was that not the BEST American Idol ever? I was so impressed with the whole show. It was like being at the Grammy's without any awards...just the entertainement part all night long. I esp LOVED the David Cook Guitar Hero commercial....that was my favorite part of the night. I rewinded the DVR three times to watch it...very fun. For those of you that didn't see it....take a lookie below.

Ok and not that stamping time has been interrupted don't forget to head on over the the JustRite Stampers Blog and enter for a chance to win a Large monmogram stamper and all three accessory kits! Very cool.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JustRite Blog Candy

I am here....just been sick the last few days.....but I am here I don't know what is up with me but I have all the signs and symptoms of the flu but not throwing up....not that I am complaining.... but I just wish I would get sick and get it over with. Every time I think I am feeling better it's back to bed for me.

Thank goodness for my wireless laptop because I was able to work from bed today! I finalized the JustRite stampers blog and guess what?? We have some awesome blog candy to give away to celebrate our Grand Opening! job for me equals free stamps for you and who doesn't like free stamps...right?

Head on over to the JustRite Stampers blog at and enter for the blog candy give away. Oh and make sure you tell all your friends to visit too.

**American Idol** What about that American Idol finale? I was all ready for David Cook to pull out the big guns and get the job done and he did...but David Archuleta pulled out the bigger guns and blew him away. It was awesome and I can't wait for tomorrow night.

Ok...enough....that just suck the rest of the energy out of me. Off to take a shower and back to bed.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Personalized Travel Mug

Here is another Father's Day gift and it is monogrammed with my large JustRite monogram stamper. Except this time I spelled out the word Dad and stamped the sentiment "wonderful" above it.

This is a travel coffee mug from Starbucks that Bill gave me for my birthday. I forgot about it and found it on my shelf and thought...hmmmm...I can monogram that. LOL That's my new mantra in life....I can monogram that!

The bottom of the cup unscrews and I used the paper insert as a pattern and traced it onto the pattern paper. I found these two coordinating papers in my stash.....don't know the name. I think they came in a pack from Costco that I split with Jen.

Anyway, if you look closely you will see that I sewed the pattern papers together. Yes, so proud of myself for that one! Not only do I want to monogram everything but now I wasnt to sew everything as well. Go figure.

**American Idol** The other night, Wednesday to be specific, I had to go out and get a haircut...I was desperate....even with it being American Idol elimination night I figured all would be well with being recorded. Um...nope....not with Bill home alone with the remote.

I have never in my entire life met a man that is a remote-tard but my husband is not like the sterotypical couch potato husband. No....he doesn't know what buttons to push and can barely navigate his way from the Discovery Channel to the History Channel......and apparently Wednesday tonight he doesn't know how to find Fox either. I have no idea what he did but he said he watched the ending and saw that it was being recorded but American Idol in the playlist. So I totally missed Syesha going home! will go on...I know. You can bet next week.....I will be in charge of the remote.

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Monogrammed Paperweight

I made this paper weight for my boss at the bank. We have a running joke going because he does have a paper weight on his desk but whenever I put something on his desk I move the paper weight onto my pile and say "this is the important to do pile". He keeps saying he is going to get me my own paper weight but I made my own instead and I used his initals.

I purchased the paperweight from an online store called Photo Weights. They offer a large variety of shapes and sizes. This particular paperweight is called the Round Paperweight and it measures 2.50 inches.

I used my Large JustRite Monogram Stamper with the circle border ring and the Special Occassion font from the accessory kit. Then I used the Nestabilities circle dies to cut out the monogram and the black mat. I used a larger size die to cut the blue circle. The paperweight came with a cardboard backing that fits snuggly within the recessed area on the underside of the paperweight. It also came with a black felt backing that is sticky on the inside which holds the monogram with in the recessed area in place and provides a soft backing to prevent the paperweight from scratching the desk.

Although I did make this for my boss it would make a great personalized Father's Day gift. I'll be back tomorrow with another monogram Father's Day gift....I know...what a's monogrammed! LOL.....I am so predictable these days.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sew Determined!

I am sooooo determined to sew with thread on a card. I have mastered the faux sew technique but I really want to do it with thread and zig zags and all those cool stitches.

I was going to get the Janome sewing machine that everyone is raving about but then I ran across this Kenmore baby at Sears on clearance for $48. It weighs less than five pounds, it is half the size of a regular sewing machine and LOOK at all those stitch options!

Tah Dah! Here is the card I made today. It's really hard to see the stitching in this pic but I really did patch the pieces together inside the frame using scraps from my wedding project.

I had an extra letter "c" monogram that I made with my JustRite small monogram stamper so I decided to stamp the sentiment "cherish" on the gray pattern paper. In the top left corner I added three rhinestones just cause it looked a little boring and too heavy on the right side of the card.

The frame is made from DCWV black textured chipboard that I ran through the Big Shot using a Sizzix frame die. I really love the frame....I need to use it more often...esp in scrapbooking. Well that would require me to scrapbook more than once a year. Add it to my "To Do" list.

Ok...I have some really cool projects that I am working on right now. Can't wait to show you my cool Father's Day gift....and it's monogrammed too....suprise!

See ya on the blog!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So Very Blessed

**Warning** This post is totally not stamping related so feel free to click away if you are't interested. Here are some pics for my friend Amy in Guam...wish you were here!

Maddie made her First Communion last Saturday. Here is a pic of her that I absolutely love! She just looks so sweet and innocent....I never want to lose this vision in my memory and I have it captured on film forever.

Thursday the First Communicants got to wear their clothes to school and the entire student body did a May Crowning procession and laid flowers at Mary's feet in honor of Mother's Day.

Then Sarah (my eighth grader) was chosen to crown Mary which is a big honor. After the ceremony was over the Principal thanked everyone for participating and then said to Sarah.....Sarah you were chosen to crown Mary because we think you exhibit the Catholic Christian values set forth by Mary, you have a kind loving spirit that you show on a daily basis to your fellow classmates, and we think that you are an example to all. We hope that you will forever remember this special occassion because it truely is an honor to be selected.

OMG, talk about crying off my make up in church! Then the Assistant Principal came to me and said, congratulations you are a wonderful mother and you have rasied some wonderful children. Again, come the tears, as I just spent then entire service on my knees asking for guidance, patience and help on being a better mother.....and praying for my son to allow the Holy Spirit to enter and guide him through this trying period of his teenage adolescent life.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding Love Notes

I am so proud of myself for making this Love Note Wedding Favor. I got the idea for the purse from Angie at Chic N Scratch. She has a wonderful tutorial on how to make this adorable purse from a 12x12 sheet of pattern paper.

The floral pattern paper is from American Crafts and it is shades of gray on the floral side and then solid gray on the opposite site. The stripe paper is from DCWV.

I attached some wedding ribbon on the handles and attached them with light pink rhinestone brads in the center of a white flower.

The sentiment "Love Notes" was made with Cuttlebug alphabet dies and I used some satin silver ribbon with white polka dots to add some texture to the base of the purse.

Inside the purse I filled it with monogramed note cards. The purse is meant to be placed at each table and guests are to write advice "love notes" to the bride and groom. My love note says... always give good night kisses and hugs.

If I had time I would have made a full set of cards and then used the Bind It All to make a book with the cards. Or the couple could use them to make a scrapbook and include pictures of the guests that wrote the note.

It's kind of hard to see but I did make a beaded pen that coordinates with the note cards. I used Dawn's Beaded Pen video tutorial. The only thing I did differently was I beaded the entire pen rather than just a strip of sticky tape swirled around the pen....I went bead crazy and did it all.

I also included a monogramed pocket card that could be used as a thank you card. I used my Small JustRite monogram Stamper for the letter "C" monogram on all my cards. I also used my SU circle punches and scalloped circle punch.

Are you sick of my monogramming obsession? I just love the elegance of the monogram....esp for weddings. This set will be on display at the Stationary Show in New York.

Ok...hope this makes up for my lame week of blogging. Thanks for coming back and visiting. Life is finally slowing down and I can't wait for Mother's Day.......a day to relax!
See ya on the blog!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Make Mine a Double

So I am two days late with my Cinco De Mayo card but Margaritas are good any day of the week!

Again, life is super duper busy and I am treading water right now trying to keep up with it all. Not only is my personal life busy but so is my stampin life as well. I am making a ton of stuff for a Stationary Show in New York.

Today is Sarah's birthday....OMG my baby girl is now 14 years old! Yikes. I took her out to lunch today and let her play hookie from school for the's our tradition. She spent the afternoon working with me and doing some filing so at least she was learning some sort of skills outside of the classroom.

**Stampin Stuff** This is a 4x4 white card base with a layer of barely banana and some green polka dot pattern paper {a scrap from my stash and I don't know the maker} and some stripe paper that I scalloped with my SU slot punch {same's a name}. The sheer green polka dot ribbon is from May Arts.

The image and sentiment are from Amuse and it is stamped with Versafine black ink. I colored the image with an aquapainter and highlighted it with Sakura stardust pens...makes it look like there is sugar on the rim of the glass...yum!

Love this this sentiment...fits my life perfectly right now! Gotta go squeeze some limes.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Hola Amigas

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Sorry for my absence the last few life is in super duper overload at the moment.

Sarah made her confirmation last weekend, Maddie made her First Communion this past weekend, Sarah's birthday party is this coming weekend, Graduation is in a few weeks and of course we can't leave out the emotional mental breakdown I am having due to my know it all 16 year old son and his girlfriend.....did I mention I can't stand 16 year old girls?!? UGH!!!! I just feel so drained and tired.

Posts without pics are so boring so I am including this pic of a weeping Angel. It's the angel that sits atop of our family plot at the cemetery. Don't be creeped's actually quite beautiful and peaceful there....and one of my favorite places to visit when I need to meditate and get a grip. Unfortunately, I don't have time in my life to make a cemetery run this week so I am going to just close my eyes tonight, plug in the iPod and pray the Rosary. God give me strength, patience and guidance is all I ask.

Thanks for letting me dump here....just need to vent and take a deep breath. {Ahhhhhh}. Sorry for this downer of a post. I'll be back later with something creative.

See ya on the blog!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old School Stampin

Get ready to go back in time for some Old School Stamping. When I was little stampin girl {in the pic is the 1997-1998 SU catty} I knew nothing about stamping other than I had a desire to be creative and knew that I could have fun with this "hobby" {which later turned into an obsession but I don't really need to admit that I?}

My best friend Jen was, and still is, my biggest enabler. I will never forget when she called the Stampin Up lady {I think it was Wendy Hudson} and the convo went something like this:

Wendy: Hello
Jen: Hi my name is Jennifer and I just saw your SU catalog, and I really like it, and I really want to have a party, and this is just really cool, and I really want to have a party, and this is something that I can totally get into, and OMG am I scaring you?
Wendy: LOL...what date were you thinking about?

The rest is history. Jen booked a party, signed up to be a demo that night and has been an enabler ever since.

Fast forward to present day, when I did my Spring Fever Challenge I asked the participants to challenge me. With this particular challenge I was able to combine two challenges.

Jacki's challenge: Get your pencils out girly! I'm a nice challenger. Just color a tulip if you have one.

Melissa's Challenge: My challenge for you: think back to when you first started stamping. What were the first few materials you had? Use ONLY those to create a card. Have fun and let me see what you come up with!

So this is what I had back in my beginner days. My first stamp set was Nice and Easy Notes and I still have old school.

Back in the day we didn't use background papers ....we created our own background by stamping tone on tone and usually used the main image for the background {so original} and so old school.

Back in the day we used Mulberry papers for texture and layering and I can't believe that in all my paper hoarding stash I still have Mulberry papers! Yes, that hairy looking thing that looks like something the cat choked up on my card is purple Mulberry papers. Back in the day the torn look was very popular for adding old school.

Back in the day we used eyelets and set them with a hammer and awl. Oh did my family endure that loud hammering while I was busy getting creative late into the night. There was no such thing as a old school.

Back in the day I only had ONE punch and it was a Creative Memories corner rounder. I still have that punch but now that I have such a huge variety of punches it rarely gets used. Besides...corner rounding is so old school now with all those fancy corner punches.

Back in the day we had wide organdy ribbon in every color of the rainbow. We even had rainbow colored organdy ribbon. old school.

Back in the day I had 4 markers and chalk that I used to color and shadow because that is what Wendy Hudson taught me at Jen's party. Who ever thought that I would need 48 markers that cost over $120? Well ,now there is colored pencils with gamsol and Copics. SU markers are ....yep...sooooo old school.

Back in the day I had to rely on the Stampin Up catty for ideas. I remember when I studied that catty, drooled over the pages, dreamed that I would ever be as good as those sample creators and make a wishlist a mile long because I really wanted everything in that book.

Then came along Splitcoast Stampers and well the's NOT old school. I still drool, dream and make a wish list a mile long but I do think that my true stamping abilities have improved since I was a stampin little girl back in the day.

I think I need to go redeem myself and make another card with this set and show you that I have evolved and can make something much better. This card really is scarey and I would NEVER send it to anyone....ok maybe Jen or Amy just because they would laugh and appreciate my old school stampin.

See ya on the blog!