Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rick Who?

OMG.....I am posting this for Ivy who left me a comment that she has NO IDEA who Rick Springfield is!!! LOL..... that makes me feel sooooo old considering Ivy was probably born in 1984....which would be the year I graduated from 8th grade and I was in full swing RS obsession. away Ivy and be prepared to get schooled on an 80's icon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks Oprah!

OMG....did you happen to see Oprah today? My teenage idol, Rick Springfield, was on today!!! I had major teenage flashbacks watching the show. Ok....this is a big clue to Michael Buble is Rick Springfield and you knoooooow what a Buble stalker freak I am...and I mean that in a sane normal stalker kind of way.

Rick Springfield was the second concert I had ever attended and I almost wasn't allowed to go. I was so busted and grounded for sneaking out of my house to be with the neighbor boy that I was forbidden to see. I was more upset at the thought of missing the concert than getting busted and grounded for 3 months. But my mom had a glimmer of kindness in her and let me go to the concert.

Jen had a wall of "Rick" in her room. It was the coolest thing ever. was her first attempt at scrapbooking on a life size page! LOL Ah....those were the days can't say innocence cause that I was not! Those were the days of my fist I am a grown woman with a new obsession. {Big Buble Sighs}.

**Stampin Stuff** I made this card Friday night at Ivy's Stampin Up Party. It was so fun to get creative and hang out with some pretty crafty and creative girls. Oh and I got to get some therapy out of it too. Hey...what are friends for? Ivy has already emailed me and asked about my decision. I'll fill you all in soon and then I and tell everyone. It's exciting.

**American Idol** Tonight is the boys night. I am going to be at a First Communion meeting so I'll have to DVR it. Don't they know Tuesday and Wednesday nights are not good for me? Geeesh.

**Gratitude** I am so thankful for Rick Springfield and my teenage years. Such fun, great memories and good times. Even more grateful that Jen was right there with me.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Do you link to my blog? Let me know so I can return the favor. Lately, I have been getting emails and comments from people I had no idea read my blog....and now I am just discovering yours! So speak up and leave me a comment so I can come visit you and give you some love too!!!

OK.....What are we celebrating?'s not the fact that it is snowing AGAIN!!! Oh my gosh, enough already. I am really really getting sick of the gray and the white and the lack of color outside. It gets so depressing after a while when everything is the same color from the sky on down. Even the cars all look the same covered in salt and dirty splash marks. UGH. I need a tropical vacation...that's for sure.
I made this card for a co-worker's birthday tomorrow. It might look a little familar because it is made from scraps on my desk.

**Stampin Stuff** This is a 4.25 x 4.25 white card base. I used wild wasabi with a layer of white that went through a Cuttlebug folder. The strip of pattern paper across the top is left over SEI papers {love SEI}. The sentiment was stamped in versafine black and matted on red and black paper. The ribbon is black sheer polka dot from May Arts. The flowers are Prima (I think) and I used a large rhinestone brad.

**Random Blogging** I posted some of my cards on SCS. I haven't done that in forever.....since I started blogging really. But I still look at the galleries and post on the message boards so I thought that I should at least contribute to the SCS community.
See ya on the blog!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

I didn't get to the stampin part of my day today...I was distracted by the laundry. This is a card I made the other day...can't believe we have to think about St. Pat's Day already. Yikes...time flies when you are doing so much laundry.

**Stampin Stuff** The card base is Wild Wasabi with a layer of Wild Asparagus pattern paper. I made the scallop strip with pumpkin paper and added some May Arts ric rack. The ribbon is off white twill from May there anything better than May Arts? The shamrock is a Sizzix die that I sponged green to add some dimesnion. The sentiment is stamped with versafine black....there is nothing better than versafine black in my opinion. Oh and I punched with window with my Marvy circle punch.

**PMS Check**

  • Physical Wellness - It just dawned on me that I actually like me just the way I am. Sure I would love to lose 30 pounds or be less flabby feeling but if that doesn't happen I am ok with it...really. There are so many other things in my life that need my focus and attention and obsessing about my ideal weight isn't one of them....really.
  • Mental Wellness - My life is about to take a drastic a good way. Soon I will be able to tell you....promise.....and then my mental well being will be settled.
  • Spiritual Wellness - I have been listening to The Secret on CD and oh my gosh does the Law of Attraction makes so much sense to me. I can honeslty say that there so many things in my life that have proven the Law of Attraction does work....and soon I will have another event that I can attribute to the Law of Attraction. If you have the opportunity watch the dvd, read the book or listen to the cd.

**Gratitude** I haven't done this in a least not here......but in my head I do it every day. Anyway, I am grateful that God gave me the ability to be creative and to express that creativity. I am also grateful for my life lessons that have gotten me the knowledge and experience and the opportunities that have been presented to me. Life is good.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A New Favorite

Just wanted to share with you a new favorite blogger of mine. Please visit Amy's blog called Tsuruta Designs. I love her work because she doesn't just have on particular style....she does it all. Love that.

What's My Style?

Lately, I have found my stampin style evolving into less stamping and more papercrafting. My guess is for time reasons. It is quicker to use pattern paper to create the main focal point/color focus than to stamp an image. Also, I don't like to color so that is also a factor in the focal image. So I usually use an embelishment like this big flower versus a stamped image.

Don't you love that sentiment stamp? It's a Penny Black stamp that I picked up at Archiver's a while ago. Lately, I find myself hooked on sentiments. Last night at the SU party I bought all sentiment stamps. I don't see anything else in the book that I "must" have....other than paper and ink. I will never stop buy SU paper and ink.

**Random Blogging** My friend Ruth tagged me in an email so I thought I would post my answers here because life is oh soooooo exciting and you just can't get enough randomness about me. LOL...yeah right. ya go.

  • Two names you go by: Babe (Bill has never calls me by my name), Mommy
  • Two things you are wearing right now: Sweats and slipper socks (typical weekend wear)
  • Two of your favorite things to do: sleep and stamp
  • Two things you want very badly at the moment: a new kitchen and a laundry room
  • Two favorite pets you have or had: none and none
  • Two people who will fill this out: any of my blogger friends
  • Two things you ate today: bacon and biscuit
  • Two people you last talked to: Bill (husband) and Cody (son)
  • Two things you're doing tomorrow: stamping and laundry
  • Two longest car rides: California to Illinois and Texas to Illinois
  • Two favorite holidays: all of them
  • Two favorite beverages: ice water and cosmo

Ok....thanks for taking the time to read this. See ya on the blog!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not This Stamp Again?

Yes, it is this sentiment stamp again. I basically bought that whole word set for this one stamp! Geesh....I am going to start making mhy own stamps and make my own sentiments.

I have been giving away cards at work a lot this month because we have 10 February birthdays and Valentine's Day in the mix too. So my little stampin secret is getting out. Almost every day someone approaches me and asks if I really made the cards. Today I gave a co-worker a birthday card and she didn't say thank you....her response have this much talent and you are working in a bank,,,why? Talk about boosting up my stampin I love my job even more!!! LOL

Tomorrow night I am going to hang out with Jen at Ivy's house. I am going to be in a room full of super crafty people.....ohhhhh I am so excited.

**Random Blogging** Here is some randomness about me.....three things about me for you. I got this email from Amy so I thought I would share it with all of you because you life is just so darn exciting.

  • Three places I have lived: California, Texas, Florida
  • Three shows that I watch: Oprah, The View, American Idol
  • Three places I have been: Disney World, Oprah, The Alamo
  • Three people who e-mail me regularly: Jen, Amy, Beth
  • Three of my favorite foods: Pizza, Enchiladas, Pasta
  • Three places I'd rather be right now: Florida, Hawaii, Guam (I have a need for warmth)
  • Three friends I think will respond: all my blogville friends of course....three of them
  • Three things I am looking forward to this year. new kitchen, losing 30 pounds, stampin job
  • Three favorite flowers: Lilacs, Roses, Geraniums
  • Three kitchen tips: cooking maple sausage will make your house smell like pancakes for a week, cheap tater tots taste like crap, never burn microwave popcorn
  • Three hobbies: stamping, scrapbooking, shopping

**American Idol** Shwoooo.....Garrett just got voted off. I thought for sure he was going to be the Sanjya of this season. I love David, Jason and awesome.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gina K Give Away

Hey...not only did Gina K post an awesome tutorial on using the Janome sewing machine but she is giving one away as blog candy. So cool....check it out.

CPS # 52

Here is my version of the CPS # 52 challenge. I really need to keep up with the weekly challenges. I love the examples they provide and the reader samples are awesome too.

**Stampin Stuff** The card base is white and I used some martini papers for my layered on black and red papers...lots of layering going on here. I stamped my images with versafine black ink and colored with my watercolor crayons. The red tags were made with a cuttlebug die and left over mat board from a picture I framed. The word enjoy is from a Fiskars clear stamp set and it is stamped with versafine black ink. The ribbon is black sheer polka dot from May arts.

**Random Blogging** American Idol has started....whooooo!!! Last night the boys sang and I loved loved loved the three boys that Simon liked....David, Joshua and Michael. Tonight are the girls and I can't wait to hear them sing.

I forgot to tell you that Bill gave me a new car for Valentine's Day!!! He picked me up at the airport in my 2005 Yukon (yes it's slightly used but a gazillion times better than the piece of crap I was driving). This thing is the sweetest ride I have ever ridden's like a Cadillac. Not only does it have heat (my heat went out when it was below zero for a week and my toes would be numb by the time I got to work) but it has bun warmers in the seat. Shut up!! It has every single gadget you could think of including a navigation system, a DVD player, a Bose sound system and power EVERYTHING! I am so flippin spoiled and I sooooo totally know it. I have the best husband ever and I sooooo totally know it.

See ya on the blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

Before I get to my Sunday PMS Check let me show you another great RAK I received for Valentine's Day from SmilynStef on SCS...she also has a great blog... Ingenious Inkling....check out her awesome stuff on the blog. Thanks for for thinking of me and taking the time to send me a RAK.

**PMS Check**

Physical Well Being - I have not lost anymore weight but I haven't gained any either. Maintaining is always a good thing. I haven't really put forth the effort like I was before either. I went back to the granola bar coffee for breakfast, granola bar and coffee for lunch and anything I can scarf down in the evening. Time to re-set and think ahead of time....being prepared is definately the key to my success.

Mental Well Being - I am in mental turmoil right now and I really can't tell you why just yet. Don't you hate that.....I've got a secret and I can't tell you yet...and it's killing me!!! Really, because I always vent here and ask for the opinion of my imaginary friends and you never steer me wrong. But this time I have to throw it out to the universe (that's the law of attraction lingo....but really I am giving up to God).

Spiritual Well Being - It's Lent and I gave up's it should be. I also wanted to start going to morning prayer again which I totally forgot about. It's just a nice way to start my day...and I miss it. I also bought The Secret cd set to listen to in the car. I didn't buy the book because I knew I wouldn't finish it....I rarely finish books. What have I learned so far...positive attracts positive. I no longer want to be part of other people's negative energy as it draws in negative energy....I have enough of my own to get rid of and I don't need any help from the people around me. No more dishin the scoop with Jen....crap who...I mean.... what are we going to talk about now?

Thanks for spending your Sunday evening with me and my few moments of self examination. See you on the blog!

Birthday RAK's

Mary Ann sewnsun
Krista Kristastamps
Jen jenstampnator
Mary etlsmom

My birthday was February 8th and I received some really cute birthday RAK's that I wanted to share with all of you. I have more to post later but wanted to say thank you to these ladies for their beautiful cards. Thanks for making my day even more special.

Doodlebug at CHA

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the displays at CHA. Some manufactuers went all out to create pretty and inviting booths that really showcased their products.

I am not a Doodlebug fan in the sense that it was not on my list of booths to visit. Don't get me wrong, I do use their products...they are everywhere.....but I just never thought of them as a favorite. However, their booth was so big, so pretty and so visible, and so irresitable that I couldn't help go inside. I was quite impressed with their displays and looked like a giant candy store....but elegant with chandeliers hanging too. The samples and displays were awesome.

Sorry for the bad pics. I think it was half way through the show before I figured out how to use Sarah's digital camera. It's a basic Kodak Easy Share too....not so easy when I am used to the big Sony Cybershot with all the gadets.

I am so blessed to have been able to attend CHA for the limited time I was there. I can't wait for CHA in July already. Next time I am not going to be in such a rush to take it all in and actually visit with people that I admire and not be so star struck.

I'll be back later with a PMS check and all of my birthday cards that I received. I am so late in posting those...better late than never!!!

See ya on the blog!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Sizzix at CHA

So I bet you thought I would come home and blog about stamps and paper and well you are sadly mistaken. Don't get me wrong .....there was so much paper and sooooo many stamps....and so many of my absolute favorite stampin and scrapbookin idols (I brushed by Taylor VanBruggen and my very first make and take was with Lisa Johnson at the Marvy booth....I was her first CHA guest...and I shook hand with one of my scrapbook idols Stacy Julian) and well.....I basically was in awe and completely overwhelmed from the moment I stepped into the building and like a big loser forgot to take out my camera until the very end.

Here are pics from one of my favorite booth at was the Sizzix booth! OMG...can you say PINK and BLACK!!! The whole booth was done in pink and black to go along with their new pink and black line. I will seriously get a new Big Shot just to have the pink and black well as all the new pink and black accessories....yes, I am easily swayed by product packaging and presentation and Sizzix has hit me where it wallet....with one of my favotire color combos....PINK and BLACK.

They also have a new line called Bigz XL (the XL stands for xtra long) which reqires an XL cutting mat. There is a new line of dies called Movers and Shapers which allow you to make an A2 size card and used different magnetic dies shapes to create a window in the card. There are also XL dies to make scallop cards, take out boxes, shaker boxes, purses and cupcake holders.

Of course, there are many other dies added to the collection but I was most impressed with the XL line. Oh and I can't forget al the wonderful pink and black carrying bags to house all your new pink and black tools and machines. Pretty sells and it's PRETTY!!

I am back!!!

CHA was amazingly awesome...and totally overwhelming. I tried to make the best use of my time from the moment I got there....4 hours late! Yes, my plane left O'Hare late on Saturday so I checked into the hotel and raced to get my badge Saturday night.

Even though CHA was not open to the public until Sunday I was able to get in for a sneak peak on Saturday because I had an Exhibitor badge. Therefore, I walked the floor and figured out my plan of attack which was scrapbooking and paper crafts.

They were all there....all my favorites in rows and rows all pretty and full of amazing goodies. Basic Grey, SEI, K&Co, Anna Griffith, Inky Antics, Tim Holtz, Quickutz, Cosmo Crickit, Crate Paper....and many many more. Sizzix was definately my favorite booth....I must have went in it 5 times. I just can't wait to get my hands on their new dies. I will have a seperate post all about Sizzix.

Sunday was the big day and I spent the entire day roaming the floor and I saw lots of bloggers. I was the very first guest at the Marvy booth and Lisa Johnson from Poppy Paperie was the sweetest thing on Earth. I saw Julie Ebersole at the Amuse booth but didn't want to appear as a stalker so didn't tell her I read her blog. I went to the Copic booth and got a private tutorial from Trudee....I did confess to her that I read her blog. I saw Taylor Van Bruggen on the floor and recognized her immediately....said nothing...didn't want to scare her. I met Jami and Lori from Splitcoast. They came to our booth and are going to do a review of Just Rite Stampers on the Splitcoast blog...I hope.

From the scrapboking field I saw Wendy Smedly at the CK booth. I was introduced and shook hands with Stacy Julian. I saw Donna Downey walking the floor. I did a make and take with Jennifer McGuire at the Hero Arts booth.

The only non paper crafting booth I went to was Wilton because they had the best cupcake displays. The pic above is cupcakes made in silicone cups that have flower petals on the edges. When in the stand they look like yummy flowers. So darn cute.

Oh and I totally forgot to take out my camera for most of the show....hence the reason I don't have many pics. I do have to say that the booth I was most surprised about was Doodle Bug. I am not a huge Doodle Bug fan but their booth was so pretty and so cute. They had great displays and I found many things that I like...that totally surprised me.

There is so much more to tell you but I'll have to break it up over multiple posts or you will be bored to death.

See ya on the blog! Oh and thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had an incredible birthday weekend.....and wait til you see my Valentine's Day present!!! I am sooooo spoiled by my wonderful husband....and I am able to publicly admit it too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes, today is my birthday.....the pics are of me in the snow.....posts without pics are so boring.
The day started early with Beth calling me and singing me a lovely rendition of They Say It's Your was so funny. Then Mary met me in the parkingl lot with a gigantic bag filled with cupcake towels and a cool dip bowl.
Then I was surprised at work with a cake and singing by my co-workers. Two of the banker's are taking me to lunch next week. The President sent me a card with a Target gift card. Have I told you how much I LOVE my job?!
Thanks to Jen and Amy for my e-Cards. Of course, they remember my birthday and I am infamous for forgetting their birthdays. (Yes, Beth you aren't the only one I forgot.)
It was so cool to come home and find some Birthday RAK's in my mailbox. Thank you Krista H, Mary Anne W, and Jen J. I will have to post pics later because I don't have time to do it right now.
I am still getting ready for my 9:30 flight tomorrow morning. I have not packed yet!!! I am so excited that tomorrow I will be landing in sunny CA and away from the snow. After 13.5 inches on Wed we are due for 4 more this weekend. Hopefully, I will be able to get out of town before it happens and able to get back in after it happens.
I promise to take lots of pics and all the juicy details next week...probably late Tuesday night. Wish me luck and pray that my feet will carry me booth to booth and let me get to as many of my favorite vendors as possible.
See ya on the blog!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Are Friends For?

I can't wait to send this card to one of my Dear Kind Wonderful friends. Acutally, Jen and Amy are probably going to be the lucky recipient I just have to wait for the perfect moment of stupidity to send it. LOL...what are friends for? Right.
**Stampin Stuff** Do I really need to tell the details? This is probably to most basic and simple card to make. It's paper squares glued to a card base. The sentiment is stamped and I tied a ribbon with tag across the top.
**Random Blogging** Beth asked for some pictures of my messy stamp room. Then I would have to send myself that card above. I will post before and after pics as soon as I have time to get to the after part.
I have not packed one single thing for CHA. I am sure it will be happening tomorrow night. Hopefully, I can get out of town before the next dump of snow. BTW, we received 13.5 inches of snow yesterday and our streets are still not plowed. Apparently, they ran out of salt. Hmmmm....I see a mis-management of funds suit coming on soon. How the heck does that happen when we are just now in the peek of winter for Chicago?
See ya on the blog!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What the.....?

I love these sarcastic sentiments! LOL....I saw them on two blogs and Susiestampsalot posted a link to the Rubber Cottage where I picked them up for $6 each.....I think. I don't care...they are awesome. Next time I will pick up the one that says "Silence is golden but duct tape is silver."

Anyway, I told Cody (my 16 year old), the next time he does something stupid I am not going to say anything about it and I will just leave a card on his pillow. He thought it was funny. The real funny thing is I am not kidding!

Love U

Here is a card I made today...another scrappy card. I am so into using my Cuttlebug and not stamping lately.

Anyway the frame was made with a Sizzix die and DCWV covered can buy it in a 4x6 pack of different colors. I sanded the edge of the frame to show some of the white and add some dimension.

The pattern paper is Gypsy from Basic Grey. I added the middle strip of sky blue that I ran through a Cuttlebug folder. The letters were made with Red Tag Sale alphabet. I used the SU scallop circle punch.

I would have usually added brads or ribbon but the frame takes up the whole card and doesn't leave much room for accessories. I didn't want to junk it up with clutter so I kept the message as my main focus.

Be back in a few with another card. If you could only see what a mess my office is right now....Bill just said to me that I might be more productive with my card making if I cleaned it up a little. Ya think? Guess that is his subtle way of telling me it's a mess...and he's right....but I can't tell him that! {wink}

Snow Day....again!

Oh my goodness....I just had a snow day last Friday and this is by far worse that last week. It has been snowing all day. Every hour the trees get a little droopier, the deck gets deeper and the end of my driveway get plowed in more and more.

I thought I would be able to go into work late today but that wasn't the case. It just keeps getting worse with each hour. I am guessing that we have already received at least 8 inches if not more and we are under advisory for 4 more hours. Yikes!

Bill had to dig a path for the dogs to go potty because the snow was taller than the dogs. LOL

So I have spent the day getting caught up on laundry and chores since I will be gone at CHA this weekend {I am soooo stinkin excited!} Lots to do before I go and pray that there is no snow this weekend that will delay my flights.

Ahhhh...three more days I will be leaving all this wintery bliss for Annahiem, CA. Thank you for my blessing.

I'll be back later with some cards...I did get some stampin done today while locked in the house. See ya on the blog! Oh and sorry if my words and pics are all out of wack when you read this....I have no idea how to do the whole mulitple pic thing on my posts.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

The Super Bowl is over and all I can say is...cheaters never win. Yeah for the Giants!!! What an incredibly exciting game. Hope I won some money in the football pool at work. I don't even know what squares I picked

but it would be a nice surprise if I won my $10 back.

**Stampin Stuff** I'll do the card before my PMS check for those that could care less what is going on in my personal life. And let me note, I have no idea why my camera is taking suck crappy pics lately....they look so washed out and if I cut off the flash they are yellow looking.

The card base is white with layers of Daisy D pattern paper. The cupcake is from the Hero Arts clear cupcake stamps. I used celery ribbon and added a charm that says friend. The sentiment is stamped with celery ink and I added a sparkly brad.

**PMS check** This was a crappy week....I just didn't put my heart into sticking to my routine and I can feel it. It's time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get back to it.

  • Physically - No weight loss this week....No gain either. I ate breakfast but didn't take the time to pack a real lunch. For some reason I found myself drinking a lot of coffee this week. I will try to sip on some water during the day at work.
  • Mentally - OMG....I am going to CHA in 6 days!!! I am so flippin excited. I can't decide if I want to take my laptop with me. I only want to take on one carry on bag so I don't have to check in my bags. I am going to bring an extra bag to bring home all my goodies!!!
  • Spiritually - I miss going to church regularly. Lent is this week and I have decided that my Lenten promise is going to be attending mass regularly and my usual giving up Starbucks.

That's all for tonight. See ya on the blog!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Just a quick post today. Maddie was invited to a bowling birthday party today. Of course, I forgot to get a present and make a card.

**Stampin Stuff** I grabbed this Bella ATC that I got from Laura Leonard. The Bella portion was made by Laura and the green base and pattern paper layers were added by me. I used my Cuttlebug to add some circles on the green card base. I cased the layout from Jen Del Muro and of course her card is waaaaaay better.

*Random Blogging** I made a stop at Archivers tonight and totally caved in and bought the Hero Arts cupcake clear stamps. Yes, I have offically jumped the the Taylored Expressions cupcake bandwagon. I do blame Taylor for starting this yummy cupcake craze. I am planning an all night stamping frenzie...wish me luck! Let's hope I am up for the cupcake challenge.

Oh....I have seen cupcake paper out there on other cards but couldn't find it at Archiver's. Anyone have a clue? I think there is a smidge of it on this card next to the's hard to see.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Card...again

It's a snow day! Yeah...I love snow days. It's 2:30 I am still in my jammies and just hanging out in my office. I am attempting to clean off my desk and work table by making cards with scraps. Just picking up stuff and throwing it together. This card literally came together within two minutes.

**Stampin Stuff** Zero stampin on this scrappy card. The base was a 4x4 scrap that was sitting on my desk. The pattern paper was a scrap from the cupcake card I posted a few days ago. The scallop was left over and the letter a was leftover as well. Tie on a ribbon, add some brads, punch a hole in the scallop circle and tie it on with some string. Scrappy card all done and added to Amber's birthday pile. Easy my kids would say.

**Random Blogging** Maddie makes her First Reconciliation tomorrow. So we were talking about it today and here is how conversation went.

Mom: Maddie do you know what First Reconciliation is?
Maddie: Is tomorrow Feb 2nd?
Mom: Yes, and you will be making your First Reconciliation tomorrow morning.
Maddie: It means that I can go up to the alter or in the sinners closet thingy and tell the priest something bad that I did and that I want to tell Jesus that I am sorry and ask for his forgiveness.
Mom: Yes, and do you know the prayer you are supposed to say when asking for forgiveness?
Maddie: Yes. Mom, did you know that if I tell the priest something that I did he is never allowed to tell anyone what I did and he is never allowed to tell anyone that I was a bad girl? He has to keep it in his heart and pray for me?
Mom: Yes, I did know that and did you know that you do not have to go through a Priest for forgiveness? You can go straight to Jesus with your own sins and ask for forgiveness on your own....that is what Mommy does.
Maddie: I know....I talk to Jesus all the time. But telling a Priest is good too because he can pray for me. It's nice when people pray for each other.
Mommy (in my head): Jesus thank you for blessing me with this beautiful little girl and allowing me to witness your love through her.
Mommy (to Maddie): I pray for you, I pray for myself, I pray for forgiveness and I pray for guidance every day.
Maddie: I didn't know you talked to Jesus too! TeeHee....we are both friends with Jesus and didn't even know it. Mommy...I pray for you too.

Ah....the beauty of being a child makes me grateful for having 4 children that teach me on a daily basis to enjoy life more and slow down to see the blessings in my life.