Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Open Letter To Beth

My Dear Sweet Friend Beth,

I am such a SCHMUCK that I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday today when I saw you at school. I am soooooo sorry for not even acknowledging your birthday and totally deserve you sticking your tounge out at me while leaving the parking lot. Not to mention that your subtle hint TOTALLY went over my head. Yeah....the part where you said you better be nice to me...esp today....flew right over my empty head.

Ok...I can not tell a lie. I almost completely forgot that it was your birthday today {I did remember to remind myself on Monday} and then as I sat here second guessing myself I called Mary to yell at her for not reminding she is my secretary and it's her responsibility. {Beth you are my secretary and shouldn't have to remind me of your own birthday!} Anyway, Mary's response....take your cell phone off vibrate and check your voice mail. {Thanks Mar}.

And so my dear friend it is with my most sincere apology that I offer you a belated Birthday lunch of your choice. **Read the Fine Print** Lunch must be between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00, in the city of Highland Park and preferably across the street from my office at Once Upon a Bagel. LOL...just pick!

Happy Birthday Beth!

P.S. This is a pic from your birthday lunch last year! You have pretty eyes to go with that awesome smile.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


First of all, I need to start this post by thanking the many many people that have sent me emails this week and were checking on me. I sincerely apologize for leaving everyone hanging out there and wondering what has happened to me. Life is what happened....plain and simple.

  1. 1. Love my job! I finally feel like I fit in and I know what is expected of me. I have been receiving nice comments about my work and my boss (the VP of the bank) said that everyone likes me and my initiative to get things right in the Marketing Dept...which by the way is solely me. The position has been empty since March and outsourced throughout the bank and everyone is happy to give it back to me.

  2. 2. Volleyball is almost over. Thank God! I always feel like this at the end...burned out. It's hard to make 24 girls follow directions and teach them the skills necessary to win. Although winning isn't what it's all about but it was a goal and shows that your hard work is paying off. Right now we are hit or miss on the winning spectrum of the game but overall improvement makes me happy too.

  3. Once again, Casino Night and Silent Auction are Novbember 10th and consumes my waking life. Dealing with the State of Illinois' Dept of Revenue is nerve racking....such red tape. But finally got the green light to proceed with my publicity plan. The best thing about the Silent Auction.....two Oprah tickets on the auction block!!!! Oh yeah.....I am going to get those tickets and probably spend lots of my hard earned pay checks. Fee free to donate to my Oprah ticket campaign through PayPal. LOL

  4. Homecoming came and went last weekend. My big boy went to his first dance with his girlfriend Taylor. They make a cute couple. I have attached the one of many pics. Oh and he has been selected as the new Mascot...he's the Blue Devil. Gotta get pics of that one.

  5. My edlery Serbian neighbors house caught fire last week. I raced home because we have basically adopted them as family and I was so worried about them. When I arrived I was greeted by the neighborhood Crazy Family that I can't stand. Anyway, the firmen basically came to me and name me the family advocate. Then on the front page of the newspaper they printed that the head line Hot Cash and elluded to the fact that the house was full of vast riches.Basically, the article was a lie and we have been pursuing them for the principal of the matter. My thoughts are he opened the door to every theif and scam artist. Make me so mad. Oh and the info for the article camed from the Crazy daughter. She doesn't evne know their names and thought they spoke polish.

I sooooo wish I had a moment to clean my office and actually stamp something...that won't be happening until after November 10th...when I go into hiding.

There ya have it. I am well and happy with my job. I am just in the process of juggling all my exttra currircular activities. I'll try to check in more often.

See ya on the blog and GO BEARS!