Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Mail

Look what came in the mail today! These are all the Amuse stamps (all 24 of them) that I ordered from Sarah Vrolyk's big sale. I finally got almost all the Amuse stamps that were on my wishlist. I missed a few but I'll pick them up later now that I found a local store that carries them or is willing to order what I want. Sweet!

Here is my card for today. I love this Wild Asparagus double sided paper. The blue strip is the back side of the paisley. I added faux stitching and the brown polka dot scallop is SU Au Chocolate paper. The ribbon is some Barely Banana ribbon that I got from Taylor...which by the way, if she ever offers ribbon again jump at it. The colors are perfect, the quality is perfect, and the price is incredible! You would never guess that the ribbon isn't SU ribbon.

Today I was going to go to Jen's house and play but my life needs some things in order before my surgery....like massive loads of laundry.....so I am staying home today to get my ducks in a row. I am spending every insomniac waking moment tonight getting all my not so fun things done so I can enjoy my Thursday play date with Jen.

And finally you have to check out this awesome email I got today! Click here to read it....and then come back to tell me what you think of it. I am going to save it forever! Yeah...I know....I am a Dorkabella with a capital "D".

See ya on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Print it out and incorporate it into your scrapbook page!!
I love your Blog. I could never comment when you were on the yahoo blog. Now I can! M. Wakefield

Beth said...

Ummm, wow, ooooo, wonder who sent that email???? My guess is Amy!! HA!

Amy said...

Great email! ;-) Love it love it love it..... Sorry, Beth I can't take credit for this one! ;-) Did they send them out to the people at the concert?????

Dawn said...

Great card! Love the DP! I'm off to read that email now...curious....LOL!