Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting Organized...Ribbon Storage.

I have been on an organizing kick the last few days so I am fully taking advantage of the insomnia to get things done in my office. {BTW, I slept sooooo good last night but woke up with a huge headache and now I am afraid to take my new meds again tonight!}

First of all, Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, and Papercrafts Magazine are all in the same office building and work together often. So I found these awesome videos clips with tips and tricks about everything papercrafting and all three companies have videos posted {you have to click on the tab to choose which company and then you can scroll down and choose your video clip to watch}.

I esp love the organizing ideas and the clips of where the girls talk about their must have tools.....things that are always out on their desk. {I'll tell you my go to tools in another post but for now I am going to show you what I did with my ribbon scraps or ribbons that don't come on a spool.}

I got this idea from the video clip Ribbon Organization Part 1 from Lisa Bearnson {creator of Creating Keepsakes are going to have to click on the Creating Keepsakes link and scroll down to find it because the link goes right to the begining of the videos and starts with Stacy Julian and Simple Scrapbook videos}. In the video she used the Cropper Hopper embellishement holders that go for $4.99 each.....yeah well I am not the creator of a magazine so I shop at the Target $1 spot and improvise!

I bought these handy little divided organizers and filled them with my ribbon scraps or ribbons that didn't come on a spool. I separated them by colors red, pink, orange/yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white/cream and brown. I no longer have the ribbon jar full of knotted and twisted ribbons and they are all in a drawer right next to my stampin space. Sooooooo nice! Now I am going to attempt to try the Stacy Julian way of organizing my brads, eyelets and buttons by color.

**Random Blogging** Today I am cleaning and organzing some feels so good to reach for what I am wanting and not have to dig for it! I am going to attempt to make some sort sense of this HUGE pile of pattern papers that is sitting on a chair in my office. Right now my sorting consists of pattern paper in one pile and solid paper scraps in another pile. Yea, it sort of works until it falls on the floor...LOL.

I have been loving all the sneak peeks from CHA on everyone's blog! I am soooooo jealous that I live 30 minutes from the convention center where CHA is being held and I am not there drowning in ribbons and everything papercrafting! Anyway, I have been putting lots of the sneak peeks in my Google Reader share folder. Scroll down and on the left you will see the Google Reader favorites away there and see what is being shown to us. So far I am most excited about the new Cuttlebug stuff.....such as the organizer/binder to hold all my dies! Right now mine are in stamp cases and sort of organized. But I would love to have something that takes up less room on the shelf.

**Links** I updated my links in the sidebar. I still have lots more in my Google Reader that I need to add so I might not have gotten to you yet....just send me a link if you want to be added. Thanks and feel free to add me to your blogroll and spread the word that I changed my address.
Ok...gotta run and accomplish something other than making a To Do List....I actually have to do the stuff. See ya on the blog!


Dawn said...

Wish I could be there at CHA! Oh what fun it would be. Good luck with your organizing! I should do the same...LOL
I have you listed on my blog. Sure hope that is okay?!

Jan Scholl said...

Check out the link below that I posted about ribbon storage months ago. Kinda looks familiar?

can you add a feed for those of us who like email updates?

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Great idea for ribbon. I have something similar I can use and I may just do that today. I'm going to link you on my blog, okay?

Nicole Seitler said...

Target has little organizers in the $1 spot that look like yours. I bought one for my paper scraps. Think I'll post about it today... :)