Monday, July 23, 2007

How Sweet It Is....... be loved by you! That's how the song goes and he better sing it tonight as it is high on my favorite list. What the heck is this crazy girl talking about? The soulful, hot, crooning Michael Buble of course. BTW, mark your calendars for July 30th because he is going to be appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly.

So I haven't done any stamping today because I woke up with a killer headache from my new sleeping pills. Won't be taking those anymore....I'd rather not sleep than feel like crap when I wake up.

Tonight is the concert and I fully intend on smuggling in my camera....can you take pics at a concert? I hope so cause I am totally going to scrapbook this moment in my life....for sure!

Thanks for all the kind comments about the retirement video. It really is a special video and yes my husband was completely surprised during the ceremony when the MC said "At this time we will dim the lights so we can take a look at Chief Bryant's Naval career through the eyes of his wife Denise." I surprised him by having them play it on a HUGE movie screen {as big as a real movie theater} and yes he was speechless. Acutally, all he said was "I fondly remember all those moments in my career but what I remember most is missing my family and it feels good to be home forever." OK...enough....I am gonna have us all crying again! LOL

I'll be back tomorrow with a full concert report. My daughter Sarah just said I wish we were in the front row....yeah me too....but let's just be thankful we will be in the building hearing him sing live! {Big Sighs}. Oh and there is a stream of MB video clips at the bottom of my blog....just scroll down and click away. You too can be an obsessed freak like me! LOL


foodpartyfun said...

Hi Denise,

Have a great time tonight at the concert. I wish I could be there...Michael is awesome!


sandie994 said...

Michael is my favorite!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!

Morning Glory68 said...

LOL! I was just thinking earlier that tonight must be the Michael Buble concert. I'd love to be there with you singin' along! Hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see the photos.


Nicole Seitler said...

I have an idea for you... have you ever tried Sleepytime Extra tea? It knocks me out!

I've been staying up late the past few nights (past midnight) and now I think my body's used to it because even though I wanted to go to bed early last night, I was up 'til midnight again. I'll be brewing myself a cup of tea tonight at 10:00... cause I know I can't resist it's magical powers. ;)