Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday PMS Check

For those of you new to reading my blog....since the New Year I have implemented a Sunday PMS check which stands for Physical Well Being, Mental Well Being and Spiritual Well Being. It's jut my way of keep check on my New Year's Resolution to improve myself in those areas. So whenver you see the title Sunday PMS check it's usually not stampin related and feel free to skip over it. You won't hurt my feelings.

**PMS Check**

  • Physical Well Being - Wednesday is my pre-op appt and Friday is the big day. I am both scared and excited. Scared of the pain and long recovery but excited to get things fixed and tightened up. {I am having an abdominal hernia repaired and as a bonus getting a tummy tuck.} I have been trying to keep up with my walking but not as diligent as I was earlier in the summer. I can only blame it on not making the time in my busy schedule.
  • Mental Well Being - Well after my meltdown at the doctor's office on Friday and finally getting some good sleep I am feeling so much better. Insomnia sucks and it wreaks havoc on your whole body, mind and spirit. I am finally feel back in balance now.
  • Spritual Well Being - Considering that I am having surgery on Friday it is only natural that I seem to be praying more, asking God for strength and guidance of the surgeon's hand. I am still praying the Rosary on a regular basis and I will be visiting with our Priest this week for a blessing and Annointing of the Sick.

On a final note......tomorrow is the Michael Buble concert!!!! OMG I am sooooo excited and can't wait to spend the evening crooning away to my favorite songs with my favorite guy {my husband you silly girls!} Yes, Bill is going with me to the concert and can you believe this will be our first concert our 18 year marriage?

So to celebrate the concert countdown I am posting this video that I had made for my husband Navy retirement. The pics are of him going through the ranks from Bootcamp up til retirement and ending with our family on the front porch of our new {and final} home. Of course, the music for the video is my all time favorite Michael Buble song "Home". I will forever love this song and tears will come to my eyes every time as I can see this video playing in my head whenever I hear the song. Enjoy and don't forget to turn up the volume!


Rachel said...

Prayers and (((hugs))) for you and the medical team on Friday.

And I'm in tears after that video. Thanks so much for sharing something so special.

kirstensmom said...

Oh my gosh Denise, that video is amazing..sniff, sniff!! All the best to you with your surgery on Friday!!

Take care,
Kelly S

Amy said...

Thanks once again for the tear jerker. I have it on dvd, and still watched it, and knew I would cry AGAIN!!!!! Silly me! Love you!

Patsy said...

That is just awesome!!! I will be thinking about you Friday. I will be out of town next week, but if I get a chance I will check with you. I know you will do fine. Patsy

Beth said...

Dang you, Denise! I've seen that video tons of times and I still cry! Tell Bill again I'm just a call away to help out!

Nicole Seitler said...

I heard this song while out shopping yesterday and I thought of you! :)

I will keep you in my prayers for this Friday... hugs!

Stamper Gail said...

Oh Denise, how very touching. Brings tears to my eyes.

Best wishes on your surgery. Hope it's everything you are hoping it will be.

KayellWY said...

What a wonderful video. I can imagine the tears in your husband's eyes as he watched and listened. I'm glad he's home with you.

I want to wish you well with your surgery. Keep the good attitude and all will turn out wonderfully.


Karen L.

Pearlann66 said...

First I'd like to say Yeah for switching to Blogspot. I read your blog daily but the other service would never let me leave a comment!
Second, OH MY Goodness on your husband's retirement video! That is so beautiful and I just heard 'your' song on the radio and it made me think of your video.
So special!
Third, good luck with your surgery!
Hope your up and feeling great right away!!

Karen said...

Watched your video. Very touching. Been there myself!

Laur said...

I have seen that video many times, and cry every time. I will be thinking of you on Friday and praying for you. Love you, Laurie

Morning Glory68 said...

I'll be praying for your upcoming surgery. I hope all goes well and be sure to take it easy during your recovery.

I'm so touched by the video for Bill's retirement. What a sweet and special way to honor your hubby.

How cool that Bill's going with you to the concert (and your first together). I'd never in a million years be able to drag my hubby to one of Michael's concerts. (He's die hard metal all the way!)

Have fun!

Diane Savage said...

Oh my, your video had me in tears. I can so relate to what you've been through just in a smaller degree. Glad you have him home and thanks for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us.