Friday, July 20, 2007

Wish for.....sleep!

OK so this card was not made to make me feel better about my insomnia but I really wish I could sleep! I have it really bad right now...and thanks to the doc....I will sleep like a baby tonight and I can't wait!

**Stampin Stuff** I am taking full on advantage of the fact that Mary gave Bailey a handmade card today and shamelessly posting it on my new blog. She was so excited to show Beth and I that she opened the card before present time so we could see it. LOL....sooooo funny!

Anyway, it was so worth opening early because this is the cutest little girl birthday card ever! did an awesome job. It is a square card and I can't even give you the details because I don't know them. Other than she stamped the image in versafine black ink {I know this because Mary introduced me to versafine.}, put stickles on the dress, added three silver eyelets and gingham ribbons. I can't remember who made the background papers. The image is mounted with pop dots. Soooooo darn cute!

**New Blog** Thanks to everyone for the comments and encouragement to move on over to Blogger. I do like it here and I need to give Nicole Seitler a super big {HUG} for emailing me the HTML lingo on how to remove that pesky header border. Thank you was driving me nuts. Ok...starting today {July 20th} I will be posting to this blog address. So add me to your favs or Google Reader and tell everyone that I moved!!! I will post a message on the Yahoo blog redirecting them to my new home.

**Uppercase Living** Remember yesterday I told you about Uppercase Living? It's a home show company that is in it's infancy stages. They produce affordable {affordable being the key word here} rub on quotes to use on the walls of your home {mainly} but can be used on just about anything. You can see tons of ideas in their gallery. This stuff is sooooo stinkin cute!

Anyway, I forwarded the info to my friend Amy in Guam because she just hand painted quotes in every room of her house. I was not surprised to get the email that she signed up to be a demo within hours of being contacted by a Utah of all places.

I can't wait to do a catty show for Amy and I hope that you will consider doing a show for her as well. Let me know and I will add you to her mailing list and get you in her customer data base. Also, if you are looking for a new home based business this is a great opportunity to join at the grass roots level...this company is brand new....less than two years old I believe.

Click here to go to the Uppercase Living site and register as a customer so you can have access to their online catty. On the bottom right hand corner click on customer login and enter demo #975028 and enter token - thomason.

**Random Blogging** Went to the doc today for insomnia and I only had two hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Needless to say, I was a bit irritable when they said that the doc was running behind schedule. After waiting an hour and a half I told the front desk girl that I had to leave because I was having a b-day party in two hours with 15 kids. So she calls the doc's office and he said he didn't know I was waiting!!!!

OMG...I was sooooo pissed off and mad that I yelled YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! And then I proceeded to cry......right there on the spot....mind you this is at the Mental Health Clinic because that is where the Navy treats insomnia patients. So everyone in the place thinks I am off my rocker and having a fit. Great.

The doc comes running out and profusely apologizes to me and is handing me Kleenex and again apologizing over and over. He assured me that I would get some good sleep tonight and that he understood my emotional state at the moment and why I was crying.

So after talking and going over my habits and history I left with not one but TWO different kinds of sleeping pills. I am soooooooo excited about getting some real sleep tonight it is not even funny. Sorry Amy, no 4 am emailing tonight...I am going to be seriously sleeping and "resetting my internal clock" as the doc says.

OK girlies.....see ya HERE on the blog!


Beth said...

Great party, D! Gee, I'm sorry about the sleep, sympathize with you waiting and the doc not knowing (lovely MTF system!) and congrats on the move! P.S. Where's the lists of labels (aka tags) that I can look through? That helps me find a particular entry.

Amy said...

So glad you got something for the insomnia..... step away from the computer, and no one will get hurt! Thanks for the Upppercase living plug, appreciate it, and am SOOOOOO excited about this company and the fabulous product... Thanks yet again for enabling me. You know me oh so well!

Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my I hope you get this insomina thing under control. Love this card the stamp is great.

Jen W said...

Cute card mary! I love the pink paper and the silver eyelets! I loved chatting with beth & mary. Sorry we had to leave the party early. Hope Bailey loved her presents.