Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Wow I am still processing the whole night and I am soooooo happy and grateful to listen to him sing in the same building I was in. It was HEAVENLY.

Frist of all, I did not take my camera because it said on the WEB site no camera and they search bags. Bill suggested not taking it so I would get it confiscated. Sure enough, we walked in the hall and flashes were going off left and right. People were getting yelled at by the Camera Natzi but I could have and should have brought my camera. Lesson learned

Even though we sat in the first balcony we were dead center with a perfect view of everything. As soon as he came out it was just a silhoette of him and sooooo nice. He can really get his groove on too. The first song he sang was I'm Your Man and it was hot!! Great choice for an opener. Of course he sang all of his great songs including Home and Everything. I personally think he should have sang everything twice each....but that 's just me.

Lots of comedy during the show...he is a very funny guy. But he ended the show with Song For You and dedicated it to the audience because he said that he was grateful and blessed to have such fans....esp us up in the balcony that buy the tickets, get a sitter and drive hours just to see him perform from the nose bleed section and that he will always be thankful and give the best show possible as we deserve to get our money's worth. It was very sincere and touching...people were crying {including me}. Then at the end of the song he put down the mic and sang the last few lines acapella.....it was so moving and beautiful.....a BIG Wow of an ending like that.

Oh and one super funny part of the night was a lady sitting front row holding a sign that said she has been married 37 years. So he came off the stage and sat on her lap and kissed. Her husand was no dummy....he snapped an awesome pic. Lucky girl.

Anyway, he said that would make a nice lead into his next song....and we were all thinking it would be the song Everything cause it's all about love. He said "this song is dedicated to all the wives that have cheated on their husbands or at least thought about it." LOL....yes he sang Me and Mrs. Jones and it sounds even better in person.

So I am going to scrapbook my memory without any pics! Actually, I can use the program and turn it into my own personal MB scrapbook...there's a thought!

I got a busy day tomorrow....going out to Jen's ans stopping at Ikea on the way home...that could be dangerous! See ya on the blog!


anna said...

So glad you had a great time! Good Memories!

Beth said...

D, good thing Bill has known about your affair with Michael for years!!! What a great way to begin your pre-op week! I have Alice sending The Big Guy a note about your surgery...no problem for you or the surgeon! Love ya!

Ruth said...

I'm so jealous! I would have smuggled my camera in!! :)