Friday, February 1, 2008

A Card...again

It's a snow day! Yeah...I love snow days. It's 2:30 I am still in my jammies and just hanging out in my office. I am attempting to clean off my desk and work table by making cards with scraps. Just picking up stuff and throwing it together. This card literally came together within two minutes.

**Stampin Stuff** Zero stampin on this scrappy card. The base was a 4x4 scrap that was sitting on my desk. The pattern paper was a scrap from the cupcake card I posted a few days ago. The scallop was left over and the letter a was leftover as well. Tie on a ribbon, add some brads, punch a hole in the scallop circle and tie it on with some string. Scrappy card all done and added to Amber's birthday pile. Easy my kids would say.

**Random Blogging** Maddie makes her First Reconciliation tomorrow. So we were talking about it today and here is how conversation went.

Mom: Maddie do you know what First Reconciliation is?
Maddie: Is tomorrow Feb 2nd?
Mom: Yes, and you will be making your First Reconciliation tomorrow morning.
Maddie: It means that I can go up to the alter or in the sinners closet thingy and tell the priest something bad that I did and that I want to tell Jesus that I am sorry and ask for his forgiveness.
Mom: Yes, and do you know the prayer you are supposed to say when asking for forgiveness?
Maddie: Yes. Mom, did you know that if I tell the priest something that I did he is never allowed to tell anyone what I did and he is never allowed to tell anyone that I was a bad girl? He has to keep it in his heart and pray for me?
Mom: Yes, I did know that and did you know that you do not have to go through a Priest for forgiveness? You can go straight to Jesus with your own sins and ask for forgiveness on your own....that is what Mommy does.
Maddie: I know....I talk to Jesus all the time. But telling a Priest is good too because he can pray for me. It's nice when people pray for each other.
Mommy (in my head): Jesus thank you for blessing me with this beautiful little girl and allowing me to witness your love through her.
Mommy (to Maddie): I pray for you, I pray for myself, I pray for forgiveness and I pray for guidance every day.
Maddie: I didn't know you talked to Jesus too! TeeHee....we are both friends with Jesus and didn't even know it. Mommy...I pray for you too.

Ah....the beauty of being a child makes me grateful for having 4 children that teach me on a daily basis to enjoy life more and slow down to see the blessings in my life.


Pat said...

I have to tell you Denise...that wonderful, heartwarming conversation with Maddie brought me tears of joy. It is a wonderful example that our children grow up way too fast and we need to take time each day to enjoy them and listen to what they have to say. You have been blessed with 4 wonderful children.

I love the simplity of this card!
Thanks for sharing.


LeAnne said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with your daughter!!

Victoria said...

That is the sweetest thing! I linked your blog from SCS. Praise the Lord for children who love Him! And surely they will call you blessed. :)
God bless,