Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's My Style?

Lately, I have found my stampin style evolving into less stamping and more papercrafting. My guess is for time reasons. It is quicker to use pattern paper to create the main focal point/color focus than to stamp an image. Also, I don't like to color so that is also a factor in the focal image. So I usually use an embelishment like this big flower versus a stamped image.

Don't you love that sentiment stamp? It's a Penny Black stamp that I picked up at Archiver's a while ago. Lately, I find myself hooked on sentiments. Last night at the SU party I bought all sentiment stamps. I don't see anything else in the book that I "must" have....other than paper and ink. I will never stop buy SU paper and ink.

**Random Blogging** My friend Ruth tagged me in an email so I thought I would post my answers here because life is oh soooooo exciting and you just can't get enough randomness about me. LOL...yeah right. ya go.

  • Two names you go by: Babe (Bill has never calls me by my name), Mommy
  • Two things you are wearing right now: Sweats and slipper socks (typical weekend wear)
  • Two of your favorite things to do: sleep and stamp
  • Two things you want very badly at the moment: a new kitchen and a laundry room
  • Two favorite pets you have or had: none and none
  • Two people who will fill this out: any of my blogger friends
  • Two things you ate today: bacon and biscuit
  • Two people you last talked to: Bill (husband) and Cody (son)
  • Two things you're doing tomorrow: stamping and laundry
  • Two longest car rides: California to Illinois and Texas to Illinois
  • Two favorite holidays: all of them
  • Two favorite beverages: ice water and cosmo

Ok....thanks for taking the time to read this. See ya on the blog!

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Beth said...

Love your randomness! My two longest car rides: to Alaska and back from Alaska!! Have a great stamping/laundering day!!