Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sweet Treats For You

Here is another sample I made for Anna's store. This was actually the first thing I made after my stampin hiatus and I wasn't too happy with it but it's growing on me. It is a 2-5-7 box that is pretty simple and can be adapted into an open format at the top rather than a fold over flap.

You get to fill it with treats....I did not fill it because I didn't want anything to melt when I mail it to Anna.

** Random Blogging** I am getting ready for my job on Monday. Just tying up loose ends in my personal life and school life. Today I get to go out and purchase some work clothes. Whoooo! That's a good thing because all my shirts are sleeveless and all my pants are capris...neither are allowed at work. Oh darn.

My doctor appt went well yesterday...I think. He wants me to come back and have a little nip and tuck done and some light liposuction on a few areas to get things as they should be now that the swelling is going down and everything is settling into place. Yeah well....I doubt my insurance will consider liposuction a necessity so I doubt I will be going back for that procedure. But ya never know....they might approve it as necessary to complete my surgical procedure correctly. At least that is what I hope will happen....we'll see.

**Oprah** Last night I had a chance to sit and catch up on this week's Oprah's the start of a new season. Here are my thoughts so far....not that it matters to anyone.

  1. David Letterman was LAME!!! I wanted a real interview exposing him as a real person and he was trying to be too funny. Ok...I liked hearing about his son in the naughty chair but that was about it.
  2. I LOVE Lisa Marie Presley and watchig her sing with Elvis made me cry. I LOVE Elvis too. And OMG can you believe she is old enough to have an 18 year old daughter? Lisa Mare still looks 18.
  3. The children of 9-11 made me they should. One thing that they said was... people forget about what happened and only think about it once a year. They think about it every day. Just wanted them to know that I think about it every day when I say the Prayer of St. Francis during morning prayer. Each day our Principal we will say the prayer of St. Francis as we have for the last 6 years in honor of those killed on Sept 11th. Although my children might not understand why they are saying the is brought to their attention every day and some day....they will know and they will pray harder for peace in the world.
  4. The Preacher's wife that killed her many times did she say during that interview "I failed Matthew". were an abused wife mentally, physically and sexually for years....I think Matthew failed you!!!! Not that I am advocating her killing him but I just felt like she was still trying to cover up their troubles and blame herself....still.

Enough random ramblings for today. I am off to switch the laundry and run to the mall. See ya on the blog!


Gina K. said...

Love the treat bag! So cute and great colors for Halloween!

AnneMarie said...

what a great treat bag!! I have the directions on my desk.. I need to do it!