Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Me and My Hair

Here is the pic of my haircut and I am adjusting well. Today was a good hair day for me. Really, this is my usual haircut as you can see by my profile pic on the left....but this is just a tad bit shorter in the back and just so shocking because my hair was past my shoulders before the cut.

Did you read the comment from Amy's husband? "The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks. Be thankful you have hair!" Thanks for putting it into perspective D....I am thankful and I am over it.

Since I haven't been doing any stamping lately here is another little blog filler of random facts about me and my oh soooo exciting life. Feel free to skip over it.

High school was : fun and traumatizing at the same time
When I'm nervous : I talk a lot more than normal , my knees shake and my lips quiver
My hair : dark blonde or as I have been told dirty dishwater blonde...nice. But now that I dyed it apparently my hair thinks dark blonde is dark brown with a red tinge.
When I was 5 : I lived with my Grandparents and slept in a double bed with my mom and my about tight...oh and occassionally I peed the bed...tee hee!
When I turn my head left : I see a messy desk
By this time next year : I will once again be dreading the end of summer
My Favorite Aunt : In my book Janalee and Laurie are my only two aunts and of course both are my favs.
I have a hard time understanding : teenage boys {mostly mine}
You know I like you if : I send you a hand colored card because I hate to color but love the finished product....I don't do them often.
My ideal breakfast is : coffee {really a biscuit with bacon which Bill makes me every weekend...yes I am spoiled...I know it.}
If you visit my home town : You will see lots of planes flying overhead because Des Plaines is right next to O'Hare airport. Planes fly so low you can see people in the windows.
My Favorite blonde : My best friend Jenny.
My favorite brunette : I don't know...right now...myself
Last night I: I fell asleep while playing cards on my new laptop. I woke up with my finger still on the mouse pad...nice. LOL
I've been told I look like: Someone familiar. People always tell me I look like someone they know but can't figure out who.


Amy said...

Love the haircut! And the color! You are beautiful as usual! ;-)

Doreen G said...

Denise I have been reading your blog for a while now and not commented but let me say I love your hair cut it look great.

Anonymous said...

Your haircut is great! you should NOT take your meds before or after a hair cut! does always look different after you style it yourself!'s me...Mary...I have to sign anonymous because I forgot all my google 411! ERRR

Morning Glory68 said...

Cute haircut and I love the color. :) It was fun reading the random facts about you!

Stamper Gail said...

Short hair is very sassy and it looks great on you Denise.

Laur said...

What a great haircut and color on you. You were a beautiful little girl and have grown into a beautiful woman. Laurie

Jan Scholl said...

I think you look like a very young Carol Duvall.

Ruth said...

love your new hair cut and color!

Joyfulheartart said...

I love your haircut. I'm glad you're feeling better about it.

Boy do I feel special, because I've received a hand colored card from you!

Jen W said...

I love the color and cut..How can you not like it? I like it, even if you don't! Your hair always looks mama!

Jolene George said...

Your hair does look really great...and being spoiled by your hubby is a good thing.

Nicole Seitler said...

I think you look beautiful!!! :) I was worried when you first talked about the chop, but I'm so glad to see that you can style it like you're used to doing. Yippee! I know the feeling of a traumatic hair cut--so hard to live with!

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks great!!