Saturday, September 8, 2007

The UHU Review

A while ago I stumbled across a link to UHU Glue Products. If you have a blog they will mail you a free sample of their glue products to test out and post a review on your blog. Since this was probably the 20th time I had seen someone else give pretty good reviews I decided to try my hand at it as well.

My package arrived and I was pumped to try something new and much to my disappointment I was sent a big fat glue stick! What the heck? Everyone else got cool glue pens and tape runners and I got a glue stick. My bubble was burst before I even tried it because I hate glue matter what brand.

But I agreed to test it out and give a review and here it is....I still hate glue sticks....including UHU. Sorry.
  1. They are messy. I know UHU says it's not messy but I like a tight glued edge to keep the papers from pulling up. So I felt like I had to run it half on and half off the edge of the paper. This made my scratch paper get sticky too.
  2. It leaves the finished product crisp and crunchy. Some may like that feeling but I personally don't like a hard card.
  3. I found it confusing as to which end was the cap. I know that sounds stupid on my part but I kept trying to pull off the big white part which happens to be the bottom that you twist to make the glue go up. I don't know why but I did this almost every time I picked it up. Possibly because that is how every other glue stick works as well as my chapstick...big cap on top little twisty on the bottom. Go figure that my brain would apply that theory to a big fat glue stick!

So there was the bad and here is the good.

  1. It sticks.
  2. Nothing has fallen off my card.
  3. It goes on purple and dries clear.
  4. I gave it to my kids and they use it daily!

If you would like a free sample of glue...and I hope you get something GREAT to try

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Connie said...

This card is fantastic.