Friday, September 7, 2007

Lots O Bloggin that the crazy week from HELL is over with I have Lots O Bloggin to catch up on.

First thing on my list is the pic to the left. This is the haircut that I was wanting. See how it is longer on the sides and bobbed and stacked in the back. NOTHING like the multi short layers that I received in this pic. The good news is I don't have to wait too long for it to grow and be ready for this cut in the near future. Yeah!
Went to the bank yesterday to take my employee test. Yikes! One hour and fifteen minutes of Math, Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Number Comparisons and "What Would You Do" scenarios regarding stealing! Talk about stress? I felt like I was doing Sarah's homework and having moral dilemas over my answers. Let's hope I am not a moron and passed the test.

On a funny note....last night at Parent Night one of the new parents said she recognized me when she walked in because she has read my blog and knew all about my haircut! Toooooo funny! {Hi Ms V if you are reading this!}

I will post more in a little some cards in the mail and my Design Team package arrived full of Halloween goodies! My brain is overflowing with ideas. I am totally diggin the challenge of getting creative with a limited amount of supplies. I might be singing a different tune later but Anna sent me some awesome stuff! Lucky me.

See ya on the blog!

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Beth said...

Hey, thanks for a great morning of using that fabulous washer and sweep the dog hair, I'm sweeping the grass! Yum on Lou's pizza also. Can't wait to see your creative juice flowing onto the blog again!