Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just wanted to share that today was our first volleyball game and my girls won all three games!! Yeah for the Falcons. I am so happy for them because they haven't had many wins in the past and I have always said they needed win at the start of the season to get the ball rolling. I was so happy and so proud of them. It was a blessing to see their faces glow and the pride their parents had while watching in the stands. Keep our team in your thoughts because they deserve to win more. They practice smart and they practice hard.

This is an awesome card send to my by my wonderful best friend Jen. She sends me cards all the time and even more when I was recovering from surgery. I think I got a card a day for one whole week. And she sent me a congrats on my new job card with the sweetest message to me. Want to know why I love my best friend of 28 years? Cause she is the kindest sweetest and most fun person I know with a heart of gold. Thanks for being my best friend Jen...they do say opposites attract and it's my job to stand up in this relationship and tell it like it is. This is how it is.....I love Jen like she is my true sister. We have grown up together and because we became mothers at the same time and just continued to be best friends through everything in our life. I just plain old love her and only wish I was as kind and thoughful as she is. Thanks Jen...love ya!

My friend Nicole asked me to be a guest blogger for her because her camera died. So I did a write up for her regarding the Big Shot and the Big Kick. And I included lots of samples and tips. So click over to Nicole at the Inkblog and check out her Digi site called Sugarplumb Paperie. She has started a digi scrapbooking blog and it has nothig but FFRRREEEEE downloads. So cool. Go take a look and read my article....if you are interested.

**Random Blogging** Off to my follow up appt with the plastic surgeon. I think he is going to fix my little hip pucker...I hope. Other than that I am feeling really well and I have been working out during volleyball this week and I am not hurting. But since I am working a job starting on Monday my workout scheudle will be in the evenings....after dinner is about the only time I have available. But then I am soooooooooo tired and have no energy to walk. It's tough.


Beth said...

Although she's not my BFF, Jen is a gem! Can't wait to hear the doctor's report. Hey, don't worry about the workout....take one step at a time. Get used to being a working woman, then you can be a workout woman! HA!

Jen W said...

D..you so made me cry..stop! I am also thankful for our great friendship/sister relationship. Whatever you want to call it..I'm glad I have you in my life!!