Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be Merry

Good morning friends. Here is anothder old card that I made last year to go with a Christmas gift {I gave it to the kindergarten teacher..LOL}. I really really love this card and this stamp too! The colors are awesome and I actually impressed myself with my coloring on this one. However, coloring Christmas cards is not my idea of quick and easy so only a few of these babies will be made this year. I don't have the patience to do lots of coloring.

So much to my surprise {and happiness} I had comments from Jolene George in my mailbox this morning. In case you forgot, I listed her as one of my top five bloggers that make me think. I said that I wasn't going to tag my top five because they didn't know that I existed and that I didn't want to reveal that I stalk their blogs on a regular basis.

Well the gig is up because Jolene caught wind that she was on my top five. So fun to get comments from her and she already added me to her blogroll. Wow...thanks for making my day Jolene and for not thinking that I am a stalker freak!

I still haven't played with my new laptop because Bill was busy last night doing school registration {with Mary as his guide} and then he came home to serve us dinner and listen to me complain about my crappy day. On top of that I feel totally guilty and have buyers remorse {even though I did buy it} about the laptop. We are supposed to be on the debt diet and I feel guilty for such a frivilous purchase. However, as Gail pointed out....I deserve it for putting up with Granny. Yeah, there is justification if you look at it like that! LOL

Anyway, the laptop is an HP Turion 64 with wireless internet which is what I wanted. I also think this will be convenient to use at all my many meetings. But most importantly, I don't have to share it with my kids who constantly download crap and crash my computer or reset the settings. So that is my justification for being a spoiled brat and getting the laptop.

I am off to shower and try on some clothes. I am sick of wearing elastic waisted pants and I think I am upright enough to wear real clothes...we'll see about that.

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Jolene George said...

You make me smile! :o)
I never let my boys on my computer anymore...especially my new one. They crashed mine one too many times. I tried using Chad's laptop when he was home. Those things take some getting use to. I love that they're portable since I go a little stir crazy when I'm away from the computer for too long. I'm glad your hubby spoiled you with a new laptop.
Tell me where you got the mailbox that you altered? I'm going to be throwing a baby shower for my niece in the next month or so and I'd love to make one for her.