Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Fun

No pics today because I am typing on the new laptop and Bill hasn't transfered my card pics over yet. He is working on my favorites list right now. So cool. This is definately going to take time to get used to...they keyboard is very flat and set back from what I am used to but I am sure I will adjust over time. I also keep grabbing for a mouse and it's not there...have to use the finger thingy mouse and it is wierd...again I will adjust.

Today is Cody's 16th birthday....sweet sixteen. I have been saying that to him all day and he just cracks up. I can't believe he starts Driver's Ed's his first day back to high school too. Wow...summer is coming to an end.

Went to the doctor today and got the ok to drive! Yipeeee. He also took out my belly button stitches and gave me a full page of before pics to hang on my fridge. Wow....I can't believe I looked like that almost three weeks ago! No I won't be showing those nasty pics here me you don't want to see them. He assured me that my itching fits are a good sign of healing, my hips are a little lopsided but as he showed me in the before pics I was lopsided before I came in, and he can fix the lopsidedness and hip puckers in a month with local anestesia in the office. Nice.

So since I have no pics how about some super highly interesting random game? Ok...feel free to skip out now. LOL I saw this on Laura's blog and thought it made a great filler since I have no cards to talk about tonight. BTW, every answer needs to start with the first letter of my first name and all the answers are the first thing that popped into my head.

Your Name: Denise
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Duran Duran
4 Letter Word: Dirt
Vehicle: Dodge
TV Show: Devine Design
City/Town: Des Plaines
Boy Name: Dennis
Girl Name: Debbie
Occupation: Designer
Something You Were: Dress
Celebrity: Donny Osmond
Food: Doughnuts
Something Found In A Kitchen: Dishwasher
Reason For Being Late: Death
Cartoon Character: Daffy Duck
Something You Shout: Damn!

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Joyfulheartart said...

this was fun Denise, although I couldn't come up with some of them. That's when kids come in handy...