Monday, August 13, 2007

High Hopes

So my high hopes of stamping crashed half way through the plan. I started punching out ice cream cones with my Big Shot....I made 24 ice cream cones. Then I never assembled them or mounted them to a card and now I am not even wanting to look at another ice cream cone. LOL

Here is an older card I made....well what's so hard about gluing a big Prima to a card? The only thing stamped is the center of the flower but the accents are copper and they look soooo good with the brown and blush blossom papers.

I did my first outing yesterday and I wore real clothes! I stopped by Beth's house, went to Walmart, went to the Thrift Store {for literally 1 minute}, stopped by Kmart {yes we still have a Kmart here} and then Bill took me for a quick dinner. Needless to say I was too pooped to continue looking for a bike for Cody's birthday so Bill dropped me off at home.

He came back an hour later with a ........LAPTOP!!!!!! {Yes, I know that I am a 100% spoiled brat....really I am and I know it. I tell Bill all the time... I am what he makes me.....spoiled.} I haven't had a chance to play with it yet cause he is setting it up for me.

Today Sarah is going to help me clean my office.....thank God! It is a mess thanks to the kids coming in here so much while I was recliner bound.

See ya on the blog!


Beth said...

Can I come over and play with your new toy??

Stamper Gail said...

My goodness, I hope you didn't over work those new tummy muscles doing all that work. It's ok to be spoiled once in a while Denise. You deserve it for putting up with Granny all that time don't you think? LOL!

Jolene George said...

My niece invited me to a stamp party this weekend. I haven't been to one in forever. I can't wait. Love your cards!

Morning Glory68 said...

That's so sweet of Bill! You'll have to give us all the deets on your new toy.