Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smokin and Stampin

Here is the smokin part of my post....PAD5 is a pic of Bill's cigar collection. Well just one little section of the humidor. I just happen to walk by the humidor and the different shades of brown caught my eye and I grabbed my camera. I just might frame this pic to hang in Bill's future library in the basement. Of course, I'll scrapbook about the cigars they smell so bad and he's only allowed to smoke them in the garage. Blah!

Here is the stampin part of my post....a good luck card that I made for my co-worker that left today. Just something nice to wish her well on her new journey in life. It's also my Random Act of Kindness too because I thought about it and I am acting upon it.By the way, I got the awesome paper from Simone's store Craft Fancy. FYI, I bought it back in October so it is probably on sale now.

I am so happy it's Friday! Bailey is making her first Reconciliation tomorrow and then it's cooking and baking for the rest of the weekend. I have been getting up 30 minnutes early to do the Wii Fit and I have got my exercise in every day. Feels good.

I got some great news at's sort of a promotion. Sort of because I get to test run the new position to see if I like it and if so then I will be the Executive Admin Assistant to the Executive Vice President...and still do my Marketing job too with the aid of an Admin Assistant. Shwooo...that's a mouth full and I am sure a bit confusing to you. I am confident all will be fine and this will be a permanent thing in the near future. I already have an excellent working relationship with the EVP as he was my boss for Marketing and not much should change with the added responsibilites of being his full time assistant. I am excited and just gotta say...I LOVE my job. (Sorry if you are sick of hearing it because I am not sick of saying it.)

See ya on the blog!

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~amy~ said...

Cool picture of the cigars...Fun card...I love hearing when people love their job, that's fabulous...congrats on the promo!