Saturday, January 10, 2009

So much SNOW!

It has been snowing on and off for two days! I am so glad it's the weekend and I can just stay put. I was driving in a total white out this morning because it was Bailey's First Reconciliation and we were late. I should have confessed that I was swearing all the way to church. We were late and made it just in time for Bailey to be the last confession of the morning.

Then I came home and the boys (Cody and Amy's son TJ) have been sledding and snowmobiling all afternoon. They are going to be like popsicles when they get in the house. I am going to attempt to attach a video of TJ's first time ever driving a snowmobile and you will hear me yelling because he almost tipped over into the bushes. LOL

See ya on the blog!

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