Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy

I have no stamping to show you today. Feel free to skip past the explanation of my PAD4. But before I start I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Amy. Today is her real USA birthday but she lives in Guam which is 15 hours ahead of us so she celebrated yesterday which was the 7th in Guam. Love you and miss you lots Amy!

This lovely bowl of fruit is sitting on my kitchen table. I just liked the colors and the way the fruit was stacked in the Longaberger basket and the contrast against the black table. Also, I discovered that I actually like Fuji apples. Shut up! I know.

At work we have a large basket of apples on the table for the customers. They looked so yummy yesterday and I don't know what came over me but I tried one and loved it. What's the big flippin deal you ask? Um....I do not eat fruit. I can't stand the texture of it or the flavor of most fruits.....esp bananas and berries. However, if I am eating fruit flavored candy I will only eat the red ones which are usually cherry. Go figure....I freely admit I am a dorkabella.

Thanks for sticking around for that very unexciting post. Tomorrow I will have a card to show you because I am acting on another Random Act of Kindness for a co-worker that is leaving us on Friday. Plus I started working on my Valentine's Day cards already. Wow...I amazed myself too.

See ya on the blog!

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-Amy said...

Thanks girl, Love and miss you! Love the LB basket on your table..... and SHUT up about the apples.... wow definitely a walk on the wild side for you! ;-) Venture out, turn your 'fear of the unknown' (of fruit) into curiosity! Love you, big hugs!