Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Go Jump in the Lake

Here is the card I made for Mary and I gave her the towel too (It's the SU beach towel in the background that I have had forever...unused of course.) This is also my Random Act of Kindness too. Something I thought of doing and actually acted upon it.

I dug through the pile of stamps stacked on my floor (Bill is putting up my new shelf this weekend) and I was looking for something beachy. But then I came across this stamp and thought it was appropriate for the occasion....jumping in Lake Michigan on New Year's Day.

This is a simple card with a few layers, ribbon and brads. I stamped the image with Versa Fine Sepia and colored it with my watercolor crayons. Such shock...I know....I colored! I already explained to Mary that she is very special because she got a colored card from me. I HATE coloring and rarely do it. There aren't that many colored cards floating around in this world from me. So if you have one you better cherish it. LOL

This photo is also my PAD3. It's a two for one....a random pic and it's actually stamping related. You don't really come here for the stamping do you?

Gotta run. I am baking bread again and it's almost my turn on the Wii. Yes, I have to get in line with the kids or I won't get a turn.


~amy~ said...

Perfect RAK for your friend!

jen del muro (iheart2stamp.com) said...

gorgeous card!

Anonymous said...

Fun card! Glad to see you're posting again! I've been reading your blog forever and was missing you!


maicher said...

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