Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wii Are Addicted!

Here is my Photo A Day #2 (PAD2 for short). This is what we have been doing since Christmas Eve.....playing the Nintendo Wii (pronounced WE for those of you challenged gamers). This pic cracks me up because Cody and Maddie are playing a fierce game of Playground Soccer. If you heard them from the other room you would think they are beating the crap out of each other but they are really having fun. Love it.

You can see a portion of my new couch in the left of the pic, my green Pottery Barn stacked tables that I got 50% off, my new olive green curtains and the new 50 inch TV and Ikea stand. (BTW, I paid cash for it all...thank God.) Speaking of Ikea, I have been a long time reader of the Ikea Hacker blog where they take Ikea products and repurpose them by combining and building with other Ikea products. My TV stand is actually two Ikea stands stacked on top of each other so I could get double shelves and the TV higher up and more at eye level. Only cost me $140 which is a far cry from the $600 stand I almost purchased from the Navy Exchange.

Today is the last day of Christmas break and I need to get back into the routine of real life....organized chaos is how I like to think of it. Back to the morning rush of getting to school two minutes before the bell rings and trying to remember all the backpacks and lunches. But tomorrow I won't be scrambling at 5:45 pm to figure out what is for dinner because I planned 6 weeks of dinner menus with a coordinating shopping list. How's that for organized chaos!?! And I nominated Bill (my awesome husband) to be the keeper of the coupons.

BTW, I am heavily relying on my non-procrastinating husband to keep me on track with all my great ideas on how to become debt free. That's how it works in the family....I am the great thinker and he is the great doer. The problem occurs when the thinker and doer aren't thinking and doing at the same time. Did you follow that?

Ok off to work on my Random Act of Kindness for the week. I decided that since my co-worker Mary jumped into freezing cold Lake Michigan on New Year's Day it's not too late to congratulate her with the beach towel that I had intended on giving her before the jump. I have a SU beach towel that I am going to present her with a handmade card. Oh my....I said it...a handmade card. So that means I have to actually walk into the studio and use something in that room to get creative. Hmmmm....can I do it? We'll see cause I just might have to document it with a pic.

See you on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Take a pic of the TV!! Where did the armoire go? I want to come over and play!


~amy~ said...

Very fun...a brand new living room! Because of you I'm thoroughly intrigued with this whole wii fit thing...I'm going to try it out this week at my friends house to see if I like it :)

Kelly said...

My sister has a Wii and loves hubby is so not into technology like that, but I would love one!! Wii fit for me. My 5 year old loves bowling!!

Happy New Year Denise and may 2009 be the best ever for you and your family!!

P.S. I'm a little behind on my blog reading:-) Sorry this is so late!

Shelley ~ Photocropper said...

:) The Wii is so much fun! Great Pic! Can't wait to see what you create!

Circuit City Coupons said...

Wii is also our family's way of bonding. Your pictures look like you're really having lots of fun with Wii!

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