Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old School Stampin

Get ready to go back in time for some Old School Stamping. When I was little stampin girl {in the pic is the 1997-1998 SU catty} I knew nothing about stamping other than I had a desire to be creative and knew that I could have fun with this "hobby" {which later turned into an obsession but I don't really need to admit that I?}

My best friend Jen was, and still is, my biggest enabler. I will never forget when she called the Stampin Up lady {I think it was Wendy Hudson} and the convo went something like this:

Wendy: Hello
Jen: Hi my name is Jennifer and I just saw your SU catalog, and I really like it, and I really want to have a party, and this is just really cool, and I really want to have a party, and this is something that I can totally get into, and OMG am I scaring you?
Wendy: LOL...what date were you thinking about?

The rest is history. Jen booked a party, signed up to be a demo that night and has been an enabler ever since.

Fast forward to present day, when I did my Spring Fever Challenge I asked the participants to challenge me. With this particular challenge I was able to combine two challenges.

Jacki's challenge: Get your pencils out girly! I'm a nice challenger. Just color a tulip if you have one.

Melissa's Challenge: My challenge for you: think back to when you first started stamping. What were the first few materials you had? Use ONLY those to create a card. Have fun and let me see what you come up with!

So this is what I had back in my beginner days. My first stamp set was Nice and Easy Notes and I still have old school.

Back in the day we didn't use background papers ....we created our own background by stamping tone on tone and usually used the main image for the background {so original} and so old school.

Back in the day we used Mulberry papers for texture and layering and I can't believe that in all my paper hoarding stash I still have Mulberry papers! Yes, that hairy looking thing that looks like something the cat choked up on my card is purple Mulberry papers. Back in the day the torn look was very popular for adding old school.

Back in the day we used eyelets and set them with a hammer and awl. Oh did my family endure that loud hammering while I was busy getting creative late into the night. There was no such thing as a old school.

Back in the day I only had ONE punch and it was a Creative Memories corner rounder. I still have that punch but now that I have such a huge variety of punches it rarely gets used. Besides...corner rounding is so old school now with all those fancy corner punches.

Back in the day we had wide organdy ribbon in every color of the rainbow. We even had rainbow colored organdy ribbon. old school.

Back in the day I had 4 markers and chalk that I used to color and shadow because that is what Wendy Hudson taught me at Jen's party. Who ever thought that I would need 48 markers that cost over $120? Well ,now there is colored pencils with gamsol and Copics. SU markers are ....yep...sooooo old school.

Back in the day I had to rely on the Stampin Up catty for ideas. I remember when I studied that catty, drooled over the pages, dreamed that I would ever be as good as those sample creators and make a wishlist a mile long because I really wanted everything in that book.

Then came along Splitcoast Stampers and well the's NOT old school. I still drool, dream and make a wish list a mile long but I do think that my true stamping abilities have improved since I was a stampin little girl back in the day.

I think I need to go redeem myself and make another card with this set and show you that I have evolved and can make something much better. This card really is scarey and I would NEVER send it to anyone....ok maybe Jen or Amy just because they would laugh and appreciate my old school stampin.

See ya on the blog!


MelissaS said...

Nice job on the challenges! It's funny to see what was so great *back then*
Thanks for sharing the chuckles :)

Tammy Hershberger said...

Great blog post! You've got a great sense of humor, and your "old school" stories are great! Thanks for an enjoyable read!

jacki j. said...

yeah! and you used one of my all time favorite stamps. I loved it so much even though I had the set, I bought that set again on purpose when I found it for a steal. I think I did give it away. What a beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

i to still make my wish list and droll over the catty. you have shed a whole new light on modern stamping and card making.back then that was a pretty cool card. i have to admit i still use that set at times.

ivyPINK said...

OMG denise...I dont think I would even know what my first stamp set was.....I cant believe you still have it. This post was FUN ;) I totally remember mulberry paper. Thea & I bought like a 300 pack from the expo to spli I dont think ive used ONE sheet of it.

Kathleen Summers said...

Pretty card. I have totally been loving the "coloring-in-with-pencils" stamping lately. AND OMGosh, thanks for sharing that phone converstation. That is TOO funny! :)


Joan B said...

I love the oldies but goodies and this is so cute!

Jukie said...

What a great post! it is funny to think back to when we first stared, foam mounted stamps, mulberry paper, and chunky glitter..........ahhh those were the days....:)

Jukies Blog

Maureen said...

This post is too funny!! And I think I still have cards that look exactly like that one - that tulip stamp was one of my faves!! BTW - I just saw mulberry paper techniques in a magazine the other day - I guess it's back!

erinkmckinney (stampininthesun) said...

Great story!! I think that was my first catalog (maybe second) and I have a card almost identiacl to yours!!! Too funny!
What ever happened to mulberry paper....haha..