Saturday, May 10, 2008

So Very Blessed

**Warning** This post is totally not stamping related so feel free to click away if you are't interested. Here are some pics for my friend Amy in Guam...wish you were here!

Maddie made her First Communion last Saturday. Here is a pic of her that I absolutely love! She just looks so sweet and innocent....I never want to lose this vision in my memory and I have it captured on film forever.

Thursday the First Communicants got to wear their clothes to school and the entire student body did a May Crowning procession and laid flowers at Mary's feet in honor of Mother's Day.

Then Sarah (my eighth grader) was chosen to crown Mary which is a big honor. After the ceremony was over the Principal thanked everyone for participating and then said to Sarah.....Sarah you were chosen to crown Mary because we think you exhibit the Catholic Christian values set forth by Mary, you have a kind loving spirit that you show on a daily basis to your fellow classmates, and we think that you are an example to all. We hope that you will forever remember this special occassion because it truely is an honor to be selected.

OMG, talk about crying off my make up in church! Then the Assistant Principal came to me and said, congratulations you are a wonderful mother and you have rasied some wonderful children. Again, come the tears, as I just spent then entire service on my knees asking for guidance, patience and help on being a better mother.....and praying for my son to allow the Holy Spirit to enter and guide him through this trying period of his teenage adolescent life.

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ivyPINK said...

awe this is adorable denise

Stacy said...

Wow, you and your daughter must have been so honored. And, that is a beautiful pic of your daughter.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your special moment. not often any more do we have the chance to observe a moment like this. you must be a great mom if the teachers can say that to you about your children. stand tall and proud for being a good mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Pearlann66 said...

so touching!
may your girls always be so sweet and faithful.
I agree teen agers need tons of prayers!!