Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life Is Good @ 53

OMG! I have been trying to post to my blog for 3 days and could not get my pictures to upload. I was getting so frustrated because I have actually been working on lots of cool stuff to share with you. I do believe that is now Bloggers turn to have probs since Typepad had their round of troubles a few weeks ago. OK...hope this works.

Yesterday was my boss' 53rd birthday....I am quite sure he will appreciate me broadcasting that on the internet. Anyway, here is the card I made for him with my new stamp set...I love the new set Text and Texture and it is a double mount set....six stamps on three blocks.

**Stampin Stuff** The card base is white with a layer of wasabi that I stamped with the dot background and wasbi ink. {I need to stock up on wasabi stuff before it is retired. I love that color} I stamped the sentiment in wasabi ink onto white paper. It is matted on pumpkin pie where I added a strip of polka dot pattern paper.
I added three copper brads and the @ symbol is from my Cuttlebug Olivia alphabet die. It is on a copper tag and mounted with a pop dot. Inside I added the number 53 from my Cuttlebug Red Tag Sale alphabet die.

**Prayer Update** Jen's mom is slowly improving and I wanted to say thank you so much for the prayers. I went to visit her last Sunday and I was so thrilled that she recognized me and smiled at me. She mouthed "I love you". It was good to see her smile and I could totally read her mind just by looking in her eyes. {She was saying get this F***** tube out of my least when I said that is what I believed she was saying she vigorously nodded her head in agreement.}

Then the game of charades started and I totally lost my psychic connection with her because I thought she was saying boobs, then we gave her pen and paper and she attempted to write somethings that looked like bees, then we asked if it rhymed with boobs. She pointed to the chair so I told Jen to sit down...she wanted us to sit in the chair. The more we tried the worse it got.

After 30 minutes of guessing we finally figured out she was asking me to get Jen's brother a booster chair for his kids to ride in his car. So I said....why the hell didn't she say car seat? Ummmm.....she gave me the finger. LOL....she is on the road to recovery. Soooooo happy to be flipped off by Jen's mom. LOL

**FYI** For those that participated in my Spring Fever Challenge.....don't hate me.....I know.....I still have your prizes her. I have been so unbelievably crazy busy and I will get them in the mail next week. And......I know that I still have to finish posting the challenges you gave me. I did do them all...just have to post them amongst the millions of other things on my "To Do List".

See you on the blog!

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Danyelle Kessler said...

I love that big HERBY 53 on the inside of the card! should get a promotion for shaving off 10 years so gracefully. Beautiful card!