Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

It's Sunday....and I am sad that tomorrow is Monday...back to work. Not that I don't like work....I LOVE my job and the people I work with are wonderful. I actually enjoy going to work at the bank and I feel sorry for anyone that dreads going to work.

It's just that weekends are my time to catch up and I don't feel like I have caught up this weekend. Still have laundry to do and haven't made my dinner menu for the week. {That is my attempt at organized chaos around one will starve.}

I am posting an old card because I haven't had time to take photos of my wedding set that I have been working on. I'll get to it later tonight...hopefully! I did get the Photo Studio In a Box today so I can take nice blogable pics for JustRite. Can't wait to test it out this week.

**Stampin Stuff** I love these colors. The coordinating papers are from Sandy Lion and I just bought some more this weekend cause I ran out. So springy and happy. This is such an easy card because it is a 4x4 white base with squares layered on top of some Bazzill Bling blue textured paper. The Marvy scallop circle punch is used to create my circle focal image. The image is the flower from In Full Bloom that I stamped with Versafine Black ink and colored with my watercolor crayons.

**Sunday PMS Check**

  • Physical Well Being- For some reason, I started having Heart Palpatations this week. I haven't had any since January so I am guessing it the current stress in my life affecting me.
  • Mental Well Being- My brain has been on overload but nothing that a good cry and Starbucks can't fix.
  • Spiritual Well Being- Lots of prayers this week for Jen's mom. Live every day as if it was your last....what more can I say...she is critically ill and only God knows the plan. There is a reason, there is a lesson and we can only wait for His guidance and love to lead us through it.

I am off to the hospital for a visit and to keep Jen company. This is really hard for her and she is doing a great job not letting it show.

See ya on the blog!


Danyelle Kessler said...

Keep doing your thing, Denise. Thank you so much for the RAK (that I requested, LOL!) Come on over to my blog and pick up your award, lady!

ivyPINK said...

You have to let me know how that PHOTO in a BOX is!!! :)
I've been curious. heehee

Jamie Martin said...

Very cute card, love the decorative papers :)

Joan and Amy said...

Very nice card...the colours are so soft. Joan

Nardi said...

The colours in this are beautiful. TFS!

Joan B said...

Wow, love this card. I need this layout!!! Hmm, photo in a box. NO NO not one more thing to buy!!

daiseyfreak said...

I love this, love the colors, the stamps, the bg

Elizabeth said...

I love the colour combination on this card. It is very clean / cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Love this card!