Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank You

Scroll down to see the pics. guys are so incredibly kind. Thanks for all your wonderful words, gratitude and love you left me in the comments. This was a lot of fun and I too enjoyed the challenge week.

And let me tell you this.....holy cow..... your challenges are so AWESOME and so very creative. You are really going to put my skills to the test. This should be very interesting because I rarely color, I rarely use buttons, I rarely make a manly card, I rarely use orange on a card {except last week}, I rarely heat emboss {do I still own a heat gun?}, I have to pull out a tulip stamp from deep storage, I have to find an old card to alter, I have to go back to my stamping basics, I have to find some paisley papers, I have to make a card with 7 different papers on a single card and my goodness I have to CASE a card off of the very super-duper talented IvyPink....just to mention a few of the things expected of me. Oh and let's not forget that Amy challenged me to clean off my desk....that one is the hardest of them all.

I am so totally up for the challenge and this will be fun for you to put me through the test. Since you are so bummed that the challenge has ended why not join me in doing each other's challenges. I will post my version of the challenge card and then you can play along at your leisure....I don't think I can do another 13 days of daily cards but I'll try. FYI...I already did my first challenge and I'll post it tomorrow. all week my techno challenged friend Amy {She is off living in a far far away land called you and miss you Amy} participated in the challenges but emailed me her cards every day because she doesn't have a blog or gallery to post them in. So I am going to post them all here for you to see and feel free to comment and leave her some love here. FYI....I love the Scottie dog card {my fav}.

See you on the blog!


Kelly Schelske said...

Hey Denise,

Fantastic challenge by the way...I missed Mom & Tues cause I was gone hence the reason I didn't participate, but hopefully will join in next time!!
Amy's card are fabulous!! I like the scotty dog one too, but my fav is the black and white one!!
Have a super weekend,

Pearlann66 said...

these are all so pretty!!

thanks for posting her pics so we could all enjoy her work.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Just wanted you to know, I didn't get to participate but loved seeing all the cards.. Found you through Keri's blogster...
Awesome challenges and what great themes you had!
Super fun stuff.
Amy's cards are super.. I'm a sucker for black & white - love that one..

imastampin said...

I think Amy did a fabulous job on all the challenges. Yea Amy! I am with you on the Scottie dog card, it is soooooo cute. I love it. Great work Amy!

Danyelle Kessler said...

Amy these are all gorgeous! I especially like the B&W Baroque card and the flamingo....he is adorable!