Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Fever Challenge Day 5

You girls ROCK! I loved all your tag cards and the creativity that you put into incorporating all the required steps. Thank you so much for participating...I really enjoyed it. This has been a lot of fun for me and I hope for you too. So sad that today is the last day of the challenge but I am sure there will be more in the future.

For those of you that haven't played but watched from a distance leave a comment today and I'll let you know when we do the next challenge week.

**Q and A** 1) Coconut Hershey Kisses are a seasonal item at Easter time only. I have seen them at Walmart and Target. If you are lucky you might find some left over. 2) The silverware stamp was purchased from The Paper Source. 3) Yes, I will show you a pic of my studio....once it is completely cleaned up and in presentable order.

Congrats to Karen for being the first to post a link in the comments both yesterday and today. An assortment of accessories and bling will be added to the prize basket today.

**Day 6 Challenge Rules** Today you get to create a monogram card with your own, two or three intials will be acceptable. 1) Make a monogram card using stamps, stickers or die cuts for the letters of the monogram 2) You must use your favorite color paper for the card base and any pattern papers 3) You must use ribbon on your card 4) You must use some sort of scallop on your card...scallop circle punch, scallop trim, I'll even accept ric rac ribbon or paper scalloped with scissors {get creative}. 4) When you post your link in the comments leave a challenge for is your chance to get even and see if I can pull it off. Get creative with your challenge for me. I pretty much have almost every form of tool and accessory if that helps you think of something hard. I am up for the challenge.

**Bonus** First person to post a link gets a prize in the mail from me. Oh and if you post your card on your blog include a link to my blog so everyone that visits can see all the entries.

**Challenge Rules** The challenge is open to anyone that wants to participate and you may submit multiple entries as long as you incorporate the daily task and follow the rules posted below.

  1. You must do all 5 daily challenges Monday thru Friday

  2. You must post a comment with a link to your card by midnight central time (no exceptions) for each challenge every day, it doesn't matter where you post the card just send me a link before midnight

  3. You must follow the daily challenge rules posted on my blog

  4. Winner will be announced Sunday, March 30th


imastampin said...

Thanks Denise, for posting this earlier rather than later. I have a niece getting married this morning, so I was hoping you would so I could create a card before the day of festivities, or I might have missed out.

I posted my card on my blog.

Thanks for a fun week of challenges. I had a great time and really enjoyed the creations everyone came up with.

imastampin said...

Oooops, I forgot to issue the challenge to you!

My challenge for you is to create a card using your least favorite color family, a flower stamp, and no ribbon! That's right, no ribbon at all. But I want it to be a beautiful card. Let's see what you can do.

imastampin said...

I can't email you from your blog because my dh has so much security on this thing, it won't allow it. My email address is Remove the #'s and you will have it. If you email me, I can then send you my snail mail address.

Thanks for the fun Denise! I am looking forward to the next time.

Amy said...

Thanks for a fun week! Just emailed you my card for today. My challenge for you is to clean off your stamp desk! ;-) (you didn't say it had to be a card!)

Melissas said...

Thanks for the motivation all week! I haven't stamped so productively in a while :) Here's my card:

My challenge for you: think back to when you first started stamping. What were the first few materials you had? Use ONLY those to create a card. Have fun and let me see what you come up with!

KraftyKerilou said...

Here is my take on day 5!

My challenge for you is to do a card for a MAN using only dark green and brown colors!
Have fun!


~amy~ said...

Gorgeous card...LOVE monogram cards and scallops :) I'd love to know when you do the next challenge week!!!

Trish D said...

Here's my final card:

And my challenge to you: create an "odd" card :) The rules: 7 different papers/cardstocks, 5 embellishments, 3 stamps, and 1 color ink. Oh, and just to make it REALLY tough - no ribbon allowed!! :)

Pat said...

Hi Denise,
I emailed you my card. My challenge for you is to take a card from when you first started stamping and redo it into a useable card today. I have been going back and doing that with some of my hideous first cards, that I thought were wonderful at the time and redoing them and actually using them. Good luck and thanks for a fun week!

Pat (Just4fun2 on SCS)

9kids said...

Much happier today with my submission ~ here it is:

I have to say I really like the monogram card you came up with :)

And now, my challenge for you ~ create a Mother's Day card with no flowers on it whatsoever, using any shade of orange (my mom's favourite color) somewhere on the card. Good luck!

Angela said...

Here is my final card. This was easy because it incorporates all of my favorite things ** the color blue, paisley paper, ribbon, & brads.

Thanks for the inspiration all week. I have had to do some "thinking" and I guess that is a good thing (right?)

Now for your challenge----

You need to make a little girls birthday card using only shades of blue, paisley paper, and brads. No ribbon or flowers.

Good luck :)


Danyelle Kessler said...

Thanks Denise! It has been fun watching your challenge and please let me know when you do another challenge week. Maybe my household goods will be here and I'll be able to participate.

jacki j. said...

Get your pencils out girly! I'm a nice challenger. Just color a tulip if you have one.

Pearlann66 said...

Woo HOO It's friday!!
I'm officially on Spring Break for a week!
Here's todays card
My challenge is to create a card that has buttons as the focal point.
I love buttons, have 10 million (give or take a million LOL) of them and hardly every use them!

SmilynStef said...

Here's my card for the Spring Fever Finale ... my challenge to you is to make a purple card set using your Just Rite Stampers.

Ruth said...

Loved all the cards! Will be looking for the next challenge.

Sarosa said...

Denise, this was SO MUCH fun!!! Thank you so much for doing this! I loved your creativity in challenges, and your encouragement along the way!

My challenge to you is to make a scenic card, with embossed text over it (you may emboss on vellum if you so desire).

ivyPINK said... it really over?
Denise this was SOOOOO much fun.

Heres my card:


Challenge for you:
COPY a card that I made and twist it up a bit to make it your own. It can be any of the cards from my BLOG. YOU have to use PINK on something though {lol cuz it's my fav.} hahahaha.

Amber (bambi64) said...

Looks like I missed a fun time. That's what i get for having sick kids and myself all week long. Maybe next time i can join in. Hate missing challenges (and stamping!!)