Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just Me and Gina K

Today I went to the Rubber Stamper Expo in Milwaukee, Wi and guess who I got to meet? Yes, in that fuzzy pic below is me and the one and only Miss Gina K who is just as sweet in person as she is online. Ok and just for the record I am not a giant....really I am 5'6" and a size 14/16. Gina on the other hand is itty bitty teeny weeny which makes me look like ginormous in this crappy pic but I am sharing it anyway...she's a stamping, blogging rockstar and I got her autograph! {Look below} LOL...yeah I am being a Dorkabella right now...I know.

It was so funny because all I said was Hello and before I could introduce myself she jumped up and hugged me and said Hi Denise...I read your blog and I of course said that I read her blog. It was so nice to put a real person with the blog.

I am such a lucky girl cause I got a one on one tutorial {well not really, my kids were watching and others wandered into the booth but I like to believe it was just for me} on Mineral Spirits. Here is the little froggy she colored and gave to my daughter Bailey....she wants to frame it and put it up in her room now. LOL

So I never knew that Mineral Spirits were so easy. I just figured what a pain the butt to gather the pencils, the mineral spirits and the stumps but really it was no big deal and it turned out great. I went back to the booth before I left to say good bye and to buy my Mineral Spirits but Gina was on Bye Gina and thanks for the tutorial.

Gina made me laugh because she commented on how she is a long time reader of my blog and how I can put a humorous spin on things in my every day life such as the visit from Granny last year. It cracked me up because she said she couldn't get to her computer fast enough to read the next installment of what my mother in law was up to during her looooooong visit last year. She even wanted to know when Granny was coming back!!! Ack...I don't think I could survive another visit....nor would my house survive.

Anyway, it was totally worth the 40 minute drive up past the "Cheddar Curtain" as my husband likes to refer to anything in Wisconsin. I got to meet Gina K, scored at the Sizzix booth with some of the new releases at 40% off, picked up some more sassy sarcastic sentiments {my new addiction}, picked up the coolest TLC albums {I got family, friends and a blank one to alter}.

I'll be back later with the winner from my Spring Fever Challenge.
See ya on the blog!


~amy~ said...

WOW! What a super fun day for YOU!! Woo Hoo for meeting Gina K in person...I think your dd Bailey is FABulous for wanting to frame her Gina K Frog...I certainly would too!

ivyPINK said...

awe... im jealous.
*sniff sniff*
cute little froggy.

Jane said...

Wow! A one on one lesson with Gina K...what more could a girl ask for? (Except for free rubber of course! LOL!)

Sounds like you had a good day. Our last Stamping Expo stunk (hardly had any vendors and only about 2 were stamping companies). Glad yours was better.


Stacy said...

How cool is that!!! Lucky You!!!

daiseyfreak said...

Lucky lucky girl!

~Michelle~ said...

how fun for you to meet GinaK! Sounds like you had a hoot!